Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis The Season of Goodwill...

Morning folks...well it's serious countdown time now...only 2 more sleeps until the fat guy in the red suit pops down the chimney and the thought that I will be running the gauntlet bright and early this morning at M&S for all the last minute foodie stuff that you can't buy in advance isn't exactly filling me with Christmas fact the old plastic and I will be mightily relieved when the shops close their doors on Christmas Eve and if I've forgotten some vital ingredient....well the kitchen crew will just have to adapt and overcome.
Silly me for thinking that this is supposed to be the season of goodwill...not in everyone's world apparently...I had the misfortune yesterday to come across one of life's "I'm All Right Jack...Sod Everyone Else" folk...a way over the top frazzled individual who proceeded to rant and rave at me all because I had the audacity to get in her way as she stormtrooped down the about supermarket rage and for those of you who don't know pet hate is rudeness in any shape or form so it was time to give her a little bit of Christmas Get A Life advice delivered in my softest and calmest voice...crikey we are all in the same boat and for goodness's only a slightly posher than usual Sunday dinner...certainly not worth getting in a strop about and I can't help but feel sorry for the folks who will be joining this miserable sour faced old biddy for Christmas.
Christmas Dinner at Chez Kath this year will be a laid-back affair...with no extra hungry visitor mouths to feed it's going to be an "eat when we like" day...starter and soup early afternoon followed by a long gap before we tuck into the main course....pudding...cheese and biscuits to follow later in the evening snuggled up on the sofa watching TV with a few doggy strolls thrown in throughout the day to aid the digestion and get rid of that bloated "I've over-eaten again" feeling.  Taking things easy so that I'll be fighting fit for Boxing Day...looking forward to a fun filled day spent with those bundles of fun aka...the grandkiddies.
So after hitting M&S and I sincerely hope I don't run into Mrs Sour Puss's back to my "all is calm...all is bright" sanctuary to string up the Christmas of my least favourite jobs but hey someone's gotta do it.  I have managed to finish 2 of the rosette trees...
but 2 hardly constitutes a table decoration and I doubt if I can magic up the time to make any more so for this year they will be sitting on the festive mantlepiece....
 alongside a family favourite...the angel with attitude...

Thanks for listening folks and if like me you are feeling a little a bit battered and bruised by the whole run up to the big day thing...put the kettle on...chill out with a cuppa and a great big chunk of christmas's a bit like giving birth...hold on to the thought that this time next week we will only remember the good bits.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh my goodness - your rosette tree's are lovely, I am going to have a go myself after seeing them here yesterday although I have to pull myself away from Mr Tim Holtz first!!!! I went looking after you told us to and now I can't drag myself away. Hubby complained that dinner wasn't ready on time last night and I told him it was your fault cause you made me go look at Tim hehehe

  2. it's a good job Mrs Sour Puss didn't run over my heels or she'd have known all about it
    those angels are so cute
    have a great day

  3. Seems like there's always at least one of those Sour Puss's. I commend you for staying calm, I'd have wanted to flatten her. Your Timmy trees are lovely! Enjoy your Christmas feast.

  4. Christmas certainly seems to bring out the "best" in some people!! Your trees are stunning Kath and two is certainly better than none which is what I will be making lol! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

  5. I too have to venture out later for some bits, I do hope Mrs Scrooge has stayed at home today, well done for staying calm Kath, your trees are fantastic, love the angels, dont forget your elbow pads for your shopping trip, Merry Christmas, Hugs May x x x x

  6. what a lovely christmas trees! And have a nice christmas!

  7. Hi Kath,
    oh how i laugh you are just too cool!!!
    i still have to brave the shops for presents and have an 18th birthday today (not my own lol) my sons!!
    hee hee
    have a fab crimbo and i will be on the lookout for that blooming woman x
    suzie qx

  8. Hi Kath your trees and angels look lovely. You gave me a laugh this morning. Mrs Cool. Have a great time . Hugs x ChrisB

  9. I think sourpussitis must be catching hun, the supermarket was full of it on Wednesday night! We are adopting the "if we ain't got it, we not gettin' it" mode now. Loving your Timmie Trees hun, they will look fab on the mantel. Have a super Christmas. Hugs Sxx

  10. Kath - you're like a breath of fresh air - hope what you said to Mrs Sour Puss did the job. Your rosette trees are fabulous (don't tell him, but I think they're better than Tim's!) Have a good day and a great Christmas. Wendy x

  11. Adorable trees, sorry about your experience in the supermarket. Just the reason I hate going to the shops around the holidays. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a big hug to Buddy. :)

  12. Nearly fell off my chair laughing at the comparison of giving birth and Christmas!
    Love the cute trees too.
    Happy Christmas to everyone at the cubbyhole.

