Monday, April 19, 2010

Guilty as Charged

Morning folks.....yes I have been very naughty....but don't worry I am not about to be frog marched off in handcuffs....well I don't think so and what have I done....well it's more what I haven't done.     Hubby was busy cleaning the car on Saturday morning and came rushing in......"didn't you get the road tax for the car".....and when did it run out......better sit down now folks....a bit of a shocker.....31st January and I can't believe I have been dotting all over the countryside for more than 2 months with no road tax.  Little old me..a model law abiding citizen....a stickler for sticking to the speed limit.....blimey "criminal record" flashing before my eyes.     So it was a mad dash to the local Post Office before they closed at lunchtime..breathing a huge sigh of relief....we are legal again.....but it can only been back dated to 31st March....and the job's worth at the Post Office took great delight in informing me that the DVLA WILL BE contacting me.....well what does that mean.....a smack across the fingers....a hefty fine....or will I be hauled into court and then locked up indefinitely.    OK I hold my hands up....we broke the law but not intentionally and what about all the morons who are driving around with NO Road Tax...NO Insurance and NO MOT not because they have forgotten...but because they just don't want to pay....and what about this super duper mega expensive "Big Brother" DVLA computer that is supposed to be able to tell in an instant if you haven't renewed your road tax and send you a reminder.
Do you think I can plead insanity....senility or should I just admit the truth....I am a daft old bat....with a memory like a sieve.
My sons found the whole thing hysterical.... their super efficient and normally so organised Mum is human after all and took great delight in informing me if the worst comes to the worst and I am carted off to spend some time at Her Majesty's pleasure they would come to visit their old criminal of a Mum.
It's not all doom and gloom however....the tiler will be here Tuesday and Wednesday....oh dear perhaps I should have warned him if Mr DVLA gets here first....I may not have any money to pay him.
I am planning to make a challenge card or two today.....but if I should disappear from bloggyland for a while....please don't worry.....hey ho the way prisoners are treated nowadays....once I am settled in my cell I will get my very own laptop with free internet access and will be posting away to my hearts contents from a prison near you....and when you think about cooking...washing...ironing....or cleaning.....hey this may not be a complete disaster after all.
I won't tempt fate by finishing with my usual......"catch up with you all tomorrow".....let's just wait and see...and hey it's snowing.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. LOL they'll never dare send you down Kath, think of all the character references you'd get from fellow crafters:)

  2. Lol...I don't think you can be held entirely responsible...wasn't your car buried under snow for most of that time...surely you couldn't see the tax disc!? lol
    Helen x

  3. Yippee more snow!
    Kath I'll stand up for you in court, mind you it might end up with us both being thrown in a cell under lock and key with my mouth! Think Helen has a very valid point, your car was under snow and frozen solid!

  4. Morning Kath don't worry if they lock you uo we will start a 'Friends of Kath' committee and arrange to smuggle in your craft supplies - can you image trying to get rolls of double sided tape into fruit cakes!!! Kisses to Buddy.

  5. Great! If you're in a "prison near me" I can come visit and get some crafty tips! LOL!

    I would DEFINITELY go with Helen's snow excuse! It's a winner!

  6. Oh Kath I just love your writing, you make me laugh. What would poor Buddy do if you were sent down! lol
    Hope they are sensible and sort it out soon. Have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  7. Oh Kath you dont half brighten up my day lol lol i do hope it gets sorted out though and if you do have to go on a little break lol us lot in bloggy land will make up banners Saying Free our Kath and have a protest on your behalf lol.

    Hugs Paula xxxx

  8. Oh I had a big laugh - great post! I think you shouldn't worry much - ha, ha they might not notice that you were late! We will all be "visiting" if you go to prison though! Ha, ha..

  9. If they send you to prison, they will soon send you back home again - they won't be able to handle you, lol. What a giggle you've given me this morning. In December, I was getting all the paperwork ready to go and tax mine and realised that the MOT had ran out a ffortnight before, lol. So, mad rush Xmas Eve to get it MOT'd and taxed. Thankfully, it passed, lol. Good luck
    Suzanne x

  10. ROFLOL what are you like Mrs I am killing myself here. Good job I don't have any stitches in as they would be well and truly burst. Hey you are right you would be living in luxury. Well if you do end up in my neck of the woods as there is an all female prison near I WILL visit you I'll bring you stash so you can create all day. Hubby is in stiches too....... Have a fab day, hugs Ali x

  11. I think you will be fine, maybe just a warning for a first offence, and do you know what, no excuses for not being able to get to the PO because of the snow, you can renew it online now, and it comes in the post in a few days,Brian has to MOT, Insure and Tax all in the same month, just after Xmas.

    But you are good for a laugh, but maybe we shouldn't laugh, it could happen tp anyone, and I think we should all revolt until they fix the pot holes it has cost a new tyre and windscreen so far.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  12. Oooh, you criminal! Can't wait to see your prison outfit, you'll have diecut arrows with distressed and sponged edges, hee hee!

    We'll all have to send you cakes with stamps hidden in them!

