Friday, November 25, 2016

Panic Stations...

Good morning all...let's cut to the point in beating about the's panic stations big time in the cubbyhole. This crazy old crafter got a rude awakener yesterday morning when Facebook reminded me that this time last year the personal Christmas production line was ticking along nicely...

whereas this hasn't even begun. But it did reinforce the need for a huge kick up the butt and after a straight 12 hour shift in the cubbyhole yesterday...lots of "can't share yet" stuff has been ticked off the crafty list. And with no time to take my usual two hour "walk the Furry Boy and have something to eat" break in the middle of the day...I resorted to a quick trot around the block and very naughty drastic measures...shovelling a a quick coffee and 2 Twirls down my throat...I know not good and if I keep going at this rate...I will be mixing the christmas cake with one hand...making cards with the other and could end up looking like one big roly poly crafter by the time Christmas arrives.
And of's Friday (Black Friday no less and yes I have been a bit naughty and grabbed a few bargains) which means another day of gallivanting with the Friday Girls and when you've only done one and a bit day's work in a 5 day week it looks like I'll be having a "burning the midnight oil/all hands to the pump" weekend. Have fun whatever you have planned and I'll see you on Monday to share my DT project for the brand new challenge over at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well you certainly got a wiggle on from what I can see have a good day today and re-start the batteries later....enjoy...

  2. Never a dull moment in your household Kath your so busy and it will be lovely to see your creations don't over do it though! enjoy your time with the girls take care sending lots of love x

  3. Bless you, I am sure that once you get the production line going you will have them done in no time. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you had a good day with the girls. I too have treated myself today oops ;)
    Linda xxx

  4. Well Kath all l can say is "Very well done". Have a pat on the back. Love the cards you are showing. Have a great weekend.. Smiles. Jan.x

  5. Sometimes this retirement lark is not all it is cracked up to be, is it Kath - lol! If I spent less time thinking and more time doing, I might be finished mine by now - I have finished 6 though. I took some time out to look at the sales too, and was a bit naughty, but hey, who can pass up a bargain! Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs, Anne xx

  6. I'm sure you will have everything done once you start your production line.
    Hope you had a super day with the girls.
    Toni xx

  7. Hi Kath and Buddy.Just catching up with your blog,as only just got back from Glos.Phew trains cancelled etc,what a time.Loving your sense of humour as always.Have not even given Christmas a second thought.Good Luck with the Production Line,you will do it.Big Huggles and Huge Cuddles for Buddy.xxxx

  8. are aloud coffee and chocolate when the going gets tough Kath xx I need to gee my ginger as well.....but other things end up taking priority !!!! Mr Mojo seems to have gone on holiday too !!!!!
    Have a great weekend whatever you are up to
    Hugs Annie xxx