Thursday, February 1, 2018

Where There's A Will...There's A Way...

Hi Folks, if you pop into the cubbyhole on a regular basis, you may remember the resident stool that was in serious need of a bit of a make-over to match in with the new cubbyhole decor...
Upholsterer I am not so it's been a bit of an adventure. First of all I made a template out of old curtain fabric but despite many adjustments I just wasn't happy with the fit, principally because the metal pole attached to the bottom of the seat was fixed on solid with rivets and not removeable despite many "pulling my hair out" attempts.
Was it time to admit defeat (not in my nature) or could I come up with some kind of alternative Plan B. Let me tell you this particular dilemma was driving me mad, haunting my every waking moment until one day while using Distress Collage Medium to create a collage effect with paper, I had an amazing "bolt from the blue" lightbulb moment. And you know me, once I get a idea in my head, there's no stopping me...before you know I've cut out a pile of randomly sized pieces of  Eclectic Elements Fabric, looked out a pot of Distress Collage Medium and the biggest brush in the Collage Brush set for a rainy afternoon Collage/Decoupage adventure. And though I say so myself, it's looking good and I'm very happy with my new look stool which goes to prove that old saying "where there's a will, there's a way" is true.

Woohoo another job ticked off  the cubbyhole make-over list but I'm a stand up crafter so my latest creation will be returning to the Rogues Gallery corner to keep his cute Snowman friend company.
I can't wait for the Creativations 2018 Tim Holtz Blog Hop and Give-Away to begin tomorrow, I'm super duper excited to see all the amazing samples that a group of very talented crafty friends will be sharing with us all and of course there will be fabulous prizes to win.  I hope you will join us at 7.00am PST, 3.00pm UK time or 4.00pm if you're in Europe.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Wow Kath your new seat looks amazing. Will the Distress Collage Medium allow you to sit on it?

    Sarah x

  2. Well I know that Collage Medium will stick most anything to most anything but I would never have thought you could upholster with it - what a fabulous idea your lightbulb moment was, your collaged stool looks amazing!!! I love how you added the Eclectic Elements ribbon tag to the front too, it looks so impressive. I never fail to be impressed by your inventiveness and ingeniuity my lovely friend!!! Top marks!

    Now, I wonder what I can cover with all that lovely Tim fabric I bought in Joann's last week at my Creativation/USA adventure...... Looking forward to tomorrow! Big hugs, Anne xx

  3. Gorgeous, always nice to have a change to...x

  4. Your stool looks fab, looking forward to seeing your next makes x

  5. This looks fabulous! I love the fabric you have used and sure Tim would love it too.
    Linda xxx

  6. Congrats on finding a solution Kath. The result is fabulous.
    Toni xx

  7. As we say in Cornwall " Proper Job " I love the fabric and you are so clever.Love yer mate in the corner too.Huggles and Cuddles for


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