Friday, October 9, 2015

Cuppas and Cuddles...

Hi folks...the self medicating exile to the sofa seems to have done the trick with the old neck...feels almost back to normal after a couple of days of snuggling with the Furry Boy drinking endless cuppas...snug as two bugs in a rug watching the rain run down the windows and sampling what daytime TV has to offer and that was an eye-opener and no mistake. I stumbled across the Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITV player...a weekly taste into the lives of a bunch of over-privileged footballers' other words a load of "dripping with gold...dressed to the nines...regularly botox-ed...ungrateful whining prima donnas...not the sort of thing I would normally watch but strangely enough it was very addictive...I was pausing the action and rushing to put the kettle on before the next episode of drama queen antics unfolded. Yeah...time to get a grip and head back to the cubbyhole tout addiction in my life is more than enough and I definitely won't be joining the "watching TV all day" brigade just yet.
And there's good news...the NEC Fiskars Workshop kits have arrived safely and believe me that's a huge relief...there would be an almighty mutiny in the cubbyhole if we had to start that marathon all over again and I'd be right at the front of the queue to book in at The Priory.
The die that I've been drooling over has arrived...yeah Village Dwelling is in the house (forgive the pun) and I can't wait to play...
but not's Friday and I'm off out with the girls...we're treating ourselves to a pamper day...hopefully blowing away the sore neck blues.
Hugs Kath xxx


Sammy said...

Daytime TV is a trainwreck. The most awful thing imaginable, yet you just can't look away. I'm so glad we got rid of our TV about 6 years ago!

And that die set looks like far too much fun! May have to see if I can squeeze it into next month's budget (husbands don't really need Christmas presents, do they? hehe...) x

Redanne said...

So sorry to hear you have been under the weather Kath, I have been off radar too... hope you feel much better today for your jaunt with the Friday girls! I got my house yesterday too, looking forward to creating with it!!! This Cheshire girl is not part of 'that' set and luckily I don't know anyone else who is either... Gentle hugs, Anne xx

misteejay said...

The only daytime TV that sort of gets me hooked at this time of year is the showing of Christmas shows and semi-reality stuff is a no, no.
That die looks fab Kath - something lovely to play with after you have enjoyed your pampering session.
Toni xx

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Kath,
I have to hold my hand up and admit that I'm a Jeremy Kyle my defence, I record it and then watch in the evening, skipping anything I think is too puerile to watch lol.
I love the look of the new die and can't wait to see you play with it. Have a great day with the girls.
Bejay x

rachel said...

ooo I have my die too Kath - so looking forward to playing with it!!! Hugs rachel x

Ann said...

Hope you had a lovely pamper session Kath, so good to hear your neck is on the mend & you're feeling better!! Love your new die, looks fab & I can't wait to see what you create!! Have a fab weekend Kath & Buddy ....Hugs Ann xxx


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