Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good news all round

Hi Folks...yesterday was definitely a good news day...woohoo...toot...toot...thanks to Hero Arts for featuring my Many Branches/Winter Moon cards over at... 
Christmas Comes Early...
and as if that wasn't enough good news for one day...the sun decided to put his hat on and come out to play...yes that is real blue sky...unbelieveable after the horrendous weather earlier in the week...
I'm not complaining but I was a bit miffed that I was stuck in the cubbyhole beavering away while The Furry Boy was catching up on some sunny snooze time...
but two can play at that game...I'm downing tools today for a bit of much needed play time with this gorgeous stamp from Stampendous which I spotted at The Papeterie a few weeks ago.  "Do you really need any more Christmas Stamps" said that interfering voice in my head so I resisted temptation for one whole week before that irresistible urge got the better of know what it's like...sometimes you just have to give in and admit defeat...
I'll be back tomorrow to share what I make...looking forward to some playtime.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Just got that stamp Kath so looking for some of your unique inspiration. Well done on the hero arts toot
    En x

  2. Oh Kath, those cards are real stunners.

    Can't believe that blue sky and sunshine, after that hideous weather.

    Buddy, you certainly look relaxed in the sunshine, but you could at least help your Mum for a while...

    Jennifer. x

  3. ...gorgeous Christmas cards Kath, you've shown the stamps beautifully & how wonderful to see blue skies, great for Buddy's outdoor siesta's...have a super day...Melxx :)

  4. Your cards are lovely Kath and no wonder you returned for this lovely stamp. I can't wait to see your creations with it. Buddy sure enjoys his 40 winks, it was lovely to see the bue skies and sunshine for a change, so far it doesn't look too bad this morning, fingers crossed for a bit more of the same so you can enjoy your walk this morning, hugs Alexandra x

  5. Congratulations, Kath! Your cards look like high-end professionally done stationery! Wow! No wonder you were featured!

    And Buddy got blue sky, too!! Isn't that nice how that worked out?!

  6. your hero arts cards are stunning Kath, and I have just ordered that Christmas stamp after seeing what Dawn Bibby did with it, sure you will inspire too.
    Enjoy your sun ,dark with heavy rain here in NW England.

  7. Hi Kath, well done,your cards are superb. The stamp is gorgeous, and the colours you've chosen give them the wow factor. Another lovely day so far, perfect for getting the garden tidied up. Enjoy your weekend it won't be so busy as last week.

  8. Well done Kath - I'm not surprised, they're beautiful cards. Have fun playing today, that stamp is lovely so I can't wait to see what you do with it. Sharon x

  9. I get those urges too, I hold off buying for so long then bang I have to buy though!

  10. Ooooh have such good taste in stamps. I am just off to pick up the very same one which I ordered from my local garden centre.
    Love, love, love your tree cards and good on Hero Arts for showing them off.

  11. Hi Kath, so pleased that Hero Arts featured your gorgeous cards, they really are so beautiful! Glad too that you had blue skies, your clematis seems to have survived the dreadful weather - I hope Buddy doesn't catch a chill from lying on damp grass. Have fun today with that gorgeous stamp. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  12. Congrats Kath. Buddy looks like he is soaking up those rays! Lots of hugs. Anesha

  13. Well done Kath - now it looks as if Buddy's little playmate looks zonked out too.
    Enjoy the playtime.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Buddy has a great life doesn't he. I saw Dawn Bibby use that stamp on C&C when I was ironing the other day, the only time I have to watch C&C and thought what a gorgeous stamp, the cards look fab. Think I need that one.

  15. Your cards are fabulous no wonder you were featured... Buddy looks really relaxed soaking up that sunshine!!! Love that stamp looking forward to your creations... Hugs May x x x

  16. Well done with your Hero Arts cards Kath. And I can't wait to see what you do with that lovely new stamp.

    Can't believe how beautiful the weather was today. Even when I came home at quarter to six and took the dogs out it was still lovely.

    Max and Blue were lucky enough to be out in the garden like Buddy this morning too.

    Kat xx

  17. Lovely pics,especially the one of Buddy.Gorgeous stamp too.Hugs xx Cuddles for the furry boy xx

  18. I have 3 Collies Kath... They don't have 'time' to lie down :-) But at least whilst they are running around outside in the sun I get to play with my crafting stuff!

    Hopefully we have more sunshine to come! Mind you if it's raining I simply have to craft!

    Paula xx


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