Sunday, January 13, 2013

Woohoo...we have a winner

Good Morning bloggy buds from your bundle of golden deliciousness...looks like I'm back on blogging duty this week to announce the winners of last week's let's get to it...the winner of that big bundle of Hero Arts goodies is...

please e-mail us with your address and I'll be trotting off to the Post Office with your parcel tout suite...
(Important Info...if the goodies aren't claimed within 48 hours...the prize will be make sure you pop over each morning to see if you are the lucky winner)
Oh dear...the arctic snowy weather doth return to our neck of the woods so we're battening down the hatches and planning a cosy day in the old crafty Mum will be pounding the keyboard to finish those step-by-steps...

it keeps her out of mischief...we certainly don't need a repeat of Friday's exciting adventures with the man from The RAC and I'll be polishing up on my crafty skills making some cards for my goodie parcels...
Stay safe and warm and I'll see you all tomorrow for another "LUCKY WINNER" announcement
Big Hugs & Cosy Snuggles


  1. the snow hasn't worked it's way down yet but here's hoping!!

  2. No snow here at the moment buddy but my little buddy likes it but not for too long. Thank mum for the candy give away and congrats to the winner. Stay warm. Xx

  3. Keep Warm Kath & Buddy... Congrats to the winner... Hugs May x x x

  4. Thanks you so much Kath! I loved all those stamps! Best of all I know some little grandkids who are going to love them too! I can see i am going to have to plan a weekend sleepover as Little Miss C. loves to colour the images too

    These prizes were so nice of you and Buddy to sponsor...
    Hope your room reorg is progressing well...I am down to the labelling of my room reorganization...have to get it labelled before I forget the new places that I put things. teeheehee

  5. congrats to winner. I have some serious mug envy going on. Love it.

  6. Congrats to Scrappymo! Hope you and Mum don't get snowed in Buddy, we are covered over in white here but frost rather than snow. Hopefully this cold snap will kill all the germs......... Hugs, Anne x

  7. Congratulations to Scrappymo and hope you and your mum stay nice and warm and cosy today Buddy! x

  8. Congratulations Scrappymo - hope you and the grandkiddies enjoy!
    Tha snow hasn't reached SWales....yet - but it's blooming freezing.

  9. Congratulation to your winner. Can't wait to see what you create Buddy. Keep warm and safe. Hugs anesha

  10. Still no snow here Buddy so fingers crossed we're too near the North Sea to get much. Hope your Mum gets her step by steps finished so she can do something she enjoys!

    Congrats to Scrappymo.

    Kat xx

  11. well done to the winner - snow has started here in Lancaster too xxxBrrrrxxx

  12. Congrats to Scrappy Mo for winning the lovely goodies. Hope you don't get too much snowy weather Buddy, we've lost all our snow in Michigan and it's been 14C recently!


  13. Lucky scrappy moo, well done.Keep warm Kath and Buddy x