Thursday, August 19, 2010

Join us on our morning stroll

Morning crafty stuff to show today because when I took myself into the kitchen yesterday morning with the sun shining brightly through the windows....the word "pigsty" hit me square between the eyes...if the man from Environmental Health were to pay a surprise visit he would slap a CONDEMNED sticker on the I spent the day wiping and scrubbing to get it all sparkly shiny again.    Contrary to what some folks think I don't spend all day crafting...there are always those pesky household chores to do and lots of doggy strolls to fit in which I must admit I enjoy every bit as much as my furry friend especially the first one in the morning when I have a wee think about any crafty stuff I have to do that day and we are just about to set off so why don't you grab your jacket and pop on your boots and join us on our morning stroll.

first stop on the way to the woods is to say good morning to the gorgeous Slim...
waiting to greet us with a welcome woof...bestest chums since they were hooligan puppies
 we arrive at the woods and he's off...nose to the ground and tail wagging from side to side....all those smells that dogs find irresistible and ever hopeful of picking up the scent of some rabbits to play chase with
"for goodness sake Mum please try and keep up"
are they wildflowers or weeds.....beautiful whatever

the rowan trees are laden with berries....nature's way of providing for the birds through the winter
and a special breakfast treat for me .....wild raspberries growing in abundance and next month there will be loads of blackberries for me to feast on
all too soon it's time to head home and time for his biscuit....if he's been good
no sooner are we home and the kettle is on....
normally it would then be a quick jig round with Mr Dyson and off to the cubbyhole while "His Nibs" catches up on some zzz's but not today....I had intended to pay a visit to Alford just to drop off the samples you understand but hubby put the scuppers on that one when he announced he needed the car.....but all is not lovely bloggy bud Debbi has been having serious Simply Create withdrawals since she came back from her hols so she offered to pick me up....absolutely no persuasion needed.....yes you've guessed the crafty production line has ground to a halt once more. So naughty when I have loads to do but a girl needs to cut loose and have fun every once in a while....whether I will still be of that mind tonight when I am burning the midnight oil is another matter. So batten down the hatches Anne....the terrible twins are paying you a visit this morning...have the kettle on the boil.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


Julye said...

Thankyou I really enjoyed our walk, and meeting Slim too. We went for a stroll around Sherwood yesturday but just took our son in his wheelchair as we don't have a four legged friend, oops that didn't sound good did it. I mean we took our son out to see the major oak as he went as a child but now he's 16 he can't remember and a little exercise is good for us all.Hope you had a good day at Alford.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's, I thought I was seeing double for a minute! Looks like you had a lovely walk, so relaxing, you have encouraged me to get dressed and take my dogs out early! Enjoy your day at Alford!!!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh I have really enjoyed my morning stroll Kath. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your crafty shop.
Sorry I couldn't join in Wednesday show and tell but having the house decorated and the decorator is in the craft room! Which is killing me so can't wait until he is finished!
kim x

weewiccababe said...

lets face it, you don't need to twist my arm up my back to go to Simply Create lol
see you soon Mum

Cardarian said...

Oh what lovely photos of the stroll, made me want to have a dog again...Enjoy your day out!

Anesha said...

Oh Kath, thanks for taking us on your morning stroll with your beautiful furry baby!!! Love the photos and the last one with Buddy is just wonderful. Have fun at your craft shop and thanks again for the photos of Buddy. Hugs Anesha

KindredSpirit said...

lovely seeing your morning walk! Buddy is in danger of a kidnap attempt he is so cute!

Lorraine Robertson said...

Hope the rest of your day is as enjoyable as your morning stroll honey...

Love 'n' hugs
Lorraine xxx

Dawny P said...

Oooohh how gorgeous does he look!! Well both of them actually. Hope you had a nice walk and a great day at Alford. I saw the pics of you demo-ing and I was soooooooooooooooo jealous that I wasn't there to join is (or that I wasn't demo-ing beside you - can you imagine that, what a great double act!!).

Biggest hugs and squishes, Dawny xxx

PS - what's this about a pigsty btw ???????

Lin said...

I've enjoyed our walk today! You should do this more often! Hugs, Kath!

Sandra said...

Ooh, fab walk . . . so refreshing. Love your blog.

Hope you've have had a good time at Alford.

ursula Uphof said...

What a lovely stroll, wish I could join you every day. Hope you had a fun day.

Barb said...

Loved going on a little morning stroll with the two of you, Kath! Thank you! :)

Kat said...

Hi Kath, I did enjoy my stroll with you and Buddy. My dog is not as keen on going for a walk now as she used to be. Maybe she still misses Lucy! I do envy you the raspberries and brambles. Where I was brought up in Stirlingshire there were loads of raspberries and brambles near our farm. Absolutely nothing near here!

Hope you had a nice time at Alford. My friend and I are trying not to go till Jacqui's event day on the 4th! I just nipped in to Stoneywood this morning for some card but I managed to come out with some other stuff too!!

Kat xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiufl post Kath...Fabulous photo`s indeed ...TFS
Have a fab Evening:)xxx

Christine B. said...

Thanks for the lovely stroll pics are lovely. Buddy looked like he was having a lovely time. Hope you had a lovely day out. Hugs x ChrisB

HazelQ said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely pics Kath, I'd love to live up there close to the woods, I'd will definitely be a dream come true :)
It looks like our dear Buddy enjoys the woods very much.

*** Suzi B *** said...

I was out early yesterday so missed this the invitation for a lovely stroll with you and Buddy. the photos give a real feel of the morning... thankyou for sharing xx

The cards above are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful morning stroll, what a great way to start the day. Fantastic that you have those woods almost on your doorstep. Bet you had a great day out!


Pumpy said...

The walk and run a round looks as though it was great fun. What beautiful country. Have a great day. Lovies me.


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