Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...have you recovered from the Christmas celebrations...Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends...the excitement of the parcel opening frenzy on Christmas morning and if you're like me eating until you are fit to burst but after 3 days of making merry this old biddy is suffering from bah humbug and beach-whaled syndrome...the temptation of Christmas Cake and all those yummy bites are stretching my willpower to the limit so perhaps it's time to lock myself away in the cubbyhole...if I'm crafting then I can't be nibbling.
And hey it's Wednesday and that means it's time to join Julia and all her crafty buddies over at WOYWW...our last chance of 2011 to have a peek into crafty spaces across the globe. So what's on my workdesk today...I had every intention of the cubbyhole being out of bounds until 2012 but...and it's a great huge BUT...the first work commissions of 2012 landed in my Inbox just before Christmas and the cubbyhole crew are bracing themselves to get stuck into some frantic Fiskars crafting....
My Workshop Project for the NEC in March
along with 2 Projects for the Prima Demos at the show
need to be done and dusted by the beginning of January
and wait for it....
24 samples and step-by-steps for the launch of the new 2012 products at the
CHSI Trade Show at The NEC in February

even The Furry Boy has that "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS" look on his face...
And isn't hindsight a wonderful thing...I should have added "crafting inspiration in times of need" onto this year's Santa list and talking of not the big fat man in the red suit...the other one who goes by the name of Mario...yes Timmie's right hand man...look what arrived in the cubbyhole on Christmas "12 tags" prize parcel....great timing Santa Mario and a wonderful Christmas surprise...
I already have this gorgeous set of Texture Fades so they will be winging their way to one of my crafty buddies who has recently been bitten by the Timmie bug.  I'm off to make a cuppa...whip the cubbyhole crew into shape and pray for some divine intervention in the inspiration department.   See you all tomorrow to share what I've been making with the gorgeous Kraft With Colour Project Kit from Craftwork Cards.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh Kath...I do not know how you meet all those deadlines girlie...would drive me crazy!

  2. Ohhh I feel for you being a procrastinator rather than a deadline type of person. All the best for 2012.

  3. LOL! Those deadlines will run you into the ground! At least you can keep a sense of humor about it! :) Happy WOYWW & Happy New Year! -Amanda #9

  4. Deadlines oh I just broken out in a cold sweat just thinking about it, at least you can laugh about it Kath, Happy WOYWW, Hugs May x x x x

  5. ah lively indeed what fun you will be having with Tim's stamps etc. and can so relate to your not being able to cope with the headless chook mode - wow what a way to start 2012!! happy WOYWW Kath, Shaz in oz.x

  6. Hi Kath,

    Hope you don't get blown away this morning on your stroll with Buddy,(just seen the forecast)
    I'm sure you'll pull out all the stops for your Fiskers task.

    Love your Timmie prize, you lucky girl.Remember this time last year we were getting so excited. Wish we could do it every year.

    Big hugs Carol xx

  7. Dog looks puzzled. CAnt wait to see the project
    Bridget #14

  8. Morning Kath.It looks like you are going to be busy again.I won't be on line after today we are going to my sons for New Year.So i would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year,all the best for 2012 and LANG MAY YOUR LUM REEK.
    See you next year.
    Kathleen x

  9. Go for it hun, you know you can do it! I usually work best with a deadline, except this year I failed badly at the Christmas one!! I hope you have more fun than frustration, whatever - we know it'll be amazing. Hugs, Sxx

  10. Looks very interesting with that little bundle & Buddy looks ready to help - perhaps some paw punching might be helpful. Hope you get a chance to play with your Timmie Prize as well.
    Have a good day - I'm sorting paperwork & tidying the chaos in my room.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. Good luck with all your deadlines. Happy WOYWW! Tango, #37

  12. Oh my, those deadlines must be a bit stressy! Hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas, and that you have a wonderful New Year, Shaz xx

  13. Congrats on your TH Win. Was a fun surprise for me too. Oh the Joys of Christmas, I guess hosting 2 times is the result of some wonderful healthy leftovers and I am truly enjoying them!! Many sweets came from visiting my DH family so there is temptation.
    Have fun with the Fiskers!! Enjoy WOYWW and may you and yours have a healthy and wonderful NEW YEAR.
    We are thankful for some beautiful warm weather and no snow, makes for great travel.

