Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking Wounded

Morning crafty stuff to share today.....the reason being I spent the whole weekend in the garden soaking up the sun and getting myself all grungy and not a Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad in sight.....I also managed to pick up a couple of thorns in my fingers.    What is it about these pesky isn't until much later in the day that your fingers start to throb and you are running off to get the sharpest needle in the sewing box to fish them out....but by that time....they have well and truly worked their way down under the skin and it ends up a major surgery affair....lots of poking and squeezing .....but job done and I live to craft another day.

And look who has arrived home.....

confession time....I was very naughty....went and left my favourite Fiskars "can't live without" non-stick best friend at the SECC.....too much of a hurry at the end of 3 days to get my kit packed up and head off home...but my lovely Fiskars matey Lorraine came to the rescue....well he had obviously jumped into her kit in blind panic thinking he was going to be abandoned in a strange town ... but she wrapped  him well for the journey....and he popped through the letter box  home safe and sound none the worse for his trauma.....and I was so pleased to see him.
And guess what I found during one of my declutters of the cubbyhole

a blog candy that sadly the winner never I had a little scoot through the comments from the last few days and this little parcel of stamping goodies will be winging it's way to.....

Thank you Anesha for popping over to the cubbyhole and leaving such lovely kind comments..
all I need is for you to e-mail me your address..

And totally off many names do you have in your Block Senders List...blimey mine is beginning to look like the electoral roll......totally fed up of all these e-mails.....Cash4Gold....Do You Need a Loan....the list goes on but the latest......Accident Compensation.....Have You Had An Accident.....cheeky I have not been hit by a bus....I have always looked like this.
It's another gorgeous day...and The Budster and I are setting off for our morning's so good to feel the sun on your face and not to have to dress like Michelin Man for a change....catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxx


Eveline said...

The weather over at your place is so much better then were I live. I dug out my Norwegian sweater yesterday, 6 degrees Celsius doesn't feel like spring. I'm wearing a fleece sweater as I'm typing this.
Good luck with your thorny fingers.

Squirrel x said...

LOL Kath, hope the fingers are soon crafting again! As for the "Have You Had An Accident", the bloke in the advert always looks like his next line should be "Would You Like One?". Hugs, Squirrel xx

Anesha said...

Hello Kath and Buddy. Kath sorry you hurt your hand. Hope Buddy is doing well. Thank you so much for picking me for the candy, have emailed you my details. Thank you again and big hug to Buddy. Anesha :)

Mummylade said...

Glad the poor scissors found its way home. And lets hope the thorns don't spoil your crafting for too long =)

Andrea said...

hoi Kath,
hope your fingers are alright now and can they making a card, I hope so
because I always admire your beautiful creations
and I love the little story's of buddy when you're away from home.
congrats with your 801 followers, wow, that's sure is a lot.
and I'm sorry if my spelling is not so good , because normaly I speak Dutch
very many hugs, Andrea

Andrea said...

hoi Kath,
hope your fingers are alright now and can they making a card, I hope so
because I always admire your beautiful creations
and I love the little story's of buddy when you're away from home.
congrats with your 801 followers, wow, that's sure is a lot.
and I'm sorry if my spelling is not so good , because normaly I speak Dutch
very many hugs, Andrea

Cardarian said...

Glad you got the thorns out and lucky you to get your scissors back!
Enjoy the walk with Budster!

Lorraine Robertson said...

So glad that Mr Postie delivered your beloved scissors safe & sound honey... enjoy the sunshine... I know I'll be spending the day in the garden yet again... lol.

Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx

Naomi said...

Hi, glad your sissors are home safe and sound. Love reading your blog and finding out what is happening with you and Buddy. Hope Buddy has a great walk. Naomi

Lynda said...

Crafting must definitely take a back seat when the sun in shining and even more so after the horrendous Winter we've had - you do right to get out and catch the rays. Glad you got your 'best friend' back safe and sound too. Enjoy your stroll with Bud.

Love Lynda xxx

Dawny P said...

Ohh Mrs K - hope you are OK {{{hugs}}}. Pesky beggars them thorns aren't they.

Oh I know what you mean about the e-mail list. I get inundated with them, especially from those who think I have a small penis (it isn't THAT small lol xx) and further more, that it needs a bit of help. How delicately did I put that - are you impressed ???

Well you should have seen Kyla after we finished on the phone. I'll send you a pic of her on all her pink and purple-ness once I fathom out how ot get it off my phone. She was such a little devil that day and I blame the sweeties and the fool that gave then to her (ay, it was moi lol xxx)

Biggest hugs and squishes xxxx

weewiccababe said...

isn't this weather fab??
don't talk to me about junk mail, as soon as I get a load blocked, they just go and use another email address. And mine are all for viagra, or a certain appendage extension that I don't have lol
have a great day

Debs said...

Ha Ha I had to laugh, I've just come in from the garden and spent about 20 minutes trying to get 2 thorns out of my fingers but I used my craft lamp with magnifier and a pair of nail cutters. All I was doing was painting the fences and the rose decided to attack me!! If the weather stays like this I don't think I'll get much crafting done this week. Hugs Debs xx

Anne said...

Great to see you today Kath -- will be on the look out for the fabric creations !!!! A bandana for Buddy ???? mmmmmmm ???
xx Anne xx

Chris said...

awwww hope your fingers have stopped throbbing Kath... and OMG glad you got back your Fiskers scissors... what would you do without them... perish the thought!!

Glad you are having better weather and having a wee bit of time to yourself to enjoy it with the budster :D

Congrats to Anesha too... ooooh lucky girly.

Chris xx

Dragonlady said...

Hi Kath

Glad our fingers are OK and you have retrieved your scissors!! Hope you had a lovely walk in your gorgeous countryside.

Hugs Ali x

Kat said...

That's the worst of gardening isn't it? With me it's the dirt under the nails....I can never really get into wearing gloves somehow!

Good you got your fav scissors back.

It's been so nice today and I've had to spend the whole day at work. Between baking yesterday and working today I've really missed out on all this lovely weather!!

Kat xx

Tatanky said...

Oh Kath ! I just love your posts. They are so funny. Thank you :)

Dawn said...

Glad to see all is well and get back to crafting soon Gosh you have so many commitments I would of thought you could afford a day of no crafting lol

Love Dawn xx

Rufus said...

Hope those poor thorn/surgery torn fingers heal up fast! It's amazing how they can work their way in isn't it. Not sure what's worse the thorn or the digging to get the da** thing out!

Cynthia said...

Hi Kath, here's a fellow rose growers tip, get yourself some magnesium sulphate paste from the chemist, put some over the thorn,put a plaster on overnight or sometimes you may need a bit longer to help draw the thorn to the surface.
Keep on crafting.

Cheers & hugs


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