Monday, February 22, 2010


Morning's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and before I announce the winner of my Stamp Give-Away.....I must tell you the good news.....I've been given an award by the lovely cool is that and she is surprised I have never had one before...well if the truth be too Brenda... so sending big wet doggy kisses for thinking about me.

always look on the bright side...that's me point in wearing a grumpy face
now I have certain things to do.....

List the top 10 of the things that make me happy

1. Anything edible
2. My morning stroll with my Mum
3. Chasing rabbits and chewing sticks
4. Meeting my doggy friends on our stroll
5.  Sleeping on my Mum's feet when she's crafting
6. Snuggling up on the sofa with my Mum
7. Sleeping on my Mum's feet at night and before you get
any I don't have a foot fetish
8.  Playing with my bestest chums....Brodie and Oliver
9. Watching my Mum eating her toast in the morning and hoping to get a bit
10.  Lazing around in the garden in the summer

And a top 5 list of trivia about me

1. My kennel name is His Lordship Lawrence
2. I came from a litter of 9 puppies....7 boys and 2 girls
3. My Dad won Best of Breed at Crufts
4. Swallowed one of my Dad's socks when I was a pup.....bit more
sensible now
5. I am definitely not a hooligan...that's  just a rumour put about by my Mum.

Now comes the bit my Mum doesn't like.....and there is no way I can choose 5 folks to pass this on to....I have millions of fans don't you know and I don't intend to offend any of them....but if you want to play along...leave a comment here and I can come read the interesting things about you.
Now I bet you are all bored stiff by now and want me to just get on with announcing my here we go......the winner is.......

Congratulations Siobhan and if you e-mail my Mum with your snail address....she will get your goodie parcel off in the post....and hey my Mum is mega excited today....all of a twitter....but she will be over later to tell you all about it....and apparently we are staying up extra late tonight...we've got a hot date with someone called Tim.
Lots of Bloggy Hugs
Buddy xxxx


  1. Nice award you got Buddy. I can't understand why you have never had one before either. I think you deserve a treat from your Mum now. Congrats to Siobhan on winning the candy.

  2. Budster, how nice that you have received an award! Mum must be awfully prod of you as I know she loves you very much. Why don't we have any more craft shows on the telly in the U.S.?? I miss them.

  3. Oh Buddy it was great to read about your trivia ! thanks for sharing the details

  4. Hi Buddy, congrats on your lovely award. I can't understand why you've never had an award before either.

    Kat xx

  5. Can't believe that you've never had an award, Buddy! Hope that you enjoy your late night date with Tim. Don't mind the smoke that's bound to be coming off Mum's credit card!