Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The North Wind Doth Blow...

Hi folks...we're back to shiver me timbers weather again...

the North wind doth blow
 and we shall have snow
and what will poor robin do then...
if he has any sense he'll find himself somewhere cosy and snuggly and tuck his head under his wing which reminds me to start stocking up on winter grub for our feathered friends and perhaps it's time to look out my scarf and gloves for our morning strolls and to think it's still September but I kid you not...snow has already fallen on Cairngorm which is not very far away from here as the crow flies.
No WOYWW for us again this be honest if I didn't already know where my workdesk was...I'd be struggling to find it under the mountain of kitting debris and there's no point in tidying up because I'm planning another fun day of die-cutting with Mr Big Shot...he sure has earned his keep this week...
but not everyone is committed to get the kitting fact The Furry Boy is nowhere to be seen...all's quiet which means he's probably sneaked off for a snooze break...
can't say I blame him...I wouldn't like to rest my weary head on a pile of cubbyhole debris either and for this weekend's Crafty Retreaters...a little sneaky project peak...

On a very sad note I'm finding it so hard to comprehend the senseless act of wickedness and total disregard for human life when 2 young female police officers are lured to an address in Manchester to be callously and brutally gunned down...a very dark day in the history of this heart goes out to their families...friends and colleagues.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good luck with the kitting up process. the sneak peek is tantalizing...teehee

    I just have to say that I love your gorgeous pillow near Buddy's head. I am looking for new pillows for the front room...I am trying to find something vibrant like that but with a touch of aqua, red and kraft...The vibrant colours of yours caught my eye...but alas, no aqua.

  2. Looks like you will be having a busy day Kath and your helper looks like he's on a go slow!! x

  3. ...snow! you've got to be kidding! gosh...they are all super Die's so this kit is gonna be gorgeous, Buddy looks adorable snoozing, loVe his chocolate nose! and the sneaky peek looks merry & bright...and yes the most dreadful news from Manchester, senseless evil...have a super day Kath...Melx :)

  4. Hi Kath! Yes the snow on high ground was forecast. Hope we're not going to be in for another bad winter. Good luck in the cubbyhole today and it's time to teach the furry boy some work ethics! hugs x

  5. Hi Kath, no WOYWW for me either this week. Loving that sneak peek. I totally agree about the murders, senseless, brutal and such a waste of life. Hope the snow stays where it is and does not creep closer to you. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  6. Love the photo of Buddy, he looks so peaceful and adorable. It's a horrible thing that happened the poor families of those officers.

  7. Hi Kath, love the word Joy today, as that's how our family feel after baby Jessica arrived safe and sound after a ten year gap. Another grandchild to love. How sad for the two familys of these poor police women who will never have that Joy in their lives, how cruel life can be. Meanwhile Buddy lies there sleeping without a care in the world, a wonderful life for some. Have a good day Kath.

  8. Buddy looks like he's settled for outside the cubby hole.
    Shocked about the deaths........
    Paula (PEP)

  9. That photo of the snow is stunning, Kath.
    Buddy looks as if he has totally recovered, and has the right idea about some R & R.
    I hadn't heard about the murders of those 2 poor policewomen, here in dreadful...there really are some 'low-lifes' in the world!

    Jennifer. x

  10. Love the sneaky peek Kath. I'm so jealous of the lucky people who are going to make this.

    Pretty chilly here, that's what we get for being too near the North Sea!

    Buddy looks really comfy there. My boys are just waiting for me to take them out for their teatime walk.

    Can't understand why someone would deliberately kill the two wpcs like that. Dreadful time for their families, friends and colleagues.

    Kat xx

  11. SNOW!!! O my goodness.. Yikes! sneek peek looks fabulous another busy day kitting up, looks like your left on your own today as Buddy catches up on his beauty sleep..
    I totally agree total senseless murders of two hard working young women heartbreaking news...
    Hugs May x x x

  12. Snow? Can't believe you used that4 letter word. Buddy certainly looks comfy! Good luck on getting your kitting done, envy the folks who are going to get to create with them.


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