Friday, January 25, 2013

How Could I Forget...

Hi folks...complete change of plan today...the Fiskars makes have been postponed until tomorrow because this Mrs Numptie is having more than her fair share of senior "what day of the week is it" could I forget that tonight we will be joining Scots all over the world celebrating the birthday of the Scottish Bard...
with the traditional feast of
Fair Fa' yer honest sonsie face
Great Chieftain o' the puddin' race
washed down with a wee dram or two...
traditionally Scotland's National either love it or hate it but it's been served in the same format for hundreds of years so I was fair indignant to read that some of Scotland's so-called top chefs have ideas to modernise it...go all cheffy and serve it with a LAMB JU...oh poncie is that...I'm sure Rabbie would have something to say about it and is probably birling in his grave at the thought. Mind you I have known Scots who smother it in HP Sauce...serve it with Mince or drown it in gravy...oh my giddy aunt...such sacrilege...almost as bad as having sugar on your porridge instead of salt.
But before we can partake of tonight's feast we need to catch one of the little The Furry Boy and his crafty Mum will be setting off shortly armed with all the necessary Haggis Catching Equipment...wish us luck or we may end up tucking into beans on toast and a cuppa.
We've had a bit of a parcel fest in the cubbyhole...a yummy parcel of goodies arrived from CHA courtesy of the lovely Wendy at Crystal Avenue including a Hot Fix Tool...beautiful crystals...glues and numerous gorgeous bits and pieces...too many to mention and I forgot to take a pic before it was stashed away but thank you so much Wendy...see you at Stitches wearing my sparkly blingy lanyard.
And a special parcel of goodies arrived from my lovely buddy and fellow Tim Holtz groupie Anne...a thank you for her "All Things Tim Holtz" give-away kind was that....totally unnecessary but thank you so much Anne for your thoughtfulness....the Furry Boy was drooling over his bone...
and I adore this beautiful little will have pride of place in the cubbyhole and be treasured forever.

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...a Haggis Hunting we must go despite the blizzard blowing outside...I'll see you all tomorrow to share the Fiskars Makes.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. good luck catching yer haggis - gads min lol

  2. Have fun - enjoy addressing the Haggis later if you catch one! Ger x

  3. Have fun haggis hunting. Mine is caught and ready to be cooked for tonight tea! Might give the whisky a miss but am sure hubby will drink my quota!

  4. I'll make sure our little Haggis stays indoors!! Enjoy your day Kath, Mary G x

  5. Hi Kath, it is many a year since my Dad would sit us down in front of a haggis... hope you catch yours before Buddy tucks in! Have a wonderful evening with it too. Glad you both liked your little gifts. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Happy Burns Night Kath! Hoping to get my dose of haggis with neeps and tatties later - yum yum xx

  7. Oh so that was what the woman was making a fuss about in Morrisons - something had gone wrong with her Haggis Order & she was 15 portions short........
    I didn't think it was New Year...... hope you caught yours - wonder what vegans have??
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Oh Kath! our little Haggis is quaking in his boots!

  9. A bit like the grouse, I don't think the haggis comes down this far south - I've never seen one on my travels around the Oxfordshire countryside. Would squirrel be a good alternative? We've got loads of those! Hope you enjoy the hunting and eating. However, we CAN manage the dram - cheers! X

  10. mmm, enjoy your haggis, sounds just perfect on a cold night like this :)

  11. Thankfully we dont see hide nor hair of the wee haggis here in northamptonshire - and yes this big soft southerner really loathes it - and yes I have tried it, yuck, yuck yuck! So sorry if I've offended your Scottish sensibilites! Good luck with your net hope you grab one! Gorgeous little box from Anne! Such a lovely lady she is - a bone for Buddy! Enjoy your evening Karen x

  12. Have fun haggis hunting!! Happy Burns night Kath & Buddy...Hugs May x x x