Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a parcel fest

Morning's been a bit of a parcel fest here.....first thing Friday morning the postie arrived with a parcel from eee.... it must be my Tim Holtz TSV...boy I was excited...couldn't get it open quick Tim's new book and love all the bits and pieces that came with it.....OK I have already got all these things...but hey you can never have enough TH stuff....he is the craft version of SHOES.

And then after lunch the doorbell rang and a courier arrived with this........

my Fiskars goodie box from France.....oh mon dieu
full to the brim with all the new 2010 products...all the stuff I need to make my samples for the SECC....

and my biggest bugbear....trying to get into all those bubble packages.. a case of a sledgehammer and brute force springs to mind....and then I need to ditch all the packaging.   I'm sure that both my postie and my bin man must love me to bits.....NOT !!!!
and then on Saturday these arrived.....oh I do hope the bank manager isn't reading this.....

still the reinkers and the sticky back canvas to come....oh dear will have to smile sweetly at the postie again on Monday......and the sad thing is I don't have time to play with any of these goodies this week....need to get cracking with the SECC as much as I would love to stay and blether....I need to get those crafty fingers working.....catch up with you all tomorrow for a brand new challenge over at Get Funky
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Wow, enjoy playing. None of my stuff from QVC have arrived as yet. Love your box of Fiskars stuff !!!Have a great day. Anesha

  2. What a lovely few days - problem is though you have to find a home for it all now :-)

    I miss getting my Fiskars boxes like that - but know what you mean with the packaging, takes forever to get into!

    Have fun Kath xxx

  3. Wow I'm drooling just looking at all your goodies. I bet it's torture not being able to have the time to play with all those yummy goodies. I can't wait to see what you come up with :D xoxoxoxo

  4. Oh WOW how LUCKY you are to have such gorgeous stuff to open and drool over and stroke!

  5. WOW you lucky thing!!...I am gonna be going to the SECC on Sunday.....I will have to look out for your samples!

  6. Hi Kath
    OOOOOOOOOOOOO these distressing powders look delicious, Kath, your craft room must be an Alladins cave of sheer bliss. Will be looking out for your gorgeous creations on Sunday. hugs nnalorac.xx

  7. Oh, I bet you can't wait to play.

    My TSV arrived on Friday .... bet you're really jealous, mine came extra grungy as the Perfect Pearls lid wasn't sealed tightly and although the lid was still on, most of the contents ended up all over the TSV and the box ..... managed to wipe most of it off (It all has a lovely gold look ... can't believe it even went under the Accents bottle lids) but I didn't want to send it back or get it all replaced for just the Perfect Pearls ..... contacted QVC and they are sending me a replacement Perfect Pearls ... have looked on the feedback and I'm not the only one thank goodness.

    I'm glad to see yours arrived safely.

    Have fun at the SECC.

    Suze x

  8. *Squeels with excitement* I;m so excited you are demoing to the SECC. hubby thought I'd lost me marbles the other night when I was doing my happy dance. Can't wait. Only 4 more sleeps :D :D :D

  9. I've got most of my QVC stuff now too. My TSV came on Thurs, while hubby was at home! Came back from the crop yesterday and there were three little packets from the postie and 2 little ones from a courier. And guess who was at home? You're right hubby again so I was nabbed again. At least they were only in small padded envelopes so they didn't look too much lol. That's the beauty of going to the SECC on Sunday, you can stick all your stuff into a couple of carriers and it looks like you've bought next to nothing!!
    That box from Fiskars looks pretty amazing. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and Lorraine on Sunday at last. Don't work too hard with your Fiskars goodies lol!

    Kat xx

  10. Oooh so many yummy goodies, Im so jealous! xxx

  11. Loadsa yummy goodies lol... and that box of Fiskars punches is incredible! I got the TSV in 2 days, my sticky back canvas in 3 and finally my Hero Arts Whimsical Elements stamps arrived yesterday. Haven't had the chance to play either :-( That's my lot Kath from craft day but had to meet my friend at The Craft Box at Elsecar this morning so more pennies were spent!!! All in a good cause though you understand. Enjoy all of you new stuff when you can!

    Love Lynda xxx

  12. Oooo Kath all your goodies look so exciting, poor me Boo Hoo, I won't get my Tim Holtz stuff until 22nd March, on advanced order, it took me that long to convince the hubby I really needed it as I don't have most of it.
    Enjoy playing and looking forward to your new creations.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. Kath, you crack me up...I love your humor! Comparing Tim Holtz' crafty stuff to shoes is perfect...I'll go barefoot just give me the craft supplies!
    Enjoy your crafting extravaganza with all your new loot!
    blessings to you,

  14. Oh wow what fab goodies to play with. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to wait to get stuck in my fingers would be itching after a couple of hours let alone days!!!Take care Ann-Marie.

  15. wow hun you have some amazing things to craft with there I too got mine on friday Tims,inks,stickles,and his TSV hugs cheryl xxxx

  16. LOVE the shoe comment! THAT'S what I'll tell hubby next time he catches me with a package! After all it could be Manolo Blanc's (hell I don't even know how to spell it let alone wear it!) But I think he'll get the point! As for all your lovely packages, talk about exquisite torture! To get it all, to see it, but not have the time to play with it!!! Still I''m jealous, what fun goodies. Do know what you mean about the packaging ~ it's a killer.

  17. Holy Cow!!! What fun! I'd love a package of all those Fiskars punches! I know you'll have fun with them! TFS

  18. Kath, I am drooling...... enjoyed reading your post.... LOL... know what it's like trying to break into packaging.... still waiting for my QVC delivery..... maybe today!

  19. WOO HOO what an awesome package, glad you didn't damage anything trying to get in there lol!! Love your creations below, beautiful photos of the snow, take careX:)