Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rainy Day Fun...

Hi Folks...yesterday's weather was certainly nothing to write home about...couldn't make it's mind up one way or the other...dull and drizzly one minute with occasional blinks of the sun but us Scots are a hardy breed and after all our skins are waterproof so the oldies...the grandkiddies and the Furry Boy headed off for a "whatever the weather" day out starting with a game of football in the park...
 a little bit of  limbering up on the exercise machines...
while His Nibs partook of his favourite pastime...chewing the biggest stick he could find...
perhaps the weather might be better a little further we hitched up our wagon and headed to Alford for lunch and in true sods law fashion...the weather was even worse there and the Junior Driving School closed temporarily...
time to head indoors and a stroll around the Transport Museum...

but voila the clouds rolled back and the sun came out...a quick dash outside for some junior driving instruction on a more conventional means of looked great fun...sadly no adults allowed...
the grandkiddies are still on provisional licences as the heavens opened again and the school closed for the day...the scary driving test will be taken at a later date. A little bit weary and ever so hungry we headed home for tea...all in all a great fun if slightly soggy day. And I had to giggle as I think my driving was being scrutinised on the way home by the soon to be let loose on the road grandkiddies.
I'll be back tomorrow to share...oops my nearly forgot all about it...Timmie Tag
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh,you made wonderful memories with the grandkids!! I miss mine so!! Thanks for sharing ... what a great day with grandma!!

  2. What a fun day for all, no matter what the weather! Made me smile just reading about it.

  3. Looks like everyone had a fun day despite the weather! Susan x

  4. Looks like a fun day, shame about the weather


  5. Children can have fun what ever the weather, and your two seem to have enjoyed every minute, even Buddy made the most of it.


  6. What a great day despite the weather,Kath.x

  7. Looks like a fun day despite the weather...the smiles were worth the trip...and what was left of that log looks like Buddy had a super time too...Have a great weekend... Hugs May x x

  8. Hi Kath, it has taken us many, many hours of driving in the unbearable heat to get home from our hols, what I wouldn't give for a few showers........looks like it did not spoil the day for your grandkids though! Lovely photos. Hugs, Anne x

  9. Looks like you all had great fun despite the weather. Alford looks more exciting than I remember,


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