Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Moon Winners

Morning folks....a short post today and I won't keep you all in suspense....the winners of the Blue Moon Stamps kindly donated by the lovely Julia at Stampers Supermarket are......

Congratulations girls and if you e-mail me with your addresses
I will pass them onto Julia who will get your stamps in the post

No crafty stuff to show today.....change of plan yesterday instead of a day in the garden or tackling the huge mountain of "clean but in major need of an iron" clothes....or indeed the cubbyhole I decided to ditch the horticultural..domestic and crafty stuff and take off to spend the day with the kiddywinks....well no contest there really.
And what am I up to today.....first port of call is to get the locks shorn and not a minute before time....another 24 hours and I might just be tempted to get the garden shears out for a DIY job and then it's off to M&S to return stuff I bought the other week....why does nothing fit me anymore....I used to be able to buy size 12 Short Jeans and know they would fit perfectly but now it's a hit or a miss and don't you just hate those "Sit Below the Waist" jobs...constantly feel the need to be pulling the blighters up and why are all the tops designed to hug your figure....well that's fine if you are a skinny-ma-linkie but my bulges are quite happy and don't need a hug thank you very much.  Chances are I will probably arrive home with more "don't quite fit" articles and have to repeat the process all over again...can't quite figure it out....have their sizes gone to I having a growth spurt...upwards would be nice instead of outwards and in my head I still have that model like...well toned athletes figure...but unfortunately the image in the mirror tells a whole other story.
Catch up with you all tomorrow....Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: If you are suffering from those Monday Morning Blues....have ever booked a flight with Ryanair or indeed had a bad experience with a cheapy airline....this will cheer you warned...a visit to the loo might be a good idea prior to HERE


Ruthie said...

Yep - shoulda gone to the loo first! So funny!


Anne said...

wooooohooooooooooooo well you've made a lovely start to me day Kath.
I'm sooooooooooo with you on the low waisted trouser, hate the blighters!!! Have you never heard of try before you buy lol
Thanks for the stamp, I'll drop you an email now
Anne x

debby4000 said...

Oh thanks for the link, I had tears streaming down my face with laughter and had to send the link to my Sis they always fly out with you know who.

Suzanne said...

As always, Kath - you have made my day. The trusers and mirror already had me giiggling and if that wasn't enough the link was fantastic - just as well you sent us all to the loo first, lol x

Lorraine said...

Oh that was hilarious and me from N Ireland too, it really cheered up my morning, I'm still laughing

loftylass said...

Thanks Kath - great start to the morning....what a hoot.
I too think M&S have 'changed' their sizes.....nothing fits (or looks) the same any more!! Or is it me????

Denise said...

Morning Kath and Buddy. Well done to the winners of Blue Moon draw. As for clothes not fitting right Kath, I think manufacturers have changed the sizes and also it doesn't help when the mirror you look in is faulty as well lol.
Have a good day - hugs and tickles behind the ears - Denise & Meg

kathleen said...

Great video Kath so funny.
I will send my e-mail now.

kathleen x

Christine B. said...

Wow can't believe I've won. Thanks for the stamp. I'll send you an e mail now . Thanks again Hugs x ChrisB

Lynda said...

Thanks for that link Kath - very funny!

Love Lynda xxx

Kat said...

I'm with you about the clothes Kath. I'm pretty sure M&S among others have changed their sizing! And I hate low waisted trousers I always want to pull them up lol!

Haven't had time to watch the link yet but I will later.

Kat xx

Anne said...

Thanks for that link Kath --- sooooo funny !!! Had to watch all their other videos too --- so not much done tonight but laughing all the way to bed -----( after a visit to the loo first of course he he !!)
Anne xxx

Sue Ramsay said...

Oh god I loved it Kath - Id love to go and see them live !
Sue x