Sunday, April 25, 2010

D.I.Y. and Mr DVLA

Morning folks....and what have I been doing over the weekend.....nothing crafty that's for up after Mr Tiler...blimey what a messy worker....grout everywhere...and here was me thinking that it only went in between the tiles....but it's beginning to come together.....spent yesterday putting together the flat pack bedside cabinets....hopefully hubby will be laying the carpet today and hanging the well my body is having a bit of a protest...woke this morning to discover muscles aching that I never knew I am having a bit of snuggly up on the sofa kind of a day...reading the Sunday newspapers and doing a crossword or two.....before it's back to work tomorrow.....loads to do next week and as always not enough hours in a day.

And yes Mr DVLA has been in touch and pronounced I am not going to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure...although the thought of living the life of riley was beginning to appeal.....loved the thought of lots of you coming to visit and smuggling in some crafty goodies for me to play with....sadly it's not to be.  The reminder that they should have sent out finally turned up...dated 15th April which was 2 days before I realised that I had committed the most heinous of all crimes...depriving our Government of some money and it hasn't yet filtered through their system that we are legally now allowed on the road my punishment.....a fine of £80....reduced to £40 if we pay it before the 15th of May + £25 for the 2 months Road Tax we have diddled them out of......but as I am not the registered keeper of said thinks it's down to hubby to cough the good news is the crafty stash money box is still in tact and lives to spend another day.
And a little reminder only have a few days left to enter that fabulous competition over at Craftwork can't win it if you're not in it.
I think you may have a visit from His Nibs tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Aw Kath - I agree - definitely Hubby's hit! Also, I can vouch for Buddy - he definitely had nothing to do with the car and the tax thing so you cant deprive him of any doggy biccies!


  2. Few - what a relief. At least you can move on from that now, without the worry playing on your mind.

    It must be lovely now that the tiler has finished - one more job off the list! I hope you enjoy your time on the sofa.

    Georgie xx

  3. Oh im so glad your not being carted off to prison Kath lol i would have missed my daily giggle reading your fab blog. Yes i agree Hubby should pay us crafters need all our money lol. Hope you have a fab relaxing day im cooking a full roast dinner for 7 so i will be busy lol.

    Hugs Paula xxxx

  4. Hi Kath, just having a catch up and a giggle. I do love your stories!! So pleased that you are not going to be carted off cuffed, you'll be joining my hubby who had a speeding ticket arrive on the doorstep last week!! I love the Hero Arts stamps that you are using, think I am going to have to go and have a google, not that I will ever be able to make them look like yours of course. Stunning cards as always Kath. Take care, Hugs Jo x

  5. the room's coming together well.

    get that cheque in the post quickly!

  6. It takes forever to remove that grout, and just when you think you have it all you notice some more.

    Just hope your fine money reaches the DVLA before the 14th May, isn't the Royal mail wonderful.
    DIY is such hard work, I kept needing a rest inbetween doing my craft room. Looks like you are on the Home Run, just be glad your not running the marathon today Whew!

    Enjoy your sunday.

    Big Hugs Carol xxx

  7. Hi Kath
    I would pay the fine but then OH has to treat you. DIY yuck there is so much of it needing done in my new house, I have a 10 year plan!

  8. Hi Kath and Buddy. Glad you are not going to be 'detained'! Bet Buddy is pleased with that outcome. Good luck with the room and hope it gets completed soon. Hugs Anesha

  9. Hi Kath

    Oh dear hun well it could have been worse I suppose, glad to hear the decorating is back on track,have a lovely relaxing sunday

    Emma xxx

  10. Definitely hubby's job to pay the DVLA, no need for you to spend your stash money at all. I noticed someone saying isn't Royal Mail wonderful - it's more likely to be the fault of the DVLA! Yes I do work in the Post Office and the posties do a great job. If people look at their envelopes they will see that it isn't a Royal Mail symbol on their letters but TNT etc and they can be very slow in passing on the mail to RM to deliver! Most government departments use other carriers - how good is that. ok rant over.

    Looking forward to seeing Buddy tomorrow.

    Kat xx

  11. glad you dvla is now storted and you are not going for holiday at one the hmp camp.yep hubby should pay fine, after all us women are doing to many jobs at once, as always your blogs make me smile and laugh keep them coming kath

  12. And here I'd just perfected my recipe for cake with file and craft goodies inside! Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a use for it. Yup, hubbies on the hook for the fine, you and Buddy need your crafty money. After all he wouldn't want to run out of glitter! Glad that's done and off your mind.

  13. So glad Kath you wont have to wear those unflattering stripes!! Even at the cost of having a nice relax away from the housework etc etc, just think you could have come out with a degree in law!
    Oh well, there's always next year!! lol!

    Keryn x


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