Thursday, February 17, 2011

A load of old waffle.....

Morning folks.... it's just me with a load of challenge card or even a sneaky peek....I am running around like a headless chicken trying to knock the crafty list on the head....last minute stuff for my demo and class at The Papeterie on Saturday and DT stuff to nail...last minute should be my middle name...but what's new.  It's hard to concentrate on the job in hand when it's only 8 more sleeps until you KNOW WHAT....yes this time next week I will be flying high in more ways than one... on my way to Luton Airport to meet up with my lovely buddy Carol who is just as excited as I am about our big treat.
And it looks as though Tim has settled right in......enjoying good old Yorkshire Fish Chips and Mushy Peas at Dylan' I can excuse the fork for the mushy peas but come on Tim fish and chips are the original finger food and easy peasy clean up for those greasy salty vinegary fingers....a good lick and they'll be as good as new...
Big thank you to my lovely Simply Create buddy Sonja for this award....
and you know me I am wearing my party pooper hat and am not passing it on earth could I whittle all the fabulous inspirational blogs out there down to 7 and as for the interesting facts....well I could write them on a postage stamp.
I am at this moment in time sitting on my hands...look what has arrived at The Glitter Pot.....oh my giddy aunt how long will I be able to resist.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The new Basic gray stamps yummmm. Your in big trouble Sir Tim and new Hero stamps no wonder Buddy is having a clear out lol.

  2. Morning Kath

    Lets just hope your credit card can take it!!!!


  3. Hi Kath - the answer is probably not long! and I'll give you a guess who'll be not too far behind you.
    Can Buddy come and give my craft room a clear out please - luxurious bed & breakfast provided!!

  4. ciao Kath amd Ciao Buddy,
    come on my blog there is a blogcandy for my two years.

  5. Morning Kath, I think you'd better give Buddy your credit card to bury somewhere. Have a great day. Hugs x ChrisB

  6. do you know something - I am way too excited about you seeing Tim, all that gleckit-ness must be rubbing off
    have a great day

  7. Hi Kath and Buddy, Only 7 - won't be long Kath - and you know what they say, if you want anything doing, ask a busy woman, so I'm sure you'll get everything finished in time for your super duper adventure! mary G

  8. Don't take your credit card with you Kath - had a think you'd better take 2!

  9. With all this busyness goings on it will be here before you know it Kath. Hope you've packed some Tenna Ladies!! Don't want any accidents when you finally get to meet him he he!!!!! Carolxx

  10. I think you need to make a detour via Wales to collect me & you can put me in your handbag - I'm very small & I'll be ever so good & look after your credit card(s) for you!
    Paula (PEP)

  11. Hi Kath, I can almost feel your excitement all the way down here!!!
    Not very long at all until you meet THE man himself :)
    I don't think you will be able to resist those goodies for much longer....some lush things for sure!

    Hope I get to see you next Friday x
    Carol xxx

  12. 'grrrrrroooooooaaaaaaan' lol that's the sound of your credit card Kath - keep it sweet 'til next week!

    Love Lynda xxx

  13. Hi ya Kath
    crikey i can remember when you were saying only a 100 odd days to go, how time flys, bet you are so excited, sue,x

  14. Oooh I bet you are excited! You've given me a craving for Fish & Chips now ... xxx

  15. I was thinking of yu last night when i popped by the glitterpot and saw these. I still have my original box set of peeping posies so glad i kept them now :D

    Ali x

  16. Yep lets hope your card can take it Kath!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend:) xxx

  17. oh I so wish I was going along

  18. Aren't those new stamps gorgeous. I had a look at them last night after an email update from the Glitter Pot. I'm trying to be good. Yeah I know, not easy lol!!

    Hope your sore shoulder's a bit better today. You must have loads to do before you jet off. Nipped into the Papeterie today for some card and saw some of your gorgeous cards with everyone's favourite Hero Arts stamp. I'd recognise your cards anywhere!

    Kat xx


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