Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If it doesn't will be labelled...

Hi Everyone...well Storm Katie never did make it this far north although I did take heed of the weather warnings and had a stay indoors weekend...a snuggled up on the sofa with The Furry Boy watching telly kind of weekend. But I always feel guilty when there are loads of jobs that I should be doing and am one of those folks who can't sit down without something for my hands to I hatched a plan...why not...chill out with my feet up and make a start on the cubbyhole storage reorganisation...sorting out the collection of Idea-ology bits and pieces was as good a place to begin as any...currently a "seek but you may not find what you're looking for" thrown in any old way mixture of this that and the other.
I found the perfect containers at £1.49 in my local Home Bargains and set to work on what can only be described as one mega "blimey when did I buy all this stuff" Idea-ology Adventure.
and it was a chance to try out my new TOY...GIZMO...GADGET...officially known as the Brother P Touch Label Maker. Technology and I are never going to be best friends...the user instructions were very other words...useless but once I'd hopped over to YouTube and watched a video explaining the different functions...I was in "creating labels like a pro" heaven and woohoo 3 containers down and one to go...
This may well become my new "if it doesn't move...IT WILL BE LABELLED" addiction
A huge thank you for all your kind and supportive e-mails and comments here and on Facebook re: yesterday's means a lot to have such lovely friends and I make no apologies for saying this are THE BEST and it's a privilege and humbling experience to be part of such a wonderful caring crafting community.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


Jane Willis said...

I'm in envy of your labelmaker, although my old manual one does sometimes make useful card embellishments.
Katie hit hard down here, we were lucky to just have a bit of minor damage in the garden, others had it much worse. But then the rest of the country has had some very extreme wind and flooding over the winter and we've got away lightly until now, so we can't complain

misteejay said...

Well done on your start with the organisation. I really must get my stash more organised as I know there is stuff that I've forgotten about and could probably make good use of. The label maker looks good and you seem to be getting to grips with it. Have fun organising the storage in the Cubbyhole.
Toni xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

That looks good, I do love good storage.

Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli said...

oh I'm so envy of your huge collection ♡♡♡

Bejay Roles said...

Hi, Kath,
Oh my...I really do NEED that label maker :). I think it might just find its way onto my Amazon wish list lol. What a bargain with the storage boxes. They look a nice size as well. I always say that you can never have too many storage containers :).
Katie was quite vicious down here in my part of Cornwall but I'm pleased to say that my greenhouse stayed's a polycarbonate one so light enough to blow away in a good storm. I've got it tied down though so although it was moaning and groaning, the gale didn't get the better of it. Someone I used to work with when I lived in Hampshire had a huge tree down in her street in landed right on top of her neighbour's car!! I'm really glad that Katie has now left us. Right now there's a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. Hopefully a couple more dry days will follow and the bog that is my back garden will dry out enough to walk on lol.
Bejay x

Marianne said...

For ages I have been telling myself that I should get my old label maker out from where it's hiding and put it to good use. Good luck on reorganising, but it seems you got off to a good start.
We had our own storm here in Crete for two days. According to our landlord, it was the worst one he had experienced. Almost everything that could move in the garden did get displaced, such as the dog house, the table and chairs by the front door...
There was probably different from Katie in one respect: our storm came from the south, meaning that the temperature went up and we experienced a thick yellow fog, caused by the desert sand that was blown here from Libya. This happens a few times a year but never so fiercely as this time.

Redanne said...

You are so good at organising!! I got some boxes a couple of weeks ago... they are sitting just gathering dust, the sun is shining today so maybe I will do mine tomorrow....!

We had a bit of the tail end of Katie, a few damaged plants in the garden and no internet for hours, but nothing more than that. Hugs, Anne xx

Lee said...

Hi Kath,glad to hear you have been sorta relaxing hee hee.I love gadgets and that one is soooo tempting,can see you have been having great fun with it.Hugs Cuddles for Buddy.xxxx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW thanks for sharing as it has given me a couple of ideas when I make as start on sorting all my crafting bits and bobs!
Linda xxx

Kaz said...

you've inspired me to visit home bargains in the hope to try and make me more orgainised!

Welsh Dors said...

I would love a label maker, but although the the thing itself was reasonably priced, the replacement tape seemed far too expensive to justify buying one. Well done on your productive relaxation, I must take a leaf out of your book, I spent hours yesterday looking for a pack of frisket masking paper lol.


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