Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Morning folks...today's date will live in the hearts of us all forever...the eleventh anniversary of that day that changed the world forever...my thoughts are in New York City...remembering the 2977 souls who lost their lives in a tragedy that none of us will ever forget...my heart goes out to all the families who lost their precious loved ones and to those who are now suffering from related illnesses having been engulfed in the dust and debris storms when the towers fell....living each day with the horrific memories...a constant reminder of the senseless evil act committed by a few that affected so many.
I'll be back later to share happier thoughts.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...morning Kath...that horrific day lives on for so many both physically & emotionally long after the event itself, I don't think we'll ever cease to be shocked by what unfolded that day...Mel :)

  2. A truly sad and an horrific day that will never be forgotten. A x

  3. I was watching a documentary about one of the survives last night and still feel disbelief as I watched pictures of the two towers falling. It truly was an event that will never be forgotten and my thoughts are with all of those today who lost family and friends and those who were caught up that atrocity


  4. Kath, this is so true, touching post! Ruby x

  5. I watched all of this unfolding live whilst in my last few days at work before going on maternity leave, and it was horrific watching it, and I had colleagues who knew people working in the twin towers and at the Pentagon, which was also attacked. Dreadful, dreadful times which will never leave any of our memories. If I may join you Kath, my thoughts also go out to those affected and those lost. xxxx


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