Sunday, August 8, 2010

Comfy seat and a cuppa

Morning folks.....I think you should get yourselves a cuppa and a comfy seat because yesterday did not go according to plan....a real saga was about to unfold as I sat down at the computer with my first coffee of the day to check that my posts had published.   Up popped a virus alert from my Anti-Virus program AVG.....or so I thought....believe me it looked like the real thing so I clicked on it.      Bigga mistake-a to make-a....I have now got a completely different site repeatedly asking me to download their virus removal software....the penny dropped and I tried to get rid of it....but shock horror my computer is now completely disabled.....every application I tried to open was apparently infected by this mysterious virus......but why hadn't my trusty AVG alerted me to this intruder.    Their ploy is simple....they are hoping that you are convinced that your computer is infected and will download the software in desperation giving them access to your computer/passwords and any sensitive information.   Many cups of coffee.....weeping and wailing... gnashing of teeth....tearing my hair out and much bad wordies later.....4 hours worth in fact I hit gold and managed to boot their butts back into cyberspace....but be warned....these nasties are becoming more and more sophisticated at making their sites look think twice before clicking on anything that pops up on your desktop.

So now I am back in control....time to tell you all about the bestest fun day out at Simply Create with my lovely buddies....Jacqui Anne and Ann....but how naughty was Anne to post this pic on her blog....mega airbrushing or radical face lift are the words that spring to mind
And the poor unsuspecting customers who wandered into the shop....goodness knows what they thought of the resident lunatics...apologies folks....we are all daft as brushes but hey you only pass this way once so you may as well enjoy the ride.   We did lunch at the Bistro chatted laughed shopped more coffee and choccy girls know how to live it up but sadly all good things come to an end suddenly it's 4.30 time to say goodbye and set off home.  I know that my lovely buddy Ann has totally fallen in love with Simply Create and have a sneak feeling it won't be too long before she is back for another visit.
And sweet lady that she is....she brought me pressies and a gorgeous card
some of the beautiful linen cardstock that she knows I love and the other love of my life.....yes Green & Black chocolates..what a sneaky ploy to try and get me to reveal all the details of my secret project.....did I manage to resist temptation....are you serious I was putty in her hands and promptly spilled the beans just to get my greedy hands on it....absolutely no willpower....well I am a crafter after all.
The secret project is finished...all packed up ready to go off in the mail...just a couple of sneaky peeks.....

No crafty stuff to a family BBQ....fingers crossed that the weather decides to play ball but mac and the big brolly will be coming along just in case.   Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


Anesha said...

Glad to hear your computer problems are over! Sounds like you had a wonderful day,and those chocolate look good. :) Hope you have fun today and hope furry babys gets to go as well. Hugs to Buddy. Anesha

kathleen said...

Morning Kath and Buddy pleased to hear you got your puter sorted.You look like you had a great dy yesterday.Enjoy your Barbie today and i hope it keeps dry for you.

Kathleen x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Kath they certainly are blighter's aren't they. So glad you have foiled them at last!
Sounds like you had a blast of a time with your friends and all that crafty shopping so wish I could have been there! Your gifts are so beautiful!
Have a wonderful bbq today!
kim x
ps give Buddy a big hug from me too!

Lin said...

I love reading your posts! Just the way to start my day! And I know exactly how that feels - we are so addicted to our computers, aren't we? Loved sharing your day with you!

Barb said...

This is a funny one, Kath! But that's how I feel each time I visit! You have the most wonderful sense of humor and I've said it before, but I love the way you write! Fun picture of the three of you! You all look wonderfully happy! Fabulous sneak peeks too!

Kat said...

Love the look of your sneaky peek. Can't wait to see more!!

Aren't computers wonderful when they're working. My internet access is still being a pest. Had to switch broadband off and leave for a while (as advised last time I tried helpline) as I couldn't even get on my own blog today.

Hope the BBQ went well. Really nice this afternoon so we're off to Ellon for a cone. Dog too, she's already in the car waiting!!

Kat xx

Tracy said...

I love reading your saga's Kath. And the computer one has made me alert to whats going on.
Glad you had a fab day and enjoyed yourself.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Loopylou!! said...

oooh kath you tease, am I the only one who angled her head sround the screen of my laptop trying to see more through the sneak peek box?!!! LOL!! so sorry to hear about your computer trouble hun, I am lucky to be married to a computer geek so he fixes things like that for me!!! I almost lost everything a while ago when I got one, urgh!! hugs Lou xx

Moira said...

Hi Kath, love your Blog, will keep up with you and Buddy!


Christine B. said...

Glad you got your computer sorted Kath. Sounds like you had a brilliant day. and what lovely pressies to. Hope you've had a great day today. x Hugs ChrisB

jodpea said...

Yeah we've had this one on our PC - twice! Had to have the darn thing wiped and start again so well done for fixing it yourself! Its so convincing isnt it, they've even got the colour scheme right! Glad u had a good day, it does sound like a great shop - have u got any further with the Kaths limo service plans for us unfortunate non-scots?!!


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