Monday, February 15, 2010

Better late than never

Hi Folks....a bit late in posting today.....Brodie came to spend the day with Grandma - 4 days of teacher in service training this week....what a nightmare that must be for all you working we decided to have a bit of a crafting morning......made some Easter Baskets with chocolate chicks from M&S......and yes there were a few eaten during the process.....

and then Brodie suggested we make a card for I gave him some stickers and alphabets and this is what he came up with......definitely a chip off the old block

less is more as they say.......

and the inside

well it's time for catch up with you all tomorrow when "The Budster" will be announcing his Stamp Give-Away winner and will have some more goodies up for grabs.
Hugs from Brodie & Grandma
Edited to add: get your hankies out girls......after the card was finished and we were tidying everything away back in the cubbyhole.....Brodie said " Grandma...can I put something else inside the card?".......and he added "You are the best present we have ever had"......I must confess that my bottom lip was trembling and I felt my eyes welling up.....out of the mouths of sweet.


  1. Awwwwww! looks like you both had a lot of fun!
    Love the cute projects!

  2. Looks like Brodie had fun and I think tiny little Megan will love her card. No doubt my crafting goodies will be getting a good rumage through with the kids at home this week.
    Have a great week
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Great fun!! You have inspired me to get my kiddos crafting this afternoon! Do you think I will be sane after doing it with 3???
    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Judy xx

  4. What fun. I remember those days with my 2 girls before they grew up and became teens and didn't want to do this anymore. Hopefully it will come back to them and we can do scrapping together as they become young women. Enjoy your

  5. Brodie looks like he has had lots of fun today. The card he has made for Megan is brilliant.
    I have been crafting with my son this morning and we had lots of fun too.
    Clare x

  6. Aaww Kath this is so cute and definitely a chip off the old block. Wish I could have got my son into crafting but football called louder lol and now he is at that lovely "kevin" age.
    Max x

  7. So cute. Love the baskets and the card is fabulous. Well Done, Brodie
    Suzanne x

  8. wow great card by Brodie, must get his talent from Grandma, I'm in the same boat too this week, having Grace 3 days, got her a sewing kit to try.

    Enjoy your day.

    Big Hugs Carol x

  9. Looks like you both had fun. Great card.

  10. Don't know who's luckier, you to have Brodi or Brodi to have you! Enjoy each other

  11. Someone looks like they had lots of fun...and he did a great job!!!TFS


  12. Absolutely gorgeous card! =)
    and yes, I now am in need of a hankie..
    Hugs, SannaS

  13. Looks like you both had a fun morning.

  14. Very sweet post KAth thank's for say the most wonderful things sometimes.

  15. This is just the sweetest! Looks like fun was had!

  16. Awww Kath how sweet is Brodie - what a beautiful thing to write to his little sister and on the most beautiful card too. What a precious day for you!

    Love Lynda xxx

  17. What a sweet sweet little fella he is!!! I'd have teared up too! TFS

  18. Aw Kath, what a little sweetie he is - he is going to be a great big brother x

  19. Brodie's card is fab! Good job I wasn't there when he said that - would have been overtime for the Kleenex factory.

    How many pink things have you bought so far?

  20. What a talented little boy, that's an amazing card. Megan is going to adore this big brother....what a sweet thing to say.

    Kat xx

  21. now how cute is this wonderful card.... congrats little man on making this brilliant card... move over!!!! love the easter goodies 2... way to go...

  22. Awww he's following in grandma's extremely talented footsteps I see and he is adorable...



  23. Looks like you've had fun today Kath and what a fantastic card Brodie made for Megan is so sweet and will make a lovely keepsake :) Donna x

  24. What a great day you had with Grandma, Brodie. Your card for Meagan is very, very special!! You did a great job on it for her. You are a sweet older brother.

  25. Brodie is going to be an awesome big brother but in years to come heaven help any boyfriends Megan has! hugs and thanks for sharing Julye

  26. awwwwww, out of the mouths of babes eh?
    Brodie is definitely a chip off the (not so) old block


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