Friday, February 5, 2010

Frantic Flipping Friday

Morning folks.....yes it's frantic flipping Friday.....I have checked and it's not the 13th.... as you can probably tell all is not well in the cubbyhole or anywhere else in the house for that matter....plasterer arrived yesterday to make a start on smoothing out the walls of my bedroom ready for a  make-over.....he started off with the big walk-in wardrobes and of course all my clothes had to come out and are currently hanging on rails....strewn across furniture and hiding out in cardboard boxes.....there is hardly room to get into bed......but once the wardrobes are dry I can get them painted...get rails and shelves back up and everything stashed away again before he comes back to do the actual bedroom and en suite....oh I can hardly wait.... mess everywhere....and the big dilemma.....the bed will have to come where are "The Budster" and I going to may come down to sharing a sleeping bag on the cubbyhole floor perhaps......oh boy that will be interesting.  Then I will be donning my painter and decorator hat again to give my boudoir a brand new look....but me thinks this is going to be a bit of a saga so prepare yourselves for some grumpy rant days.
But a more pressing of the lenses in my specs has gone AWOL....did wonder why the old eyesight was a bit suspect this morning.....and where could it be......well your guess is as good as mine and how am I supposed to see the blighter without my may involve a hands and knees.....fingertip search of the whole house......can it get any worse.   Oh yes......there is the small matter of the cubbyhole drama... cracking on  with the samples for next Saturday's demo when suddenly yesterday I hit the big crafty mojo missing point in getting hot under the I am having a "no crafty" day and hope by tomorrow the inspiration is back and working at full steam the meantime here is a little sneaky peek.

And if you just happen to be sitting comfortably on your sofa with a cuppa tomorrow around 11.00am......switch the telly on and tune in to Create & Craft.....Sky 671....Freeview 36 to watch Anice from Funky Hand strutting her stuff with her fabulous brand new CD..."Dreams Come True".
Catch up with you all tomorrow for another fab challenge over at Penny Black Saturday and a great prize....well that is if I find my lens.....otherwise goodness knows what the post will look like,
Hugs Kath xxxx


  1. Ha, ha I just went through decorating my bedroom...luckily I have a couch in my craft room where I could sleep...don't worry it will soon be over and you will enjoy your lovely bedroom...Hope you find the lense...I am very curios about this sneek peek - lovely flowers!
    Greeting from Cardarian

  2. Go sit on the couch with a book and Buddy and do nothing. Your mojo will come back to you in no time.

  3. Like the look of the sneak peek Kath. I've had the lens problem too. I kept losing one too. Luckily I always found it. Only for reading so I can still read at the right angle. Of course I was due to get my eyes tested last year but couldn't be bothered going to Aberdeen. Then disaster the screw came right out....but now I have a piece of wire holding that side shut. Great now I don't need to worry about the lens falling out and getting lost but....(always a but)the wire tends to get caught in jumpers and scarves. Maybe this year I will get my eyes tested lol!

    Enjoy a lazy day.

    Kat xx

  4. Oh my Kath, What a day you're having! I wish you luck with your lens. I hope the decorator hasn't stepped on it! It's probably in a pile of clothing!

  5. I love the flowers on the sneaky peek with the glitter. Good luck with finding your lens.

  6. Hi Kath, I cant help you with the missing lens but I can sympathise with the plastering bit - I've been upside down with plasterers and painters since the new year and its driving me mad! xxx Carol

  7. Oh, Kath you and The Budster are having a time of it, aren't you? I hope that things have come right, and you've found your lens! As for decorating ~ it's sorta like having a baby. A major pain at the time, but, hopefully, worth it in the end! Feel free to rant away! LOL picturing you and The Budster sharing a sleeping bag on the cubby floor!

  8. Hey Kath, I sure hope your day got better. Sometimes it is just as well to grab a book and forget the world around you for awhile. I can't find the CD to get my printer working again, just got it for Christmas and my computer crashed and now I need to redo the printer. Haven't e-mailed my granson about the missing disc, don't know if I want to. It was my Christmas present from my Navy grandson. Been missing for two weeks now. What to do, what to do? LOL Been through lots of remodeling so I know how you feel, but you will love it all in the end.