Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't A Fella Get Any Peace

Morning folks...it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and I ain't a happy boy...I'm living in a mad frenzy of DIY mayhem...fed up to the back teeth with it all...need ear muffs for the racket the sander makes...a mask for my nose and mouth to stop me choking on all that dust but have I been issued with all this safety gear...not on your nelly...where are Health & Safety when you need them...us dogs have rights too and then it will just get worse...it will be time for the painting and you know what that means...I'll be covered in specks again...blimey have only got rid of the last lot...to be honest I think that this decorating malarkey is very over-rated.
Mum is a tad busy and getting a bit grumpy with it so she won't be showing any craft stuff today. I thought I would have a rummage through some pics of the samples she has been making...I may be in big trouble here but what's the worst that can happen...I get told how naughty I am...what's new...so here we go with some little peeks...

And it seems I am being left behind on Saturday...home alone again with my Dad...well at least it will be peaceful...Dad doesn't do sanding or any of that decorating malarkey so it's me snoozing and Dad watching TV...my kinda guy but it would have been great fun to go and meet all the lovely girls in Elgin...I would have been on my bestest behaviour.
Apparently Mum has her eye on loads of new Hero Arts and Penny Blacks so I think it's time for another clear out...the stamp stash this time...keep your eyes peeled girls for the next instalment of "BUDDY'S LITTLE GIVE-AWAYS".  And what do you know...I hear that blinking sander being plugged in again so I am off to find a quiet place and catch up on a bit of shut eye...I feel a power snooze coming on...see you all later.


  1. Just put your head under a pillow - preferably a big and expensive one, you've earned that - and try to sleep through the mess.

  2. Oh Buddy, mate, you poor little soul! Have you considered getting under mum's duvet? Furry hugs, Squirrel xx

  3. Poor baby, having to put up with all that mess and disruption to your precious sleep! Lovely to see you in Blogland again Buddy, your post put a smile on my face. Hope you find a nice peaceful place to get some rest! Hugs Anesha :)

  4. Aw Buddy what's a dog to do eh. Well find that comfy spot and relax, big hugs, mwah. Tell mum not to over do it and i say hi!!

  5. Sounds a bit like my house Buddy. We started last february and are still at it, lol. Had a wee break for Christmas and trying to get goung again - really must get it finished. Can you not get in the old cubby hole for a sleep?
    Suzanne x

  6. Oh Buddy you poor wee dog, can't you find a nice safe place to lie - in bed would be safe and cosy! Hope you're not coughing too much and maybe you could go in the cubbyhole when the painting starts so you can keep your lovely coat paint-free. Like the look of your sneaky peeks. Have a good day.

    Kat xx

  7. Buddy, NO DOG should have to put up with that. Pack you bag pet and come and stay with me and my crew for a week or two. Problem solved :D Lauren x

  8. Thanks for the sneak peeks Buddy!
    Don't they have earplugs your size?
    I'll look forward to your give away.

  9. Lol Buddy I love your posts they definately cheer up my morning.

  10. Hi Buddy sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time with all this decorating. Oh how exciting Buddy give-aways!!! Take care and keep safe

  11. Oh Buddy - you poor fella, I really do feel for you, but just think how happy your Mum will be when she has finished. Maybe you should ask for an extra treat in the meantime though. Georgie xxx

  12. awww Buddy poor fella... us humans are soooo bad with the decorating malarky...lol
    Your mum will be finished sooner than you think n Im sure she will give you big hugs and take you for long walks to make it up to you when it's all finished... eeerrrrrm if she has the energy that it!!
    Chris xx

  13. Poor Buddy, poor Mum! I know it's a lot of work and bother, but Mum will be happy when it's done and you know if Mum is happy ~ everybody's happy! Till then just lie low and keep your tail out of the paint! Will look forward to your give away of Mum's stash. That's always great fun.
    Hugs and scratches,

  14. Aww Buddy it can’t be easy for you having to put up will all that upheaval so you’re more than welcome to come over to mine for some R & R and BoJangles my puddy cat has offered to make room for you on his blanket if you promise not to chase him.

    I finished my DIY last week so you’ll be quite safe, honest!

  15. Awww my fav furry bundle, it's no fun in an upheaval but it will pass quick and you can get back t snoozing peacefullly again..
    Paws Crossed!!!



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