Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cooking Up A Storm

Morning folks...surprise surprise a Birthday card...it certainly makes a change from the usual Christmas variety that has taken over this blog for months....another card for the Colour Challenge over at The Ribbon Girls...

The Cubbyhole's now been abandoned in favour of the kitchen...the Christmas Cookathon is in full swing...it's going to be a day of mixing...kneading...baking...roasting and messy marzipaning...
and of course my Furry Sidekick is never far away from the action....
surely he wouldn't like marzipan I hear you ask...don't you believe it...he will eat anything...after all he's a Golden Retriever...the dustbins of the doggie world.  I'll see you all tomorrow over at WOYWW but whether I have my crafty or cooking hat on...that is the question.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kath, I loved this card over at the RG blog - that comment I made was directed primarily at you and Lucy :)) You've moved this flower stamp onto my wishlist, too!

  2. Aww Bless him Kath lol! Your card is stunning, gorgeous colour combo, very striking. Joeyx

  3. What a gorgeous card, Kath and as for the cake....I'm drooling, GF!

  4. Looking good, both the card and the cake! Poor Buddy, hope you covered his ears before you called him the dustbin of the dog world! LOL

  5. what a really beautiful card you've made. And yummie yr cooking looks great ;-)

  6. What a beautiful card, and cake, you have been busy Kath, Merry Christmas, Hugs May x x x x

  7. Gorgeous card Kath...and the cake is looking fab!
    And you're right about goldies eating anything (well almost anything...ours never liked slices of cucumber or pickled onions!)...my parents' vet always used to say that after God made people, he made golden retrievers to clear up the mess! lol
    Helen x

  8. well if Buddy's the dustbin then Pepsi is the mini swing bin lol
    gorgeous card Kath
    Debz xx

  9. Hi Kath a stunning card and your cake looks yummy x

  10. Fab Card Kath, I also might have to add this stamp to my wishlist too, you make some great cards with it.

    Enjoy icing your cake, I iced mine the other day and made myself sick eating too much leftover icing.

    Big Hugs Carolxx

  11. Morning Kath.Love your card.My friend has 2 Golden Retreivers and yes they will eat anything.
    Have a good cooking day.
    Kathleen x

  12. Ha ha ha! My 2 chickens are like that . . . they pretty much eat anything I tempt them with!

    Absolutely ADORE that birthday card and the colourscheme. xxx

  13. Buddy has good taste - I love marzipan, it's the fruit cake I don't like!
    Great card again Kath.

  14. Wow Wow Wow Kath, your card is so gorgeous, love it. Have a good day and hope buddy finds a treat! Carolxx

  15. What a great colour combo, love the card. Oh Buddy, you are not a dustbin! You have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  16. Just love this colour combo, and isn't it nice to make something other than a Christmas card?? Your cake reminds me of yet one more job to add to the list! I haven't even made my marzipan yet, let alone put it on the cake!


  17. Hey Kath - your card is gorgeous and I so enjoy viewing your blog.
    Merry Christmas and happy eating!!!

  18. Gorgeous card Kath. Lovely colour combination and design. Aren't all dogs dustbins? It never ceases to amaze me what my JR thinks he can eat! Karen x

  19. Lovely birthday card. I love how you stamp onto the most perfect paper everytime. I really must stamp onto patterned paper more often and play around with it. I also love the pins you have used, where do you get your pins from, you seem to have a vast and varied collection?

  20. Hi Kath, gorgeous card, love that colour combo. Nice to make something other than a Christmas card. I made a new baby card the other night for some proud new grandparents.

    I had a cooking session on Sunday and now I think it was a bad idea as I love mince pies, shortbread and tablet. My cake is marzipanned and I'll ice it tomorrow. Lazy me I bought the ready rolled marzipan and icing. I blame lack of time for my laziness lol!

    I have to agree about doggy dustbins. The Labrador branch of the Retriever family is just the same. Funnily enough though the boys are greedy and eat most things -biscuits, treats etc, they don't wolf down their food and don't even finish it sometimes. Never had Labs like them!

    Thanks for the gorgeous Christmas card, I love it. Really chuffed to have a Kath original.

    Kar xx

  21. This is a real beauty of a card - I just love all the patterns mingling together & the paper piecing is delightful. Resolution for 2012: become more confident with paper piecing definitely for I just don't think about patterned papers enough! As for Buddy's ogling of the marzipan - the smell must be absolutely wonderful with almonds & warm apricot jam wafting in his direction.
    Paula (PEP)

  22. Hi Kath love the card its stunning. I also adore Buddy wistfully looking at your Christmas cake. I bet it tastes yummy. Hugs x ChrisB


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