Monday, February 22, 2010

I can hardly wait......

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Morning folks....yes I confess I am all of a twitter....the King has landed in the UK and I am mega excited about seeing my hero tonight at midnight on QVC ...yes "The Budster" and I will be burning the midnight way am I missing Tim's fabulous TSV....and it is guaranteed to sell out before the repeat shows in the I know what it is...."NO" but Tim gave a huge hint on his blog about satisfying our putting 2 and 2's his new book and it could be this for around £25.00 + P&P.....

Tomorrow my bum will be firmly fixed to the sofa for all the hours with our friends from across the pond....Tim...Suzie Weinberg and the fabulous Shari Carroll from Hero Arts who will be on at 7pm.....and oh dear I have a little sneaky feeling that the credit card is going to take a bit of a pasting.
But I have a slight problem in the shape of one plasterer coming to do the bedroom and en suite....and the poor guy probably can't function without regular perhaps I should make a large sign......
And I have a bit of a surprise for you all tomorrow's time for a celebration and you know what that will catch up with you all bright and early in the morning....well that's the theory depends how tired I am after my late night.
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Edited to add: to answer Kort's question.....yes you can watch it live on the internet....log on HERE and then click Watch QVC Live on the left side bar.....remembering the time difference if you are viewing from Europe or the US.