Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hi everyone...I'll be putting on my "determined to nail those Fiskars instructions" hat doubt requiring many "probably more than are good for me" cups of caffeine before it's done BUT...
there's a snag...another of those "OOPS" moments...the samples are gone...currently winging their way south so I'll be working from photographs and relying on the not reliable at the best of times memory for measurements etc in which case it could be a long "racking my brains...tearing my hair out" kind of a day.
And guess what...the Furry Boy Alarm Clock has gone bonkers again...he's gone from silly o'clock rise and shine to sleeping in until 8.30 which isn't doing much for the crafty production line but you know what they say about letting sleeping dogs lie and I must confess it's rather nice to snuggle in again on cold wet dreich mornings. I'll be back tomorrow with the "oops forgot to share" projects from the weekend workshop at The the's another sample sneaky peek...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Ooops indeed!!! Hope it all works out okay Kath & you've some hair left at the end of the day......can't have you going down south looking like a rag-a-muffin!!! Lol, enjoy the wee extra hour in bed of a dreich morning too!! Love the colours in your sneaky peek. Have a happy productive day. Hugs Ann xxx

  2. Hope everything works out Kath. Love the peek.
    Toni xx

  3. I am sure you will get it sorted. Sending hugs to Buddy.

  4. Oh, Kath,
    It never rains but it pours! I'm sure your little grey cells will kick in and you'll get the instructions all done and dusted in time.
    I don't blame Buddy for laying in, even though it's meant to be lighter in the mornings, since the clocks went back I've not been able to regulate my internal clock and the dog has decided that she wants her dinner at 3:00 in the afternoon!! Roll on summer lol.
    Bejay xx

  5. Apologies for missing this - internet down for over a day - yikes! I just love the gorgeous colours on your sneak peek and I hope you nailed those step by steps - of course you did!! Hugs, Anne xx


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