    Nicki, xx

  13. PMSL Kath - you naughty girl! I would definitely blame the snow but I really think the PO worker is being a bit of a jobsworth and trying to scare you! But.... if you are sent down we will all be on the steps of Downing Street chanting... FREE THE WESTHILL ONE! FREE THE WESTHILL ONE!

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Oh Kath, that was a bit of fun on a Monday morning. How about Buddy, refusing to let you go. Warm wishes

  15. If you do get sent down, can you ask if you can take a friend with you. We are 3 staff down at work this week (one off on long term sick and another two stuck on hols due to the volcano ash). Might just need a psychiatrist by the end of my working week.

    Loved Nicki's visions about your prison uniform though. LOL

  16. They wouldn't dare lock you up - you're more trouble than it's worth!!
    Plead senility - it works for me!!
    You've made me giggle this morning.

  17. Oh Kath

    You do make me laugh - you are very clever at writing about your daily life in such a funny way! Its a delight to read. Lets hope Mr DVLA when he catches up with you, will be kind!! Perhaps make him a nice thank you card to give to him if he lets you off!!


  18. oh Kath, you horror!!
    och its an easy mistake to make - its a wonder I haven't done it myself, you get the reminder in from DVLA and it gets buried under a pile of other bills and paperwork.
    I would imagine DVLA will contact you to arrange for you to pay Feb and March road tax, but it might be better if you give them a phone and admit it first so you don't get the penalty.
    good luck, and if all else fails i can always take a trip to Cornton Vale with a nail file baked in a cupcake lol

  19. OH!! Kath what are you like, so glad you realised before you actually got caught, i,m sure they will know it was not intentional and you,ll probably get smacked wrists. Ask them to send you a reminder next year LOL!!!
    Trish (-:

  20. Oh crack me up you really do.
    I'm having a vile day but a visit here soon put a smile on my face.
    If they cart you off and you get a choice of for Foston Hall in Derbyshire and then I can sneak you some crafty stuff in to while away your time.

  21. Wow! What are you like - I have just had a real laugh about this - but certainly you can please that your car was off the road forever under the snow, and surely you are entitled to credit for that time you were not able to use it! Anyway - they would not be able to handle, or Buddy would be very said ..


  22. oh dear post has really made me chuckle.i think you should put all the blame on the dvla for not sending you a sure everything will be fine.luv coops.xx

  23. Oh my Lord Kath. ROFL at this little tale. In fact I went out and checked my tax on the car, whew, i'm ok. I bet this put you in a bit of a spin. No idea what the law is on this. Hope all works out ok.

  24. Hi Kath I can just imagine how you felt when you discovered how out of date your tax disc was. I'm sure backdating it to when it was due will make it ok. No need for post office person to be cheeky though. We don't do DVLA work in my little PO but I had an elderly customer today who realised on Thurs that his driving licence expires this Thurs. Posted off application and then came in in a panic today cos he thought he should have paid for a new photo. He should have been sent a reminder too!!

    Sure you aren't going to be carted off away from the lovely Buddy.

    Kat xx

  25. kath just tell them you where snowed in for 2 month...its not as if you where not for some of it... lol.. then tell them with the air space being shut down you where frightened to drive incase you lost your engine power off all the volcanic dust floating round... lol.. hope they go easy on you mate... send them one of your lovely cards .. but make it a sorry card.. may get you a little bit of layway....

  26. ROFLMAO... oh oh oh Kath... you always make my day and blimey splutter... splutter... today is no exception!!!
    YOU driving around with no TAX... heh heh heh... I NEVER would have believed it you criminal you....ha ha ha.
    Would like to have felt your pulse when you realized... bet your heart was hammering like thunder :D
    Don't worry if they try to lock you up one look from Budster and they will be paying for your next tax disc themselves!!
    Chris xx

  27. PMSL at you Kath!

    I may be able to help you out here mind - I work in a prison so maybe could cut you a deal on a REAL cushty cell ;) OR, I live a short drive from the DVLA - so I could go and intercept their 'Wanted' posters if you'd like!

    You do chear our day up :)

    Carol x

  28. oh dear Kath, let me know if you get arrested I'll send you a cake with a file!!

    Thankyou so much for sponsoring me for the Race for Life, I really appreciate your support Kath, it means a lot to me :o)

    lotsalove and hugs

    Amanda xxx

  29. Hi Kath, nearly missed this post, you really have the gift of the gab, had me in stitches. It's only 4weeks they've lost out on, they probably waste that in a few hours, minutes even seconds, I bet. Our kids just love it when we slip up, never mind just cuddle up to Buddy, he will make it all better, well meantime. Good luck. nnalorac.x

  30. Kath, you crack me up! Obviously you are a terrible criminal and they should haul you off in cuffs! Reading all the comments were almost as funny as your post. If (when) they haul you off you've got to arrange for Buddy to post a pic of you in your jail uniform, I can just image what you'll do to it with all the crafty goodies that are being smuggled in to you! Poor Buddy would be lost without you, after all then he'd have to do all the posts. Of course he could have a fine time in the cubbyhole, wouldn't even have to sneak things out for his occasional doggy candy!
    I have to thank you for the best laugh of the day!


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