Thursday, March 10, 2016

Inspiration from Stitches...

Hi folks...the Furry Boy is back to mooching his Mum's morning toast which is always a good sign that he's on the mend...he's the perfect patient...just takes everything in his stride. We'll be back at the vet tomorrow to get the "frankenstein look-a-like" drain removed and I suspect that will signal his return to hooligan mode. In the meantime life goes on in the cubbyhole and wow...the penny dropped yesterday that in a week's time I'll be in Birmingham with my Fiskars hat on for the Hobbycraft Show...crikey where does time go. Apologies for dragging out my Stitches adventure again but I've just got round to downloading the hundreds of photos on my camera...fear not I'm not going to share them all but I thought you might like to see the "blew me away" gorgeous samples on the Paperartsy stand...

and my favourite...this gorgeous flower stamped on to fabric and embellished with lots of sparkly twinkling seed beads...
and I was lucky enough to get a space on the Paperartsy certainly not to be missed...

and here's what we made...using one of my lovely buddy Kim Dellow's new stamp sets...
 and a product called Frosting Glaze...
a gorgeous shadow box...unfortunately my little pink hedgehogs went AWOL between here and Birmingham so I stamped some cute little birdies instead...
I'll be back tomorrow with the last (I promise) of my Stitches posts...lots of  "what caught my eye" at the show.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Love the photographs of the new PA releases Kath x your make at the workshop looks amazing and I love Kim's stamps too

    Great to hear Buddy is improving and wanted your toast!!!!

    Hugs Annie xx

  2. Fabulous photographs and loving the card. I hope that Buddy continues his journey of recovery.
    Linda xxx

  3. Glad Buddy is recovering well.
    The shadow box make is lovely (shame the hedgies went walkabout) - Kim's stamps are such fun.
    Toni xx

  4. Really happy to hear Buddy is doing better. Give him a big hug for me. Anesha :)

  5. Gorgeous Kath. I am thrilled to see I had a few of my samples on the PaperArtsy stand. So pleased you had good time. Tracy x

  6. Nice to read Buddy is on the mend a good sign if he's eating your toast loving all of your posts your going to be busy again and l'm sure your going to enjoy it take care x

  7. Oh these are so lovely, how would anyone pick a fav; happy Buddy is eating his toast, bless himxx

  8. I am in love with the new PaperArtsy stamps and paints and your creation is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and no apologies needed Karen x

  9. So love the magic of your creations & I love reading what you are up to x

  10. I stood for ages at the PA stand but they were filming so it is good to see your photos, Kim's new stamps are brilliant and I just love your shadow box, it's terrific! So pleased to hear that the furry boy is doing well. Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Glad Buddy is munching on your toast and doing well :)
    Love your make Kath adore how the stamps work in the box! So glad you had fun at Stitches, hopefully next year I will have planned a bit better and actually manage to catch up with you there! Thanks so much for sharing your Stitches highlights and my stamps and the amazing projects from my PaperArtsy Wingmen too! :) :)

  12. WOW,Fantastic creations all round,love yours.So glad Buddy is doing well bless


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