Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun Sunday Give-Away

Morning everybody....yes it's your bundle of golden deliciousness and I am in mischievous mode this morning but first a little thank you.....I love when my Mum reads out all the lovely comments from my bloggy I have a little parcel of goodies which will be winging it's way to.......

Andrea loves my little stories when Mum is away...well just goes to show you are a lady of very good taste

all you need to do Andrea is e-mail my Mum with your address and she will pop it in the post for you.  Thank you to the lovely Anesha who has asked for more pics of the handsome me....only too happy to oblige Anesha.....boy I am such a handsome devil....and modest with feast your eyes girls.
My Mum is always ranting on about me being a not didn't take me long to work out that "GOOD BOY" means treats...but we all have to cut loose occasionally and to be honest this cardmaking malarkey gets a bit boring after a I thought I would brighten your day with a bit of fun.
I'm sure you all know about the fabulous competition over at Craftwork Cards.....and hey what a fantastic my Mum is a bit gutted that she is not allowed to enter....but hey there is nothing in the rules to say that I can't here we choice for a brand new candy would be


and look at all the gorgeous colours in my choice
Soft Cream
Light Gold
Bright Gold
and beautiful brown for my nose

I am confident I could be in with a serious chance of winning here folks.....and the prize....a visit to Craftwork Cards brand new factory.....Mum would have to come too because I don't know if dogs are allowed to travel alone on the train.....oh boy could I cause Card Candy mayhem if let loose with my huge fluffy tail and the best bit of the prize...the winner will be treated to a slap up meal.....I am drooling at the thought....I do love my grub....especially posh nosh.....

but there could be a slight problem with my table manners...not quite up to fine dining standards and be warned folks....I can demolish three courses in the time it takes everyone else to pick up their knife and maybe not such a brilliant idea......but hey no harm in dreaming.
Now for the not so fun Mum has been a real naughty's a bit like the kettle calling the pot black....I'm sure she will be popping on tomorrow to tell you the tale of woe....that is if she hasn't been hauled off in handcuffs in the meantime....I bet that made you sit up and take I am off to chill out with a lovely relaxing snooze ..... catch up with all you lovelies real soon.
Big Hugs & Snuggly Cuddles


  1. I'm sure you'd win too Buddy, but why not just call it 'Buddy delights' and make it a completely truthful statement! thanks Julye

  2. LOL, We would want you to win too. Love to see more pictures of you. You certainly do not sound like the hooligan. I agree your mum is very naughty she has got me spending more of my money on Penny Black stamps, I am hooked. Handcuffs? I am intrigued - will come back tomorrow to find out more.

  3. Buddy don't you look just the ultimate picture of gorgeousness all ready for din dins!!! - you're welcome at my table any time as long as I can give you as many cuddles as I choose. I know you're rather partial to a bit of attention.
    Now, just what has your mum been up to this time - can't wait to hear tomorrow.
    Hugs to you (and Mum of course)

  4. I'm positive you would win Buddy. How could they resit that fabulous choice of colours. What on earth has Mum been up to now! Will look in tomorrow to find out.

  5. Lovely fun post Buddy, your a ray of wonderful colours...I hope you mum is ok?

  6. Kath-almost the same colour choice as my silly) suggestion of fish'n'chips (Yorkshire of course from Harry Ramsdens in Guiseley)LOL and tee hee hee too. Bye Buddy got to get dressed Hugs BettyXXX

  7. Oh by the way Buddy -the silveer grey for the fish scales would match your nose too

  8. Well Buddy you may be oh so handsome but you are still a naughty boy - leaving us in suspense - you're getting just like your mum lol. What's she been up to then? Love your choice of colours for the card candy too - you really ought to enter the competition you know!

    Love Lynda xxx

  9. Buddy, you are so wonderful, you would win for sure. Do you have a lot of grooming or are u naturally lovely, colours and all. Lovies and lots of hugs and I am sure I will get a lot of licks. xxx

  10. you really are gorgeous Buddy, there's just no getting away from it.
    And what's your naughty mum been up to? did she get road rage with a big red audi sitting up her behind? lol
    have a great day

  11. Wowwow Buddy,
    thank you for let me win the candy, wow
    Maybe you can come over and play with my two pugs, I'm sure you love them
    but I shell mail to your mum to give my adress
    thanks and hugs again, Andrea

  12. Hi Buddy, your coat looks fantastic, your Mum has been doing a great job. Love the last photo as well, you are such a handsome boy. Can't wait to hear the story, sounds interesting.:) Thanks for the photos and great to see you in Blogland again and congrats to Andrea.
    Hope you and your Mum have wonderful day. Hugs Anesha

  13. Congrats to Andrea and good to hear from you again Buddy. Sure love that colour you chose. Can't wait to hear what your Mum's been up to. best you watch her more carefully. Warm wishes

  14. Love your choice of colours Buddy, you have such a gorgeous coat. I can't choose colours from my choccie Lab's coat because all her colours are brown even her claws! Good thing she can't see what a handsome chap you are!!

    Can't wait to hear what Mum's been up to, hope she's not been too naughty lol!!

    Kat xx and Maddy xxx

  15. dear Buddy, you are so lucky, my mum has been really mean and taken a puppy home!!! She is a golden lab, but not as bonnie as you....

    love Poppy xxx

  16. Hiya Buddie, if we had to vote you,d definitely win, i love your Neck scraf it makes you even more handsome.
    Trish (-:
    Jet and Dylan send their woofs too.

  17. hiya Buddy hows you this fine sunday afternoon i love chatting with you you make me laugh.I love to chat to your mummy too well leave lovely comments for you both when i can.
    well done Andrea thats a wonderful prize from Kath and Buddy enjoy them.
    take care Kath you too Buddy huni xx

  18. Hey Buddy, I agree with you... that would be great colors for new Candy. I was showing my son your wonderful pix, and he says you're quite handsome...I'm sure you agree. (My cat's probably don't like the competition for his attention though.) So I don't think I'll tell them.
    Tell your Mum to give you a cuddle from our house.

  19. Buddy you are fabulous! You make me laugh each time you sneak in an update! I hope you win too!

  20. Buddy you are fabulous! You make me laugh each time you sneak in an update! I hope you win too!

  21. Let's face it Buddy, you are a loveable little scamp! Now we just know Mum can't be in too much trouble, really handcuffs. She has to be a good girl for her fab trip at the end of the year. You be good now & will watch for your next sneaky post.

  22. Buddy you are a terrible tease! How can you make a statement like that and then go off to take a snooze??? Love it when you sneak on to Mum's computer. Must say that you're new pic's are fabulous. I hope that you win, since I really love your colors. You do sort of shine. Cuddles to you,

  23. Buddy you're adorable !!! Love, love, love your posts. Hugs !

  24. Hi Buddy, I really like your colours so it made it really easy for me to find my choice. You might like "Cappuccino" as well and let's see, who is going to win!
    Lots of greetings to your mum. Love, Manuela


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