Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOYWW and What a Palaver

Morning's a beautiful sunny morning....I've just had my first coffee sitting outside with only the birds and "The Budster" for favourite time of day...fingers crossed today turns out better than yesterday.....yes you've got it in one... yesterday did not go according to sneaky peek today but I will explain why in a minute.....instead I am sharing what was on my workdesk yesterday and for the first time I am joining in the fun at WOYWW.

all those Pesky Peppa pig cards ready to be assembled and believe me folks....I was losing the will to live by the time I cut out the 8 chipboard sanity saved with the help of my fabulous new best friend from  Fiskars

my constant companion.....Brushed Corduroy....sits on my desk 24/7 but the foam pad is looking a little sad...time for a new one me thinks

and my other addiction apart from paper crafting....oh yes must always have coffee on my desk....keeps the energy levels topped up

And who upset me yesterday.....the mighty B&Q none the less......nipped along to firstly return one box of tiles that were surplus to requirements.....stood in the queue for at least 25 minutes while 3 members of staff struggled to calculate the amount of refund that a poor highly embarrassed woman should get.....with a queue of 5 impatient customers waiting in much for computerised till systems....what a bunch of numpties.   Finally it's my turn....and I have my receipt but because they were a special order of 17 boxes....he wouldn't refund my money without the copy of the original order which I have but didn't think it necessary to take with me....and no amount of gentle persuasion turning to downright anger was going to work on this job's will just have to go back at a later date.    I then popped into Asda which is just across the way and as I only had a few items went through the self checkout tills......and of course the one I chose didn't like me at all and kept flagging up....."problem with item weight...please wait for assistance" the item in question....a newspaper...surely that doesn't require weighing but I could be wrong so I waited and waited and lo and behold along comes another numptie who informed me that it isn't the machine that's's customers who don't know how to work it properly.....well I bet his little ears will be ringing for some time to come and luckily for the little whippersnapper it was a public place or his ears might have been stinging for the rest of the day.
Why is it that you can't go on a couple of simple errands without arriving home feeling as though you have been through a wringer and run over by a truck at the same time...desperate for a strong cup of coffee and a lie down in a darkened room....and just to put the lid on a sodding awful day....hubby informed me that the light I had bought for the en suite was a off I trotted back to B&Q in the evening....along with all the relevant paperwork for my refund......oh yes a glutton for punishment me.
And the day wasn't all doom and gloom....was highly delighted to see that Gordon Brown has at last shown his true colours and been exposed as the two faced...pompous....odious little man that he is.
Will catch up with you all tomorrow for Sneaky Peak Friday and Who Caught My Eye this week and believe me folks....a couple of stunners.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: to answer Anne's question from far as I know there aren't any Peppa Pig stamps on the market....the images were from a sticker book I bought at Tesco


Anesha said...

Oh Kath, sounds like you had a rough day. I hate going out at the moment as people just annoy me. Hope you and the furry sweetheart have a great day. Hugs Anesha

Kerry said...

I know you had a crap day Kath, but your rantings did bring a smile to my face this morning. And hear hear about Gordon Brown.

LadyBug said...

Defo sounds like a day not to be repeated! I hope you did manage to get your refund on those tiles and change the light?

Scrappymax said...

Oh dear Kath what an awful day, I would have forgotten the coffee and gone straight for the wine though lol.
Hope your day is better today.
Max x

Wipso said...

I have a feeling we all have days like those. All I will say is it can only get better :-)
A x

hotpotato said...

Oh Kath I love to visit your blog each day as I love your cards and I always have a chuckle at the antics you get yourself into.LOL

ginny said...

couldnt agree more with the comments above you go out all with the joys of spring smile on your face and then they up set you, those stupid tills, they tell you to re-use you bags but that dosent work have to put them in carrier cant take them out and put in own bag machine goes of on one everybody looks at you, huh and b &q when you are diy, hubby send you up to get somehting stand and look 4ever get it home wrong sort why he didnt go in first place would have saved trip and raised voices at home ha ha, glad you write kath you make me smile every morning.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Lordy, what a day! Still, perhaps the repeat work of Peppa will be a therapy after all that. I can match you for jobsworth numpties, but it won't make either of us feel better!! Welcome to WOYWW, keep on please!

