Friday, December 16, 2011

Ding Dong Merrily On High

Morning's Ding Dong Merrily On High at Chez Kath...all is calm...all is decidely bright...I think after all those years of running around like a headless chicken I've finally cracked it but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without me having just a teeny rant so get the kettle on and settle down while I get a few things off my chest.
Is it any wonder that folks get stressed when we are constantly bombarded with reminders that there are only now 9 Shopping Days to Christmas.  Everybody knows that today is December 16th and that Christmas Day is December has been celebrated on that day all over the world for hundreds of why every year do they feel the need to keep reminding doesn't take a lot of working out...simple subtraction...25 minus 16 = 9 so if you're not up to speed with the prep it's certainly not going to help if you are being constantly reminded how disorganised you are. 
And why is that every publication you open at the moment will have The Countdown to Christmas Menu Planner...telling us what we should be doing minute by minute in the run up to preparing the Christmas 4.00pm on Christmas Eve we should start preparing the 6.00pm we should be making the mulled 8.00pm we should be roasting the chestnuts by an open fire to make the stuffing...give me a break...I've been doing it for 40 years and had no complaints so far.  I swear that they just drag out the same article every year...tart it up a bit to fill a couple of pages and why do they care if my Christmas Meal is a success or not...they won't have to eat it.
Not content with interfering in the food department they proceed to tell us...WHAT THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST SHOULD BE WEARING ON CHRISTMAS DAY...pleeease...if they think for one minute I am skipping the light fandango around the kitchen with roasty tatties in one hand and a jug of gravy in the other in one of those strapless backless...up to my bum concoctions...wearing the highest and flimsiest of strappy shoes...they can think again...trousers and top will do me nicely and hey where have you heard it SLIPPERS because everybody knows if the cook ain't happy.....ain't nobody gonna be happy.
So chill out folks...ignore all these super organised your own thing and I'm sure your Christmas will be just the same as mine...organised chaos but FABULOUS...DING DONG.

I'll leave you with a little peek of some of the new goodies to arrive in the cubbyhole...will I have time to squeeze in a little play before Christmas...

and I'll see you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for the last challenge of 2011 and you won't believe what the theme about deja-vu.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I'm with you entirely Kath - After helping me for the best part of an afternoon clear up the chaos post cooking Turkey for Richard (AKA husband) he decided not again - a Turkey joint would be fine for him.
    Have a good rest of today - think it's Thursday though I'm not so sure any more.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. You tell 'em Kath. I want to enjoy my Christmas, wearing comfy clothes, eating food I like & mostly spending time with my loved ones. I love seeing your goodies & do hope that you get a chance to have a play with them all soon xoxoxo

  3. Oh my goodness I'm salivating at all your goodies, forget the Christmas prep lets get playing - yey!!

  4. Those stamps from Hero Arts look great, can't wait to see what you come up with, this year on Christmas day I am working boo-hoo someone has to do it I suppose! but my daughters are going to cook on the day, without the heels I hope (lol) But when I get the uniform off I will be straight into me comfy clothes to enjoy the rest of the day x x x Hugs May x x x

  5. Morning Kath.To hell with preparations i've managed all these years.have fun playing with your new goodies.
    Kathleen x

  6. Ha ha . . . you're so right Kath! Last year I decided to be VERY untraditional on Christmas day and have a HOMEMADE FESTIVE PIZZA . . . with cranberry sauce on the base and turkey and stuffing on the top . . . it was YUMMY . . . and I didn't see anybody come up with all the timings for THAT one!!!! LOL!

    Got my nose up against the screen looking at your LOVELY new stash! Have fun! xxx

  7. Love the rant Kath and I totally agree. Me, I'm sick of perfume ads - grrrrrrrr. Kerry x

  8. I agree - I hate all that sort of Hype. I am NOT a terribly organised person - but I am early!! I have to get Australian family stuff out of here by the first of December - June if I want to send something heavy surface mail - so - I just do all the others at the same time. I buy throughout the year as and when I see what I like and yes I miss out on last minute bargains but for me, the peace is worth it! All mine are wrapped and sent. The 23 and 24th will be spent visiting extended family and Christmas is all ours! I will be with my parents and husband and son for Christmas and the day will start how and when we fancy - some people may not get out of pyjamas! Dinner will be served when it is ready and will probably involve turkey (though the oven did break one year LOL) Family, food and relaxation and time to count your blessings! Bliss.

  9. i loved your rant! I used to get really stressed over Xmas but have put my foot down and its much easier now....I did giggle over your what to wear while cooking. LOVED IT!
    much love Teen x

  10. So very well put Kath!! You made me giggle!

    Can't wait to see what you create with your new goodies....

    Take care and a big lick to the furry boy from Tilly!


  11. Thanks for the great advice...I always do my own thing for Christmas and stay away from impossible expectations. We are all happier that way. Loving the new crafty loot you got, can't wait to see what you cook up with it! Christmas blessings to you and yours, Kath~

  12. Snap! I couldn't resist some new Hero Arts stuff either. I got the tulip and the clock/cog stamps. Can't wait to see what you do, I may have time on Sunday to play with mine,

    liz x

  13. I'm with you Kath but since I always watch recorded telly to avoid the ads they haven't bothered me much but all the newspaper articles make me mad. Daft ideas for presents etc.

    I don't get stressed about the meal not even when I cooked for my late MIL who was a great baker and cook. Only thing that used to bother me was the cleaning lol!

    Glad to have all my cards posted except 3. Much better than last year when I was up to about 2am before last posting day for 2nd class!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new stash.

    Kat xx

  14. I just love that others rant like me on occasion! I agree...I don't want to hear how many days till, or how I should be doing anything. If I want to be a scrooge and ignore the whole thing...I will thank you very much! lol Looking forward to seeing what you make with those stamps. TFS and Merry Christmas!

  15. Here here!!!! So well said! I'm with you only this little duck will be bare foot in the kitchen - too hot here for slippers. Love the look of all your new goodies - can't wait to see what you come up with x joy

  16. ooooh, I spy Art Part and other Studio 490 goodies... tell me do, have you played with them yet? Addicted yet? You will be lol xx

  17. You rant away dear lady, our local radio keeps playing this countdown song, it drives me mad lol! Love all of your crafting bits, am sooo jealous! Have fun playing xxx


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