  13. Just love your Timmy rosette trees, Kath...I was all set to make some when, oops, I discovered I hadn't ordered the cutting plates for my new extended spacer platform...Noooooooo! So, better late than never, I'll get some made next Christmas! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Janet xx

  14. Beautiful work Kath, wishing you a Happy Christmas x

  15. Have a good day and ignore the madness - we are off to my Mum's in Wales for Christmas so we will be dodging idiots on the M4 for most of the day! See you on the other side of the festivities. Happy Christmas!

  16. Kath your post really made me smile....some people really make you cross don't they?
    Wishing you and your family and of course that bundle of fluffiness a Very Happy Christmas and A Healthly New Year


  17. Morning Kath.There's always one misery in the supermarket.My visitore are going home today but we are going down to Devon to see them next week.The other half of the family come on Christmas day so it will be all systems go tomorrow.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Kathleen x

  18. Like the idea of spreading out Christmas lunch - we never have pudding straight after the meal, as you say the bloated tum feeling isn't nice. Love the trees and I'm sure they look great next to the angel with attitude.

  19. Ha ha ha . . .love this post Kath. What IS it with people? We are all in the supermarket for the same purpose and we all just have to make the best of it. I did my last supermarket run this morning and that's THAT!

    Got "PERFECT CRAFTING WEATHER" here (aka RAIN). So after my kitchen is clean and the ironing is done . . . I'll be crafting this afternoon. YAY!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours xxx

  20. Ooooh... Kath, I hope you survived the trolley gridlock that was M&S this morning. That was quite mad. Love your tree decorations.
    Liz xx

  21. Awwwww...luv your angels...soooo cute! Well, I guess it's that time of year again that we have to venture out in headgear, elbow pads knee pads and the Love your trees, they came out great!

  22. why oh why do they call it the festive season when there are so many grumpies in the shops! Glad I did my present shopping earlier this year, and my ever-organised hubby and I made it to the supermarket by 8am and were home by 9am yesterday for a cup of tea! I am lucky to have a husband who loves to cook and shop for food!
    He has all the jobs to be done on a spreadsheet!! Folk may laugh at this but it keeps us sane.
    Merry Christmas to everyone reading this and a Happy New Year.

  23. I met a similar woman in the supermarket here this week too, bar humbug! "Tis the season to be jolly!" Guess some folk don't read the small print, LOL.
    Have a cracking Christmas Kath.
    Hugs Erika. x
    Oh and love your rosette trees too and that little fairy it too cute. x

  24. Nothing worse than rude shoppers, I did most of my shopping online, I had to make one visit to a shopping precinct and people kept bashing into me I got only what I wanted and looked at nothing else prior to making my escape. I felt relief when I was out of there. Then it was onto a pets at home for some doggie Christmas presents that was a far better experience, with only dogs that people took into the shop giving me a good old sniff sniff. I love your trees they are so cute and the red bauble is lovely, I haven't done my food shopping yet as I am ill from having a six course meal last night and 4 hours sleep. lol roll on the season for over indulgence. Have a good day. Laura

  25. Just like you Kath I had to venture out for the "perishables". Thats me done now and if I've not got it, it's too late. Still a bit of wrapping to do - never been this unorganized - but hope to have tomorrow for me!! (well if hubby takes the kids out for a bit). Have a fab Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing what you come up with next year. Take Care AnnX

  26. Oh I do like those angels.
    Done the M&S bit, now down to the wrapping & a quick dust.
    Have a great time, whatever you do.
    Ann x

  27. have a wonderful Christmas kath

  28. Sounds like you had fun shopping, hope it went better today.

    Love your rosette trees. Too late for me to try making any this year. We'll have a quiet Christmas Day with just our son and younger daughter. Boxing day will be a bit livelier when we're down at Crieff.

    Just my pud to make, Mhairi wants tiramisu so that's what we'll be having. I've even bought gluten free madeira cake to make it since she's wheat intolerant. I've also got the old standby - meringues.

    Kat xx

  29. Sooo true what you've said. Nearly every time this year I always get so stressed out that I'm always ill. This time an upset stomach. Can't wait for next week. Sent hubby to do the shopping today. Can't believe that person was so rude to you but go girl good on you to say what you did. Merry Christmas, love your little christmas trees.

  30. Beautiful rosette trees, but absolutely love your little angel with attitude lol! Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration this year, please give Buddy a huge pat and sending you a Chrimbo hun, enjoy! xxx


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