Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stop Press...HOT NEWS.....

Hi to all my lovely blogging buddies out there from your gorgeous bundle of golden's not often that I pop on to say hello on a Saturday but the crafty girl has beetled off again and you know what they say when "the cat's away the mice will play".
Oh boy do I have some hot news to share with you all...our little old blog along with Penny Black Saturday was featured in the "Cardmaking and Papercraft" magazine this month under "OUR FAVOURITE BLOGS" and who's pic appears right there on the page....COOOL or what!!!!

Have you entered my fabilicious give-away yet....if not you only have until midnight on what are you waiting for.   I'm having a real laid back kind of a day because I have a feeling that next week is going to be a bit hectic and you all know why.
And here's a surprise...our lovely postie has just arrived with a parcel from THE GLITTER prizes for guessing what lies within....willpower just doesn't seem to be a word in my Mum's vocabulary.
See you all bright and early on Monday with a WINNER
Big Furry Snuggles


  1. we all knew you were a famous star Buddy!!! and that just confirms it!!!

    love Poppy & Bella xx

  2. Biddy you are a star!! Doggy biscuits all round me thinks xxxx

  3. Silly auto correct on the phone or my fat fingers I meant to say. BUDDY!!!!

  4. Oooo Buddy, you're a pin up boy!! Let's face it, you've always had star quality :-)

    I hope your mum has bought something tasty for you to celebrate!

  5. Congratulations - brilliant & Buddy - you look very handsome & regal!
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Can I have your paw-tograph please? Mary G

  7. wooohooooooooooooo well done buddy.
    Of course it's always you we come to visit:) If your Mum's made a wee card or two well that's nice too but your the main man!!
    Anne x

  8. ohhh that's cool Buddy. I bet many of the neighbourhood ladies, will be knocking on the door soon.. Doing a little crafting with your mom, and lots of cuddling with you :O)
    Hugs Laila

  9. Wow Buddy what a treat for these magazine readers to come across your photo. Hope they pop over to the blog to see what you and Mum are up to.

    Kat xx

  10. You're a centerfold sensation Buddy...congrats to you and your Mum for being featured!

  11. Oh wow Buddy, what a star! You see it's time to had some more space on this blog. Hugs Anesha :)

  12. Hi Buddy, I spotted you yesterday in my friends Mag, your a real star now. Hugs x ChrisB

  13. Congratulations Buddy, there will be a queue of people wanting your autograph tomorrow.
    Couldn't happen to a nicer dog.
    Kath x

  14. Congratulations Buddy on going national! However, I am disappointed that the magazine omitted to mention who your hairstylist is and who designed that fabby coat you are wearing! xxx

  15. A Star is Born!!!! Congrats. Fame is in your future Buddy. Next they will be asking for your paw print. Love it. It is well deserved. After all Buddy, behind every great dog is a wonderful Mum who has worked very hard to get you there. Hugs.

  16. wow a real star now, you take a lovely photo, are you going to get top billing now

  17. Congratulations, Buddy! (And congrats to Kath, too!!!). Your picture is, of course, gorgeous. I think that deserves a special treat or two...don't you think?? :-)


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