Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Woof Woof....I've chosen a winner

Good morning to all my lovely bloggy buds from your favourite bundle of golden deliciousness...I've been feeling full of the joys of spring...jumping up and down with delight and a tad pleased with myself but more about that in a mo.    The weather in this neck of the woods has jumped up and bitten us in the bum again.....yes the SNOW is back and our morning strolls are back to Mum looking like Michelin Man...me I'm a self sufficient kind of a guy with my built in cosy fur coat thick enough to keep me toasty in the Arctic conditions...

but not so for our poor feathered friends....our first job of the day is out at the birdie feeding station even before we have our own breakfast...but I don't really mind....after all I'm living the life of riley here...no sitting on a cold windy branch with my head under my wing for me....

But it's time to announce the winner of my little give-away....WOOF WOOF it's...
All you need to do Paula is e-mail Mum with your address and we will get your goodies off in the mail and I will be sending you one of my "customised hand made..no expense spared" special cards.

Which brings me onto the reason for my doggy euphoria this morning.....well it seems that Paul from Letraset is rather taken with my cards...well the guy has taste obviously and can spot talent a mile away because he has featured my card on the Letraset Facebook page.....how cool is that !!!!
And woohoo we've got an award...
from the lovely Bethany Jennifer Elizabeth Susi and Tina
thank you girls we really appreciate it....sending you big hugs

Well I'd better polish my halo before we set off for our snowy morning stroll....and I may have to delay my next rummage in the cubbyhole until Mum tidies up a bit....Miss Neat and Tidy has run off and been replaced by Miss Messy Knickers...crikey I can hardly get in the door for the debris but I bet she will be tidying up before she joins you all tomorrow over at WOYWW....if not I may just have to give Health & Safety a call and make some job's worths day.
Big Furry Hugs & Snuggles


Diane said...

Well congrats to Paula.... and you Mr Woof Woof,just keep feeding those birdies...its cold and snowy here too, but it has to go away sometime....I will be having a Spring give away soon with another blogging friend....

kathleen said...

Morning Kath and Buddy. More snow I think you will have to get a pair of doggie wellies Buddy.Well done Kath for your feature on face book from letraset.
Congratulation to Paula

Kathleen x

janette.tay said...

Congratulations for your feature on Letraset facebook - I know more snow yuckxxx

loftylass said...

Congrats to Paula - and Buddy see that you keep on the move in all that white stuff... we don't want you becoming an ice sculpture as well as featuring on face book.... and keep an eye on your mum please we need her input each day.
Hugs to you both.

Julia Dunnit said...

Argh snow! Argh! Tell Mum that it's no surprise to any of us that Letraset featured her.

del-16.p said...

Hi Kath and Buddy,
Congratulations on winning the stylish blogger award.It is well deserved.

Anesha said...

Hi Buddy,hope you don't get too much snow on your lovely paws today. Congrats to Paula. Have a wonderful day both of you. Hugs Anesha

Paula said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats & thank you Buddy too - please thank your Mum for me & please take care of her in the snow. Don't stand still too long or the pads on your feet will get cold, especially if you've not put any special shoes on (presumably) you don't take Mum's slippers outside). Anyhow congrats on the feature & being such a stylish blogger too - I too feed our feathered friends before breakfast so you're a man after my own heart. I shall email your Mum.
Paula (PEP)

Kat said...

Hi Buddy I can't believe you've got all that snow. There's nothing here at all. Very frosty this morning but a lovely day so far. Pups had a lovely walk, apart from the time they were fighting and nearly pulled me off my feet!!

Kat xx

Oops nearly forgot to say congrats to Mum for being featured by Letraset.

Shaz in Oz. said...

Ah love your blog, Kath and Buddy, (you gotta luv a lab) and feeling for poor Mum and her Michelin man outfit.. have fun in the snow folks, and congrats for dual rewards of talent!
love Shaz in oz. x

Anne said...

More snow here too Buddy, and well done to mum on her award and especially being recognised by Lettraset , well deserved !! But why no pic of Michelin Mum ?????
Anne xxx

mimijudy1975 said...

Hi,you beautiful Golden Boy. I think your snowy backyard looks so pretty despite being chilly. Over here in Houston, Texas,we have a heavy coating of frost on the car every morning,but no snow. You know that you have a wonderful mum who walks you everyday, no matter what the weather !!!
Have a nice snooze after your walk.
So happy for you,Kath,receiving your award from Letraset. Think I'll go have a peek !!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hello gorgeous boy!

Oh no you've got snow again - mind you with your furry coat you don't have to worry. Well done to you both for looking after the little birdies.

Tell mum well done too for being mentioned on the Letraset Facebook page.

Until next time

Big Hugs


Marion said...

Hi Kath and Buddy, Looks a picture in the garden. Glad you are feeding our fine feathered friends. Congrats to Paula.

weewiccababe said...

wow - we have no snow here at all
congrats to Paula, must be her lucky week, she won my candy too :)

Christine B. said...

Hi Buddy and Kath hope your snow doesn't last too long. Glas your feeding the birds. Congratulations Paula. Hugs x ChrisB

Linda S. said...

Congratulations Paula, Kath, and of course Buddy...who is our fearless leader. Be careful out in the snow.

pcm said...

congratulations to you buddy for being featured on the letraset FB page!

pcm said...

congratulations to you buddy for being featured on the letraset FB page!


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