Craftyanny said...

oh Kath, I shouldn't laugh but am pmsl here. Poor you, hopefully today will be a better one for you
Anne x

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

well done you and mr fiskars!

hugs mandyxx

Jacqui said...

Here here on Mr Brown!
Hope today brings sunshine and smiles after yesterday x

Paula said...

Oh Kath you have managed to cheer me up yet again lol. Im so sorry you had the day from hell hopfully today will be much better fingers crossed. Oh and yep im so glad about that horrible man Gorden Brown that made my day yesterday lol its the poor woman i feel sorry for.

Hugs Paula xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh what a stinking day, I hate those self serve things, they're useless, and it means we're doing the work and the store needs less people, but do their prices ever go down?? Welcome to WOYWW by the way, nice to see you over here!


Mummylade said...

welcome to the merry crowd of woyww crafters =)

Wow, that ink pad looks like road kill, I shows you really love that ink colour =)

Jennifer said...

What an awful day Kath! I hope today is better even if the weather looks like it's planning another typical British Bank Holiday lol!
Thanks for sharing your workspace, I like the look of those shiny new scissors.
Jen x

Georgie said...

What a pain for you Kath - why is nothing ever easy! Glad to hear that you got it sorted in the end though.

I am intrigued to see what you create with the number 4's and the peppa pigs.

Georgie xx

coops said...

wow kath, you certainly did have a day that could test the patience of a glad you managed to get home and have your coffee.i hope today is going better.luv coops.xx

aardvarkpest said...

Wow what a day you had. Sounds like you need to do some de-stressing with the old Tim Holtz distressing inks maybe.


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

My Granddaughter would love your work desk this week...I think she's Peppa Pig's biggest fan!

Sorry you had a rough day!


Jessica said...

So sorry for your ugly day. Our big shopping trips are at Walmart over here. And they are ALWAYS packed with the most awful, uncaring people you could ever imagine. They will leave their cart in the middle of an aisle and go shopping in the next aisle over. Or they'll run into someone they haven't seen in months and will stand in the middle of the aisle with all their kiddies, and have a lovely chit chat! And when you say excuse me to let them know you want to get through, they look at you with a how dare you bother them look!
Don hates walmart. I am always amazed that people will get in his way...he's 6'2' and weighs about 250lbs! I know he's a teddy bear, but they don't... Well I'll never figure it out...I hope your next trip is better!

Jane said...

What a day Kath! I never use the self service checkouts now cos they always go wrong when I use them!
I have used some of the print and colour Peppa pigs on kids websites for my cards before....loads of characters to choose from and great for kids cards!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Welcome to WOYWW. Sounds like your day went badly until the end. Glad you finally got a refund. Isn't that frustrating? But, it sure provided me with a laugh. I'm a bit late welcoming you to this blog hop, but thanks for the snoop. Really enjoyed your post.

Tina said...

dont talk to me about B&Q!

but on a better note, thats a lot of peppa pigs!!!

love teen x

Allison said...

hehehhe- you will be sick of sight of Peppa bloomin pig before long- hope you have no errands to run tomorrow

Lynne said...

Oh dear what a day you had! Hope today has been tons better for you. Lynne x

Kat said...

Sounds like you had a day and a half Kath. These jobsworths make it all worthwhile don't they?

Looking forward to seeing more of your Peppa pig cards. Think Poppy would love that!

Kat xx

Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome to your first WOYWW? Loads of lovely people play along with this one and it can be quite addicting! Hope your next shopping day is better! Should have brought Buddy to straighten them all out!

Angie said...

Welcome your writing style. I know you were having a s*** day but you did make me laugh ...and I agree with everything you say ...GB included lol

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Sorry you had such a frustrating day with B+Q and Asda as for the whippersnapper how rude! The self-serve stations can be a boon but only when they work hehe, they don't usually like it when you use your own bags though I noticed somewhere you can now input that you're using your own bags! Nice to know those scissors work with chipboard.
Anne x

joey said...

awww Kath its 20 to 11 and I now have peppa pigs theme song in my head arggggggggggggh! I too had a cuppa on me desk this week, as for those self checkouts the are a pet hate!!! Joey.x


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