Friday, March 15, 2019

It's been one of those weeks...

Hi folks, you could say I'm pretty pleased to see Friday, it's been one of those weeks in the cubbyhole. I've been suffering with a sore wrist (probably caused by too much time spent on the computer keyboard) a sore elbow which has been going on for months and seems resistant to medical intervention and wait for it, a very painful heel, the cause of which has still to be determined.  The joys of old age and the possibility of an appointment at the knacker's yard, get ever closer. The weather hasn't helped my mood either, it can't make up it's mind if it's Winter or Spring and the least said about the Brexit debacle and the 600 and odd baffoons who are collectively known as the British Parliament, the better. But everything pales into insignifacance with the the tragic news of more innocent lives taken in a terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand.
But there's been good news too. I'm so relieved, happy and thankful that my adorable Professor is on the mend after a traumatic health scare and that my Champion Snoozer passed his annual health check at the vets with flying colours. I can hardly believe he'll be 13 in a few months, that's 91 in human years and it looks like he's good for a few more years yet. What's his secret I's rather obvious I would have thought, SPOILT, PAMPERED, WAITED ON HAND AND FOOT are a few of the words that spring to mind.
This old body may not be firing on all cylinders at the moment but I haven't been snoozing the day away. It's been a very productive week on the cubbyhole production line with lots of stuff ticked off the crafty list...

spurred on by the anticipation of playing with the latest "happy mail" arrival...yeeehaaa Idea-ology is in the house
and I'm looking forward to the arrival next week of something I've always hankered after. How could I resist the offer of a half price bargain with free delivery from Hobbycraft, click HERE for details

not sure if or where it will fit in the cubbyhole but, hey I'm a crafter and where there's a will, there's a way. Looks like it's going to be a re-arranging, labelling and organising kind of a weekend. Have fun whatever you have planned and I'll see you all on Monday with my project for Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath, sorry to read your suffering one thing then another, its a 'pain' isn't it, nobody told us it would be like this did they..haha...and glad to hear Buddy is doing well, he does have a good life, got to count for something.
    I love the sneak peeks, so pretty, and I bought one of those trolly dolly's a couple of months ago, how did I get by before i don't know, I do love it, got it at a good price to so happy happy.. Have a lovely weekend Kath, try not to watch anything government related, what a

  2. This getting older lark can be a pain at times. I have the Ikea version of the trolley and, after seeing a post on Pinterest, I turned the top basket/box upside down and my Bigshot Plus lives on it with cutting plates etc underneath. Able to keep it nearer my workspace that way.
    As for the government ..........................

  3. Glad to hear Buddy is doing so well. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs Anesha

  4. Hi Kath, so pleased all is good and you are making way with your to do list. Brilliant news about "the Professor" wishing him a speedy recovery. Good news about buddy too. Have a wonderful weekend, I love my trolley :)
    Linda xxx

  5. So sorry that you are still suffering my friend, I hope you get some relief soon. Great news about the furry boy though!

    Such devastating news about New Zealand, it is such a tragic incident and it upsets me tremendously that Facebook allowed the murderer to publish his 'manifesto' online.... I am saying nothing about Brexit, I am well and truly fed up with the whole fiasco...

    Isn't it wonderful news about your adorable Professor though, I hope that he continues to improve day by day and I hope that he takes more 'me' time in the future.

    You are a crafter, you will find room for the lovely trolley, that I have no doubt. We are anticipating more gale force winds here, so we have stocked up on food and battened down the hatches. Hope you have a good one.

    Hugs, Anne xxx

  6. Oh dear,know what you mean tho.I have been laid up for 3 weeks with a bad back.Hope you are on the mend as they say !! Soooo glad that Buddy is doing ok,bless him he is such a lovely boy.I so enjoy seeing pics of him and his adventures.He does look lovely and snuggly there.Loving your work as always.xx Huge Hugs for Buddy xx

  7. I hope by now your new craft trolly has arrived, Kath, which will make all your aches and pains be forgotten while you lose yourself in the joy of reorganizing! My favorite thing, I swear! I loved seeing Buddy all tucked in for a snooze. I still miss our Ginger and it's been decades; they are the sweetest dogs. You know you and Anne leave me in awe with your art, but I so enjoy seeing the magic! Feel better soon. Hugs, Darnell


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