Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A Quick and Easy Make-Over

Hello my friends, it's official, the cubbyhole is now in countdown to christmas panic mode, so many things I want to make for christmas but let's be realistic, I'm running out of days. I did, however, manage to make a couple of things over the weekend starting off with something that wasn't on the list, a quick and easy make-over to turn burnt out candle jars into some festive tea light holders.

As I washed them out with hot soapy water, ready for the glass recycle bin, I had one of those Tim Holtz "What If" moments, headed to the cubbyhole and looked out Tim Holtz/ Idea-ology Christmas Collage Paper and my trusty tub of Distress Collage Medium. I applied a coat of Distress Collage Medium on the outside of the jar, fixed a torn strip of the collage paper around the jar and added a top coat of Distress Collage Medium, smoothing out the paper with the collage brush.
Once the jars were dry, I lightly sanded any excess paper from the top and bottom edges and fixed Idea-ology Design and Label Tapes around the bottom edge.
I lit the tea lights and suddenly the small hall leading through to the kitchen is looking so festive and lit up for Christmas.

A super quick and easy decor project which cost next to nothing to make and would be a great gift for friends or neighbours.
I'll be back soon to share the second project of the weekend, which took slightly longer to make but is just a festive. Have fun with whatever you are making.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. So very pretty! Such a good idea for collage paper.

  2. Beautiful almost like shop bought Kath the lengths you go to are amazing and stunning x