Saturday, October 24, 2015

What A Numptie...

Hi folks...there is absolutely no doubt that I was right at the head of the queue when the "NUMPTIE" genes were handed out but hey going by past mistakes you've probably worked that out already. I was over the moon when I saw Tim's gorgeous Village Dwelling Die and jumped right in to order it...
what I didn't realise was...I also needed Village Bell Tower and Village Winter to create the church steeple and snowfall effect but they're here now so that particular oversight will be our little secret...
and I'm super duper excited that the Distress Paper Mosaic Kit has arrived...haven't a clue what I'm going to make with it yet but I've written myself a little reminder note to self  "for goodness the instructions and watch Tim's video" before I have another "bull in a china shop/all guns blazing" numptie disaster on my hands.
In the meantime I'm looking forward to a fun workshop day at The Papeterie.
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned
Hugs Kath xxx


Jane said...

They look fab Kath.....can they be cut in an ordinary size Big shot? Can't wait to see what you make. Have a lovely weekend x

misteejay said...

Have a super day Kath.
Lots of lovely goodies all there for you to play with - look forward to seeing what you make.
Toni xx

Suzie Q said...

hi kath
looking forward to seeing your creations with these
could i ask where you got them from please cant seem to find them
many thanks
Suzie Q x

Bejay Roles said...

Hi, Kath,
I can't wait to see what you do with your paper mosaic kit. I've already watched Tim's video on how to use it and it's high up on my wish list to buy so that I can play with it.
I also can't wait to see your little village when you've made it. It looks like a lot of fun's ahead for you.
Bejay x

rachel said...

i did the same kath! but i'm trying to manage witbout the additions. love the paper mosaic kit too xx

Redanne said...

That made me smile, I too, did the same - I got the bell tower but alas the snowy roof is out of stock (boo hoo) but I am very happy with the way it all works out, what a fabulous set of dies... can't share mine for a few days though... I am going to wait until you use the mosaics before I go for it, I have a loft full of unfinished (ceramic) mosaic pieces.... Hugs, Anne xx

Patricia Littlejohns said...

Hi Kath , Im the same as Suzie Q. Cant find them anywhere. Can you please advise? Big and little people would love these. Many thanks


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