Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi folks...I'm seriously considering changing my name by deed not the Kath bit nor indeed my surname but I certainly need to make it official that my middle name should be OOPS...yes in the words of the Britney song..OOPS I did it again...totally forgot to announce the winner of my Monday Monthly Ribbon Girl Give-Away you sometimes wonder why I'm allowed out unescorted...yes me too.  But hey credit where credit is least I did remember eventually and the lucky winner is...
Congratulations Janette...please e-mail me and I'll arrange for you to collect your prize from The Ribbon Girl and I know you'll have lots of fun choosing some gorgeous bits and pieces for your crafty stash.
But before we move on to the crafty (or lack of) stuff...I have to say a big thank you to all the lovely folks who e-mailed me to say how much they enjoyed the Sue Wilson Demo Day at The Papeterie on was lovely to meet you all too and naughty ladies that you are...I don't have the telephone number of our gorgeous you really think I would share it if I did and by the way he did the most fantastic job welcoming Sue to Aberdeen...she was tickled pink by the gesture...

Yesterday's planned whirling dervish sample making marathon hasn't quite got off the ground...said box is still looking a bit sparse...
and I'm sure you can guess why...
too many coffee breaks...
and someone taking his "sleeping partner" role literally...
obviously the cubbyhole crew don't have the work ethic of this "busy bee" little chap...
But hey Summer has eventually arrived so get yourselves out there and enjoy...I'll see you all tomorrow for a little give-away.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good Morning Kath. It's so hot and I find it hard to get a Good night's sleep. Like you I have time to make up after enjoying my Wimbledon fortnight. I'm sure you will clear your desk too. Congratulations to Janette on her super win. Hugs Rita xx


  2. How pretty your demos are ,Kath. I'm sure the ladies had a wonderful time with you and learned so much.
    I love the beautiful picture of Buddy sleeping in your yard. I would sure like to get a chance to pet him. You got a great picture of the bee on the pretty pink flowers.

  3. Hi Kath, Congrats to Janette, enjoy the sunshine I wish I could do a Buddy he looks Gorgeous sleeping on the lawn! But I have to set off to work.... Hugs May x x x

  4. ...lovely piccy's Kath and i'm not surprised you forgot Mondays winner, i think the murray game sent our heads and hearts in meltdown...Mel:)xx

  5. I don't blame you for taking a few breaks, or Buddy for resting - nice to enjoy what bit of summer we do get! Congratulations to Janette on her win. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Good morning Britney...I mean Kath ;0) Well done to Janette. Your box is filling nicely, you need to enjoy this gorgoeus know the UK it won't be around for long. Today is my day off and I'm hitting my garden studio to craft away...bliss x

  7. Oh well Kath there is always tomorrow! Enjoy the sunshine while you can - who knows when we will see it again!! Susan x

  8. Oh Buddy you coat is looking so beautiful in all that sunshine. Have a great day both of you. :)

  9. Great photos Kath, I think many of us would need to change our middle names, lol. Love what is in your box. xx Flora

  10. ha, great photo of the Piper. think of the sunshine as your solar'll be like a dynamo when you get going on filling that box!

  11. Hi Kath
    Put it down to the heat is the reason that you forgot about the Monday's winner.It's so hot here wish i had air conditioning. if i could i would happily live in my fridge just now. Bliss
    Buddy is loving the sunshine there in your garden.
    Take care
    Hazel G

  12. Can't blame you Kath all this sunshine is a bit demotivating. Between the sun and the two extra dogs and work I haven't done much recently. Think I need to buck up my ideas!

    Kat xx

  13. Great photo's Kath, Buddy's got the right idea, enjoying the sunshine.
    Don't blame you for sitting outside. Take care. Love and hugs x ChrisB


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