Monday, November 26, 2012

What a weekend...

Hi folks...before you ask I'm slowly recovering from my domestic goddess weekend adventures and it's time to come clean...forgive the pun...all this cleaning malarkey doesn't float my boat...necessary I admit but a bit of a chore and not much fun...a bit like painting the Forth sooner are you finished and you're back to square one but someone's got to do it so I set to work wiping down doors and skirting boards...moving furniture...crikey how long has all that dust been hiding under there...and the TV...that's a losing battle if ever I saw one...turn your back for a moment and the screen's once again covered in a hazy film of dust but hey the world definitely looks a brighter and more in focus place when the windows are sparkly clean. A real feeling of job satisfaction when it's all done but it's not going to stay that way is it and I have no intention of swopping the crafty tools for marigolds and a feather duster on a regular basis but there may be a solution...I need my very own Mollie Maid and who better for the job than The Furry Boy with his fabulous "just the job" huge feather duster of a tail. Some sweet talking and lots of treat might just persuade him to do a daily whizz around but I may have to move anything smashable out of harm's way first.
Today's going to be a sofa and cake helping me to cope with yet another chore...writing out the christmas cards but first I need to find  a pen...why can I never lay my hands on a pen when I need one so before I call out a search party to turn the house upside's time to share another DT card for this month's Ribbon Girl Colour Challenge...a snowflake card with a difference...

I'll see you all tomorrow when I'll be sharing a mega photo fest of Sizzix/Hero Arts projects...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. well Kath the card is gorgeous...if you are stuck for more housework then i can give you some to do...I know what you mean...I just feel that I spend all my time washing and ironing these days.


  2. Fab card. As always of course.
    Good for you getting all your housework done.
    I used to have a cleaning lady...I miss her so much. Now that we are retired, we are going to clean the house. We doesn't clean it as well as she least some parts of the "we"! lol

    Well, maybe he would never think to do the baseboards or move the furniture, but he now does all the heavy work in the garden and most of the I guess the quickie cleaning method will have to do! I can always sneak in and "touch up" a little when he is not around!!!


  3. Glad to hear you have a day to rest after all that cleaning this weekend. I'm sure Buddy would be more than willing to help ! His message yesterday was so fun to read.
    Your snowflake cards are lovely. I like the lavender seam binding along with the snowflakes.

  4. Gorgeous card Kath, housework gets in the way of crafting but has to be done. Buddy's tale yesterday was delightful, bet he would love to help out with his tail.

    Wilma x x

  5. Gorgeous card Kath and it seems you've had a good day. Caroline xxx

  6. Kath your card is superb. So pretty & lovely. I don't envy you the cleaning, but at least you don't have tiny hand prints all over your TV! Good luck with finding a pen & writing out your Christmas cards.

  7. Gorgeous card Kath...Love how you have placed that flower... Just Beautiful!! Enjoy putting your feet up to write your cards..
    ( when you find your pen of course)
    tee-hee... Hugs May x x x

  8. Absolutely beautiful Kath.

  9. Hi Kath, I love your beautiful card today, gorgeous colours. I do love to make cards but I do not relish writing them all out, but needs must and the foreign one will have to go soon.... I feel very rightous because I did all the ironing yesterday. Hope you found your pen....... Hugs, Anne x

  10. Lovely card with a difference Kath.Have a good day.

  11. Hi Kath, what a beautiful delicate christmas card. I'm not sure if it's an age thing, but cleaning becomes very boring year after year but I couldn't live in a tip...Trish

  12. I'm half way through that chore - the little pile of tools & the return address stamp are propping open my studio (er ........ craft room) door so I cannot forget the daily quota........husband's signature required batch to do tonight!
    Looks like a flowerflake or a snow flower to me!
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Good Morning Kath, I love your card. At least you can now sit back and admire your work. I am about to start my Christmas cleaning, high dusting and things that get neglected whilst I craft. I'll make a start upstairs and see how I get on. You enjoy your sofa day. Hugs Rita xx

  14. This is so pretty. Love the colours. I could do with some help with my housework too!! ;-)
    Lorraine x

  15. Looking for a job Kath - would love a fairy to come and clean my house - since my dh retired I seem to be running about after him like a headless chicken, he is so untidy.
    Your card is stunning .
    Off to meet the Huntly hooligans to celebrate Carol and Aud's birthdays.

  16. a very beautiful and elegant card. hate housework and am starting the mammoth job of organising the stash and cleaning the house for xmas - bah humbugs xx

  17. A really pretty card Katharine, love the colours and the snowflake stamp is gorgeous! I've caught up with my housework today only wish it would stay like this!susan x

  18. Love the card Kath... and the colours are lovely... I have housework you could do... although it is ironing...

    Oh and I have just done my blog post on the NED+C... and your pic is there..
    CLaire xx

  19. Stunning card Kath, love the colours and that rolled flower is gorgeous.

    I'm with you about housework. Nice when everything looks good but the bother of getting it that way. Dusting is a complete waste of time with my two big hairy black Labs. Can't figure out why they want to cast just now!

    Kat xx

  20. Hi Kath just love your card. I'm with you about housework it's overated. I spent all Sunday washing everything in my display units. With me being ill they never got done last year. Hugs x ChrisB

  21. Lovely post to read Kath! Pretty snowflake card. Ruby x


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