Friday, June 21, 2013

What A Week...

Hi you remember that old TV programme "That Was The Week That Was"...away back in the days of black and white TV's...maybe not if you're not as old as I am but anyway...that definitely was "that was the week that was" and thank goodness it's over...battling technology...nailing deadlines...priming woodwork and last minute kitting had me running around like a cat with a scalded fact the kitting turned into a real burn the midnight oil affair...never ever have I left it so late...real close to the wire stuff but hey it's done and dusted now and I'm looking forward to chilling out with the lovely crafty folks at today's Kath's Klub at The Papeterie...might need a nudge now and again to keep me awake but I'm sure they'll oblige and keep me on my toes.
I've decided there's no point in stressing about all the DIY finishing's going to be a "do a little bit at a time" when I can job...the kitchen skirting boards have been painted and yippee I now have somewhere to sit again to have my breakfast cuppa and toast when the weather rules out sitting outside...
and I love my new Parisian Boutique Clock...a little treat for moi from M&S
and just so I don't forget about the crafty stuff...a parcel of Melt Art goodies arrived from Personal Impressions for my Kath's Klub "Have Fun With The Melt Pot" classes at the Papeterie on 27th July...
and how could I refuse a special request from Grandson Oliver...a card for his teacher but big enough for the whole class to sign...knowing the size of P1 kiddies writing...a gargantuan paper engineering tall order...
but I'll love you and leave you until tomorrow when I'll be sharing the canvas we're making today...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Yes I do remember it well - how can I forget Millicent Martin singing the opening song. Singing my own song tomorrow - choir concert and a big solo - oh heck - why did I say yes and why oh why did I invite my nearest and dearest to come and listen. Just off to bed to try and sleep before the alarm goes off. The floor looks lovely Kath - just had our kitchen man around to measure up the ensuite bathroom to install a new shower after our disatrous leak last month. It's all go isn't it? X

  2. Now that looks lovely...well worth all the bother! I think you should put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa in there!

  3. Looking just great Kath and yes really worth all the effort. I will be Interested to see how you made a big card. Enjoy the weekend x

  4. So glad to hear you are going to do a bit at a time Kath, the work will always be there waiting for you! Your new flooring looks amazing and I really love the new clock - very chic. Have fun today! Hugs, Anne x

  5. gorgeous looking card Kath and a fab clock. Hope you have a great workshop today - sure you will xx

  6. It's all looking beautiful... Love the floor & gorgeous clock... enjoy your cuppa in comfort...Have lots of fun today!! Hugs May x x x

  7. I too remember TWTWTW with Millicent Martin, showing our age now. I'm lovin' the new decor and the fancy french clock.
    I've also been busy making cards for teachers of the mammoth size, I'm on my sixth! and I don't even have any kids at school these days! Have a great weekend

  8. i.e cards of the mammoth size, not teachers!

  9. i'm catching up..the work looks fab, Kath...and to bebhonest, I'm really surprised that you haven't got a painter and decorator in, as busy as you are! you're right tho' point stresing over things you can't control, time will sort that out. meanwhile, have your new floors revealed the click click of Buddy's toenails?!!

  10. Try to slow down a little if you can Kath - you will be exhausted if you keep on like this! House stuff should always take second place and a little at a time is the best way. Love the card, hope you get a wee bit of rest tomorrow Karen x

  11. Your DIY's looking good Kath. I'm terrible at painting, too hashy I think. Even masking tape wouldn't be enough!

    New clock looks very smart, goes well with your new woodwork and flooring.

    Love Oliver's big card. Funny how their writing's so big at that age. Poppy's the same!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Kat xx


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