Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's beginning to look like Christmas...

Hi folks...crikey not many sleeps left now until the big fat man in the red suit comes to call...the cubbyhole's been deserted so no crafty stuff to show but that's not to say that we haven't been busy...the tree's decorated...
 and all this christmas prep has just been too much for my Furry Christmas Elf...
the presents are wrapped and I'm loving this year's Christmas Papers from M&S....The Snowman for the little kids...
and this gorgeous Black/Gold for the big kids...
 and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the angel with attitude who takes pride of place on the mantelpiece...
 and we've been busy in the kitchen too making yummy Scotch Broth stocking up the freezer for the chilly winter days...
life is all about lists at the moment...a list for the food I can buy now...cook and shove in the freezer...a list of the Christmas Dinner ingredients that can be bought in advance and a list for all the last minute bits and pieces and don't you wish that you didn't have to think about all the normal meals that need planning and cooking between now and the big day.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath, your home looks amazing. I bet your family will appreciate all your lists on the big day! Good luck with it all


  2. You look well prepared.
    Even your wrapping finished! Oh my!
    Love the look of Buddy sprawled out on the couch...he knows a good thing!
    i had a chuckle at you and lists...
    I'm a list maker too...but I often seem to lose the lists!

  3. Kath you are so organised.I haven't finished my cards to deliver by hand yet!

  4. WOW you are organised and everything looks so beautiful. Caroline xxx

  5. Hi you very organised lady, I make lists but tend to I've up and play br ear. Buddy looks so comfortable lying on the sofa. Soon be time to put your feet up for a few hours.

    Wilma x x

  6. Your tree looks gorgeous and your pressies are beautifully wrapped and I love the look of the gorgeous soup - but Buddy takes the prize today for looking so cute asleep! He really is a lovely boy. Hugs, Anne x

  7. Well done! Everything looks perfect. <3

  8. Your tree looks gorgeous Kath and that scotch broth looks very yummy indeed! xx

  9. Love the tree Kath, and buddy looks sooo cute on the sofa. I'm just like you, lists for everything. If I didn't nothing would get done!
    Have a great Christmas and lots of love and best wishes for 2013! xx

  10. Looks like lists are the answer Kath. We've got a tree and decorations but nothing wrapped yet. Still in Crieff and have to remember to go home and wrap the Secret Santa present for the WRI Christmas meal tomorrow night!

    Buddy certainly looks relaxed. Lucky him!

    Kat xx

  11. I've a list by me too - trouble is I keep flitting from one item to another & it's all getting into a jumble......
    so decided I'd sit & do my commenting first. Looks like Buddy didn't help much except for tidying up any dropped bits in the kitchen.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. All looking lovely!Wonderful photo of the sleeping Buddy. Lots of hugs.

  13. I Kath everything looking lovely. I just have a list of last minute things to get this week. My daughter is due home tomorrow so having a manic tidy up and dust. Hugs x ChrisB

  14. Oh Kath you are organised - if only...X

  15. I can smell the broth from here :) loving your piccis

    thank you for our beautiful card

    Luvs ya

    Ali x

  16. Hi Kath, can I book in over christmas please? everything looks great. Buddy is a spoiled boy sleeping on that beautiful sofa, he looks really comfy. You will be looking forward to a nice seat in front of the telly, some of the programmes look nay bad...Trish

  17. Everything looks so beautiful Kath, Your tree is Gorgeous, and the furry boy of course... Hugs May x x x


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