Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh dear me.....

Morning to all my lovely bloggy's your calm cool and collected bundle of golden deliciousness...let me tell you somebody has to stay calm in this mad mad crafty world.  Have you ever had one of those weekends when everything goes topsy turvy and you wish you had just stayed in bed.....well join the club.  It all started on Saturday afternoon when the Crafty Girl decided to get stuck into some DT stuff with her Ribbon Girl Goodies but they were nowhere to be found...disappeared off the face of the planet apparently or had they been scooped up and thrown out during the mad tidying frenzy.
Time for the Cubbyhole Search and Rescue Dog to put on his big boy pants and take control...get the kettle on and put our heads together with a plan of action for a full scale look everywhere search.  And if that didn't work...there was always Plan B...excuse way was I spending the weekend rooting around in the bottom of any rubbish skips..THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  I would be e-mailing  my lovely buddy Mary at The Ribbon Girl with a big SOS. Just when I was giving up hope on Sunday afternoon....I heard the magic words....
well pardon me..just a pity that this enlightening revelation hadn't popped into the Old Crafty Girl's brain 24 hours you think she may have learned that this tidying up malarkey is a waste of time and that the new filing system be honest there is only one word for it.....CRAP.....I doubt it.
And if you are still with me and haven't dozed are probably wondering who has won my Goodie Box Give-Away...I'm delighted to say it's.....
Well done Laney.....if you e-mail Mum with your address we will get your parcel off in the mail.  I'm off to get my head down until it's time for my morning stroll....see you all soon.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles


  1. Oh Buddy, glad your Mum found the Ribbon goodies, so your life can settle down again. Good on you for staying calm. At least we can always count on you in times of stress. Warm wishes, hope the week goes well.

  2. morning Buddy, hey at least you didn't have to go to the tip lol
    have a great day

  3. Oh Buddy we tidy up wifies are all the same, we put things in a nice tidy safe place and then we forget where we put themm It's called "old age". Just be patient with mum. Have you never hidden a bone or toy and not been able to find it.

  4. Oh Buddy, sounds like you had an interesting weekend.:) Glad you Mum found her DT material and congrats to your winner. Hope you had good weather, it was raining all day at our craft fair! Hugs Anesha

  5. ooh Buddy !!! you surprised me this morning and what a wonderful way to start the week,so I will just have to ask Mum to you give you an extra big scratch and tickle to say thankyou

  6. Morning Buddy, so glad your Mum found her goodies.Congratulations to the winner of your goodie give away.Hope you weather is better than mine.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  7. What - you mean to say YOU didn't sniff them out first?? Bet you did & then srategically placed them under Mum's nose to find.............Have a lovely stroll - still wet here, one of my customers yesterday was a Scot who spoke Danish so I nattered on in Swedish with some English & he in Danish with some Scotch..........
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Hi Buddy, glad Mum found her lost DT kit. Its a real nuisance when you lose smething you really need. Looking forward to seeing what she makes with it.

    Kat xx

  9. glad all was resolved and in the nick of time! x

  10. Hee hee hee! Can't tell you the number of time I can't find something I need!

    Glad you found it in the end.

    Hugs, Sandra

  11. So glad i'm not the only one that puts things away and can never find them.

  12. I'm exactly the same - I can never remember where I've put anything or it's never where it should be! Must be a crafting trait!

  13. hope you enjoyed your peaceful nap after a hectic search...glad the goodies were found

    Sylvia x

  14. It's evening and I've just read this mornings post - Oh poor Buddy - bet your Mum was having a right old panic!! Good job you were the sensible, upstanding Search and Rescue Dog - Buddy - well, how can I put this, if Mum is losing her capacity to remember things from the day before, maybe it's time to check out the local 'home' .... know what I mean? Mind you, you'd be left with Dad for walks etc, so perhaps you could keep an eye on her and lead her to any missing items - Mary G xx(and of course I would have re-sent the DT pack by fastest means possible!! )

  15. Hi Kath and Buddy. Glad you found your goodies. I've lost ciunt of how many times I've done the same thing. Keep saying I'll not tidy up again. Hugs x ChrisB

  16. Buddy, I do believe you are sporting another new pic, looking very handsome, too! So glad that Mum found her DT goodies, to distressing! That "tidying up" will get you every time. Thank heaven it didn't come to sorting the trash bin!