Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Chaos In The Cubbyhole...

Hi everyone...the good news is...the Fiskars samples are finished and after today's photography session will be packed up and on their way to Fiskars HQ with a little help from Mr Parcelforce. I've had loads of  "out of my comfort zone" fun with the new products...
lots of  stitching...
 a little bit of quilting...
making scruffy flowers
decorating a canvas with fabric instead of paper...
making yo-yos...
 can you guess what it is yet...
 making fabric covered boxes and pin cushions...
and colouring over a hundred pearls with alcohol ink...
 made super quick and easy thanks to Tim's top tip...
 place the pearls in a plastic cup...add a few drops of  Silver Mixative...
cover and shake...voila beautiful shimmery silver pearls...
the sewing machine has worked his socks off and deserves a well earned rest...the ironing board is back where it belongs but before we can enjoy some papercrafting playtime...a major tidy up is required in the "looks like a bomb has landed-fabric everywhere" cubbyhole and let me tell you...Mr Dyson Jnr is not going to be best pleased at the  floor strewn with threads instead of the paper debris he's used to.
Best foot forward is our motto...the kettle is on and the cleaning crew are going in.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. What fabulous projects Kath. I absolutely love them. Great tip too about the pearls. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxxxxx

  2. Looks fab Kath....Tim was a genious re the pearls tip wasn't he! Enjoy your busy day xx

  3. Trust Tim to come up with a nice have been so busy, can't wait to see......have fun with the clear up.......don't you just wish for a magic wand on days like this....xXxX

  4. Hi, Kath,
    It looks like you've had great fun but I can imagine you're glad all the samples are finished. I'll bet that the Cubby Hole has a fine layer of fabric dust after all that cutting and stitching. I remember years ago my friend did sewing at home for a company and her little dog used to sleep at her feet under the sewing table, the poor little thing came out covered in 'snow' after my friend had finished for the day lol. Anyway, the pics you've teased us with all look great.
    What a great Tim tip as well for the pearls. I was thinking of maybe putting them in a plastic bag but I think the little cup idea is much better...and a cleaner way of doing it. Well done, Tim for sharing that little gem :).
    Bejay xx

  5. Gosh you have been busy. Lovely peeks and it will be fab seeing the finished items when you can do a reveal.
    Have fun with Mr Dyson.
    Toni xx

  6. Loving the look of all your sneak peeks, racking my brains but cannot come up with an idea of what the yo-yos will be doing though.... but glad you got your jobs done and dusted! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Loving the look of the sneaky peaks. I bet Mr and Mrs Iron/board are glad to be away. Poor Mr Dyson Junior, I am sure he will get over it. Enjoy your day :)
    Linda xxx


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