  14. Don't like the sound of the deadlines but I spy some new designs in the Everywhere Punch system! Can't wait to see those. Try to have fun and not be too stressed.

  15. Love the pictures! Your poor dog looks confused! I hate deadlines! Happy New Year to you!

  16. Oh Kath you said it, am feeling vey unmotivated by too much lolling about! Have to say that I glad it's not me headed for deadline just now,nutiknowthatyourinspiration will come, and indeed it will be divine, Dont you hate typing up the step by steps!!

  17. Hi Kath,
    Glad it's not me facing those deadlines, good luck there! I need to get going and make a special birthday card for January but the inspiration got thrown out with the Christmas wrapping paper.
    Whenever I need a kick start I read your blog, as you inspire me to craft!
    Happy New Year when it comes

  18. Gorgeous post and ehat wonderful gifts youve received from MR T.such shame you al;ready had the folders.Love the piccy of your dog!
    Here's hoping you Have Happy Healthy,Creative New Year
    Hugs Judex 57

  19. I struggle to make birthday cards by the due date so couldn't cope with more deadlines. Congrats on the TH win - love those stamps - and a happy and healthy 2012 to you.
    Ann B

  20. Hope you and your family have had a lovely Christmas. A Happy New Year to you.

    I look forward to another year of wonderful inspiration from you.

    Karen x

  21. Good luck with all your deadlines, it certainly sounds as though you will be very busy!

    Have a great WOYWW and a very Happy New Year, I hope 2012 is a good one for you all :)
    Karen #41

  22. Yes, I had to roll up the stairs to get to the computer. But I've loved every minute of it!!! Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry!!!

  23. Looks like fun despite the deadlines

  24. Good luck with your deadlines Kath . . . or should that be DREADlines??? LOL!


  25. Ooooo, lucky you to get a Tim prize! I always hope that IF I ever win, it won't be something I already have, lol.

    Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year!

    Sandy #73

  26. Looks like you're going to be pretty busy Kath. I've not achieved anything since last week so I'd best get something done soon.

    I know what you mean about all those tasty bites lurking around. Kinda wish I hadn't made the Christmas cake, mince pies, shortbread and tablet now. And maybe the crisps, nuts and sweeties were a mistake too. Still it's only once a year lol!!

    Kat xx

  27. Nothing like a deadline to shake off the post-Christmas malaise!! Good luck with it all :)
    Happy New Year!
    LLJ #35 xx

  28. OMGosh. I have come out in a sweat just reading your deadlines. lol. Good luck, i'm sure you can do it. xx

  29. Well Kath, from the small picci on my dashboard, I thought OMG someone has bought her some skates for Chistmas for when you are madley dashing around your craftroom to keep
    Loved your cards from 2011.

    Kath x

  30. As my Gran would always say "No peace for the wicked"!! And there was us thinking you'd been very, very good this year! I have to agree, Buddy looks a tad concerned there! I'm sure you'll get it cracked, but what a way to end the year!


  31. Hi Kath. First off, Buddy is absolutely adorable!!! Funny, I posted a photo of Daisy on my WOYWW post today. Yep, 2011 has gone to the dogs! hee hee

    I worked on my wreath today and it's almost done. Met some friends for a movie and now I'm doing the blog hop thing.

    May 2012 be a crafty year!!

    Kay aka 505whimsygirl #72

  32. Well done, winning the Timmie prize! You deserve it! Hugs, Janet xx

  33. It's a holiday and you're still working! Good luck with the deadlines. Buddy looks as lovable as ever. Love the TH stamps - congratulations on your win. Happy New Year to you and yours, and Buddy, of course. Elizabeth x

  34. 24 samples…….no wonder Buddy is looking bemused and there was me thinking that my schedule of needing to make eleven cards for the start of January was pushing it a bit. Just goes to prove there’s always someone worse off, Lol!
    I’m sure you’re going to have fun with all those punches though and your new TH stamps.

    Happy New Year to you and ……..
    Happy Crafting!

    Sue (#68)


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