Sunday, July 7, 2013

What better way...

Hi folks...a very good morning to you all and oh boy what a glorious weekend it's been...wall to wall sunshine doesn't half make you feel good and what better way to end a fabulous weekend than to watch Scotland's golden boy...Andy Murray fulfill his dream...a truly momentous and full of emulsion 3 hour match played in sweltering heat and I was blubbing like a baby when he lifted the Wimbledon Men's Singles Trophy skyward...
heart in the mouth 4th match point stuff...a battle of the titans between 2 champions...true sportsmen...great ambassadors and role models for their sport but hey the best man won through in the end...Scotland and Dunblane are so proud of you Andy.
But my morning alfresco chill out session with the and my bestest furry buddy didn't quite go according to plan...flew completely out the window in fact when I arrived home on Saturday evening to find a parcel of new dies from Fiskars...
reminding me that I only have a few crafting days left to prep samples for my Hobbycraft demo in Glasgow this coming I hit the road and took a trip to my local Hobbycraft to stock up on supplies...
I've taken my lovely buddy Anne's advice...going down the "don't over-egg the old pudding" route...fixing all the die cut birds onto a ring and woohoo...a few more to add the flock...balsa wood, foam and polystyrene...
and my favourite of the new dies has to be this gorgeous frame and the paw print letterpress plate that comes with the die...
how could I resist having a play to whip up a "Buddy" frame die cut from what you might think would be an impossible material to work with...knitted stretchy type fabric but the evidence is right there before your eyes...
finishing it off just seconds before Mr Murray and Mr Djokovic walked out onto the hallowed turf of Centre about (forgive the cheesy pun) cutting it fine.  I can't quite believe my tennis guilty pleasure is over for another year and the DIY stuff is back on the agenda. 
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. i was thrilled when andy won today - and what a finish - i was on pins and needles - scotland and all of britain can be so proud of him!!

  2. What a gorgeous photo frame for buddy! X


  3. Glad you have a great time watching your favorite player become the champion. !
    I love the frame you made for Buddy. It looks like wood. He is the most beautiful Golden retriver i have ever seen,Kath. He's sure lives up to his name,he is your Buddy,everyday.

  4. Just stopped in to offer CONGRATS!! Scotland's Andy did it. It was a thrilling match to watch. With all the pressure that was heaped on his shoulders every Wimbledon, he DID IT! Thought I was gonna have a heart attack that last game, don't know how he kept his cool. He def. deserved to win today. All of Britain must be over the moon. Oh yes, also loved Buddy's frame!

  5. Just amazing tennis wasn't it :-) Love this super frame x

  6. HI Kath, what a glorious sight to see Andy hold up that trophy, it fairly brought the tears on. Love the new frames, the birds are really cute, nice and chubby. I can imagine lots of frames being made for doggie pictures, Buddy looks great in the frame. No sun today boo hoo, it will give all the sunburned bits a chance to cool down. Have a good day no doubt it will be a busy one...Trish

  7. Hi Kath, what a fabulous day it was! I am not a tennis fan but really got hooked this year with the men's tennis. Am so thrilled Andy won but loved Novak too - and what gentlemen they both were, in praise of each other. As you say, true professionals.

    Love your new dies and love the fabulous frame you created for gorgeous boy. Can't really take credit for the ring idea as I saw Pete do it once but glad it works for you too - it would have been a shame to waste them. Hugs, Anne x

  8. Good Morning Kath. What a weekend indeed. I think you have covered my thoughts entirely. It wasn't just Andy that was in tears, this old tennis fan shed a few tears too, I found it very emotional. Annie cracked open a bottle of champagne to toast our home bred champion too. What an end to my birthday. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  9. A big congratulations to Andy - didn't he do well!!! FAbulous frame for Buddy! Susan x

  10. Love what you have done here Kath.What about it being Sir Andy !

  11. Love the frame Kath and I must say that machine looks very enticing even though I don't need another cutting machine..... Great tennis yesterday... had me on the edge of the settee, sweaty palms the lot - Well done Andy - you did us proud....

    Heather W

  12. Love your gorgeous photo frame of Buddy. Glad you enjoyed the tennis. Hugs x ChrisB

  13. Love the frame for the gorgeous Buddy.

    I don't usually watch the tennis and it was too nerve wracking to watch it all so I just kept popping over to check how it was going. Did watch the last bit though. Very exciting! Really pleased he won after all the fuss the media made.

    Kat xx

  14. Hi Kath
    What a gorgeous face Buddy has. That frame you made is beautiful Kath love the little paw prints around it
    I did not watch the tennis but hubby did and i knew when Andy Murry won as all i heard was' Ya Beauty' even made the fur babies jump
    Take care
    Hazel G


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