Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WD 40 required

Hi folks...yesterday was a bit of a "the body doth protest" kind of day but I might have known that the day after the day after is always worse...hopped out of bed this morning to find that my legs just don't want to play...the old brain's obviously playing it safe and not sending them any "it's time to get going" messages so this morning's stroll could be a bit of a struggle until I can coax the old joints back to co-operating...all that's required is a bit of lubrication..I wonder if a squirt of WD 40 would do the trick.
The cubbyhole crew are back on the hamster wheel again kitting for Saturday's Craftwork Cards Christmas Demo and Workshop at The Papeterie...
and I know what you're thinking...this looks nothing like Christmas...to be honest I'm thinking exactly the same so we're going to have to dig deep for some imaginative inspiration...in the meantime I've been delving into the archives again for another Sizzix make using those stitching embossing folders...

Fingers crossed I'm back to being able to run around like a headless chicken for tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hope your joints get oiled soon Kath and you can get your prep done! The card is just so pretty I have had to go and order those embossing folders - my poor bank manager will be having palpitations! Hugs Susan x

  2. Hi Kath, this card is stunning - no one does vintage/shabby chic the way you do, it is so beautiful. Like Susan above, I think I may be spending again....
    Hope the joints have loosened a bit and you get your jobs done, loving the snowflakes with the gorgeous flowers, maybe a bit of fran-tage would do the trick (love how you do that). Take care, crafty hugs, Anne x

  3. Oh I think we all underestimate the physical hard work...hope you've managed to oil yourself free! Am not in any doubt that your headless chicken routine will be back online...and what's more, however headless, it will be inspiringly well organised.

  4. Oh dear, try not to overdo it today. I love your stitching cards and this one is gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous card Kath, always love your style. Carolxx

  6. Kath this is so beautifully designed. Loving your creative style. Hope those joints are greased by now. Wishing you a fab Tuesday.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  7. Take care with the oiling - gently does it drop by drop.
    As for the Christmas theme - it's at least a wreath shape & red goes well with the black & white, a touch of glittery gold & Bob's your Uncle...........maybe not.
    Hope you feel better.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Let me know if the WD40 works Kath as I still can't get my back mobile today! Don't care that it's not Xmas, it's a really stunning card hugs Karen

  9. This is gorgeous Kath, wish I had your imagination.

    Hope you're feeling better tomorrow. Today wasn't a good day for walking dogs. I was completely soaked this morning and so were the dogs!

    Kat xx

  10. Stunning vintage/shabby chic card Kath! Hope you're feeling better soon!!

  11. Hi Kath thanks for your wishes , I love, love this card it's gorgeous. Hope your feeling more mobile tomorrow. My chemo left me with bad feet. I won't be around next week. My daughter as paid for us to go to Italy on a coach for my birthday. Not had a hols in twenty years so very excited. Happy crafting love and hugs xCHrisB


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