Friday, December 30, 2011

With a Little Help From My Friends

Morning folks...crikey the weather in my neck of the woods has been wild and stormy to say the least...the wind's been blowing a hooley making those scary wooshing noises as it rattles around the house.  It's silly o'clock and I'm sitting at the computer right next to the radiator looking out at the slight covering of snow with The Furry Boy slumbering at my feet wondering if he's thinking what I'm thinking...that it might be good idea to give our morning stroll a miss today...I hate these dark gloomy cold mornings but probably soon as I move he'll be switched on and raring to go.
Don't know about you but I've got that deflated apres Christmas feeling not helped by the dismal weather we get at this time of year...the thought that Winter proper has still to come and the fact that the Fiskars projects are yet to get off the ground...just can't seem to get back into the crafting groove...oh dearie me I've been hit by a bout of moaning minnie doom and gloom sickness.  Is there a cure...well help may well be right under my nose...staring me in the face and in the words of those Beatles classics....
my fabulous specially commissioned "kick up the butt" inspirational Cubbyhole Christmas pressie mug from my lovely buddy Debbi...
and the Christmas supply of chocolate yummies destined for the cubbyhole may well persuade Mr Mojo to come out to play...ooh I feel better already...every cloud has a silver lining...the shortest day has been and gone...only 2 days left of 2011...Spring can't be that far away with those gloriously light and bright "up with the birdies" mornings and tomorrow is Hogmanay...time to ditch the grumpy face and get ready to step into a brand New Year.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. What a fab mug, I want one!!!! I can help you get through the chocs too if you like!

    I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and that you have a happy, healthy & crafty new year!

    Mrs Wonka (Zoe) xxx

  2. hey Kath...the wind is wild here too and I have just taken our furry pooch out for her last one tonight...brrr it's white and frosty I'm wide awake again!!
    The mug is fab, Debbi is so kind!!


  3. I am sure your mojo will come flying back with all that chocolate and a very inspirational mug to cheer you on!
    A very Happy New Year and enjoy your Hogmanay! :)

  4. Great mug! If Mr. Mojo doesn't come back for all those chocolates...I will! YUMMMMMY!
    Hope the ideas start flowing

  5. Love the mug, and Chocs, Put the kettle on have a few chocs and I am sure Mr Mojo will return x x x Hope the weather is kinder in your neck of the woods today x x Happy 2012 Hugs May x x x x

  6. Some amount of walkies on the agenda will be needed Kath to burn off all those Choccies. Love the cup. Wishing you a Happy, health,crafting 2012. Carolxx

  7. hi Kath,
    ah what good friends you have !!
    you may have to spill the beans about the mug everyone is going to want one of those x
    enjoy your day
    Suzie Qx

  8. Hi Kath.
    I know how you feel. We spend so long getting excited about Christmas and it's over with before we know it. It's dark, gloomy and wet down in Devon this morning. Maybe a brisk walk is what you need to clear the cobwebs and get your mojo back. I love your mug by the way!!! Hope you have a good day xx

  9. Great mug! That'll DEFINITELY help get those Fiskars kits going.

    Now, NORMALLY, I am a complete Chocoholic . . . but after Christmas, I never want to see another one (for at least a week LOL!).


  10. Ah Kath, I want that mug, its fabby! I would help with the chocolate but we still have a few packets to get through ourselves lol!

    Have a wonderful new year with Buddy, thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration you have shared in the last year, hugs Heidi xxx

  11. Great mug Kath. I think I need a kick on the tail to get me moving. I have to make a card before tonight but I can't seem to get out of the bit. Think I may have had too many sweets and mince pies etc lol!!

  12. Now I wonder who does the nibbling - it can't be your Mum Buddy (you're presumably awake by now) as there would be evidence all over the projects - bet you have a paw in there. Got to venture out this morning for some essentials - dry for the'd better help Mum with Mr Mojo ........ Enjoy your mug Kath - great!
    Paula (PEP)

  13. glad you like the mug - it has magical kick up the butt powers you know ;)
    If you eat all those sweeties you'll end up the same size as me

  14. I can vouch for the Thorntons Moments choccies - very yummy we bought 2 boxes! No post Christmas blues here because we're off on hols on 7th Jan! Pick up that mug and get crafting!

  15. Sounds like you have glorious weather lol Love the mug and such a yummy selection of chocs you have there :) xxx

  16. It's freezing cold, blowing a gale and raining here in the North East. Just back in from the shops - no pleasure out there. Great Mug and chocs - my idea of heaven. Going to put the kettle on and get the crafty stuff out. Have a great New Year and in case I don't get back to wish you all the best for 2012 "ALL THE BEST FOR 2012". Take Care AnnX

  17. I LOVE your mug and enjoy all your sweet treats.
    Happy New Year, Kath.
    Hugs Erika. x

  18. Love that mug. Now that's a serious stash of chocs. Hope you feel like crafting again soon. This is a funny week isn't it with a real lack of posts to go visit. Happy New Year to you and to Buddy. Marianne x

  19. Kath, Lost your mojo? There's only one solution - after "A Hard Day's Night", when you feel like you've been working "Eight days a week", "Get Back" to the cubby hole and Buddy will tell you "We can work it out" and it will "all come together"

  20. Fabulous mug, need one like that, and loads lovely sweeties! Yummy! I don't believe you've lost your mojo sweetie - it's the usual post Xmas blues!
    Just wanted to say thank you Kath - your blog and work have been an inspiration to me this year I'm so very glad I found your blog! Wishing you a very Happy New Year sending you hugs and tickles for Buddy Karen x

  21. Love the mug, but you can keep the chocs, I got a nice supply of nuts & Percy Pigs.
    We've had snow today brr, hope I get out tomorrow & new year plus my birthday to celebrate.
    Ann x


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