Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ground Breaking News...

Hi folks...a rather catch your attention blog post title this morning...sadly not exactly accurate...more like a load of old waffle but before I bore you all with today's dilemma...I do have some important news to share...the winner of the Manic Monday Papermania Give-Away is...
congratulations Marg...if you contact me with your address I'll get your goodies off in the mail and there's more news...the FISKARS FUSE HOBBYCRAFT DEMOS in Edinburgh this coming weekend and Aberdeen the following weekend have been postponed and will be rescheduled for September/October...I'll let you know as soon as I have definite dates.  Which means that after working my cotton socks off to be prepped for what I thought was going to be a "working 3 weekends on the trot" start to the month of August...I've now got a couple of "free weekends" on my hands and my mind has gone into major boggle mode...decisions I continue with the close to the end now that a few days of frantic paintbrush activity might just finish it off...on the plus side...I could get the curtains rehung...
and my library of favourite books and CD's back in place...
on the other hand will the old joints stand up to back-to-back days of crawling around on all fours painting those never ending skirting boards...perhaps it might be best to space out the pain...or perhaps I could hop online and book a few days get-away from it phone signal just peace and quiet somewhere remote in a little but 'n ben...
sounds good BUT will the weather be kind...walking the hills with the rain running out the a**e of your breeks is not a fun pastime or do I treat myself to a cubbyhole crafty play and the Hero Arts Stamp-a-Story goodies that arrived more than a month ago and up to now haven't had a sniff of an ink pad but what do you bet that will be the week that Summer returns...scorchio temperatures turn the cubbyhole into a sauna and that means one hot sticky grumpy crafty person.
But first there's today big decision to ponder appointment at the hairdresser has sent me into that old familiar "what's a girl to do" I go for short...short...nice and cool if the sun decides to return or just a little tidy up to keep the old barnet cosy if that old North Wind decides to blow...see what I mean...weighing up the pros and cons and making the all important "GO FOR IT" decision doesn't come easy for this "I'm not indecisive...I just can't make up mind" dithery old crafter. But one thing's for sure...I'll see you all tomorrow to share our Melting Pot Fun Afternoon Class at The Papeterie
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Congratulations Marg! I would love to get my hands on the Fuse, even just to try it.

    Have fun with that melt pot!

  2. So many decisions Kath....I am sure you are quite pleased to have the break in schedule. Well done to Marg she can have lots of fun with that Christmas stash x

  3. What a lot of decisions to make Kath. I could never have my hair short but am off for a cut and colour tomorrow and have decided to have a good two inches off, which is a lot for me. Have fun whatever you decide x

  4. Good luck with the decision making process Kath - I'd go for the crafty days personally! Susan x

  5. Oh decisions, decisions........if you are not sure of the weather then I would decorate one day and craft the next and have a long weekend away, if the weather stays nice. I am sure you will decide on the hair by the time you get to the hairdressers.....

    Congratulations to Marg too! Hugs, Anne x

  6. mmmmm decisions, decisions - I think you should spend a couple of days to paint the skirting boards and finish the diy - just think of the glow of satisfaction you'll have then you can have a couple of days crafting, then a couple of days away for a break! whatever you decide, enjoy! Mary x

  7. Morning Kath , what alot of decisions to be made. I think I would get some of the painting out of the way, a couple of days crafting.Then a nice rest for a couple of days. Love and hugs X ChrisB

  8. morning Kath! Decisions decisions!!!! There are some tricky ones there!!! Hugs x

  9. book the few days away as it sounds lovely.

  10. Decisions decisions
    I think finish the painting, haircut then have a nice break, because the left DIY. Will bug you, then if you have the hair done any paintbwill be cut out and if you book a few days away you could always take a few craft things to do if it should rain best wishes ginnyxx

  11. Crafty days win every time... with a little painting thrown in...Hugs May x x x

  12. Personally, I have to do a little bit of housework/gardening/diy first then I can reward myself with a lot of crafting. Best of both worlds and I don't feel guilty 'cos I've done my chores. As for the hair - go short short, it will always grow back again, you'll feel much cooler, and lord forbid the weather should change drastically, you can always wear a scarf and hat to keep your bonce and neck warm! Valxx

  13. Thank you so much!!!!!
    Im amazed that I have won ;)
    I have emailed you Kath, cant
    wait to get crafting with the stash!! ;)
    Love Marg {{{hugs}}}

  14. Hi Kath, congrats to Marg. I think the weather will make your mind up for you, rain DIY, sun get outside. Not so sure about that wee But and Ben, perhaps not so isolated as that one. Your hair is nice short, less to keep tidy on windy days. Enjoy your time whatever you choose, hopefully in brilliant sunshine...Trish


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