Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All systems go...

Hi folks...the Winter Olympics are over and with it my excuse for sneaking off to watch daytime TV and weren't they fabulous...I was glued to the telly fascinated by winter sports that I normally have no interest in...spending hours watching men and women speeding down a very slippery track on what is basically a fancy tin tray...scary but so cool and I have to confess over the years I've been hugely irritated by the antics of the snowboarders at my local ski centre but I've had a change of heart...you can't but admire the courage of the slopestylers...crikey those aerial tricks are amazing but I think I'll just stick with trying to staying upright with 2 long metal planks attached to your feet and after watching the thrilling but terrifying at times Men's Slalom Final...I'm itching to sneak in just one day of downhill skidding fun on the white stuff before the season ends...perhaps it might be advisable to wait until after the Hobbycraft show at The NEC just in case my dodgy (unintentional slopestyle acrobatics many moons ago) knee jumps up and bites me on the bum.
But will there still be plenty of this I ask myself...
because the weather's been playing silly beggars again...one day it's gloriously sunny and mild encouraging the spring bulbs to poke their heads through the ground...
and the next day it's back to blowing a hooley (TV aerial has detached itself from the roof and is currently swinging like a pendulum) accompanied by arctic...wrapped up like an Eskimo...dog strolling temperatures.
But I doubt I'll be worrying too much about the weather for the next few weeks...I'm destined to be marooned in the cubbyhole working my way through the list of projects for the March Workshops and hey I've been having lots of messy inky fun with the Dylusion Inks and Stencils for Saturday's Kath Klub at The Papeterie...I'll need a mega scrubbing session in the shower and I may need to look out the power hose for the cubbyhole...
but I've been very naughty...the old "Oh my goodness me...must-have" obsession has reared it's head again..is this an inherited gene that all us crafters are born with I wonder. I'll be sharing my wicked purchases with you tomorrow and I'm sure you'll understand why I was powerless to resist.
Back to the inky fun...see you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Glad you have a furry friend for company on the howling rainy nights!! Can't wait to see how you've spent your money!!

  2. Weather is odd, never know what to wear. Nice to see the bulbs popping through though, def a sign of spring. Think all crafters have "must have" obsession, must be a symptom of the addiction!! Head down missus, you've work to do! x

  3. Yes we have daffs out here which is fairly early! Can't wait to see what you have got Kath. Susan x

  4. Hi Kath looks very interesting what you are up to, and what you have bought. Love the snow from the inside looking out, very pretty, but hate trying to get about in it. X

  5. our weather is Crazy at the mo....here today rain (what a surprise)...yesterday sunshine!!!!
    I think all us crafters have this disorder of "Must Haves"...I believe there is NO cure.....Looking forward to seeing your goodies...Hugs May x x x

  6. our weather is a bit crazy too - it looks quite bright out there just now but its blowing a gale for sure. Looking forward to viewing your naughty purchases xx

  7. Ha ha love the idea that all crafters have an inherited gene....must tell hubby!! lol
    Lorraine x

  8. I loved the Olympics too, I love hockey so was glued to that. We have hundreds of snowdrops here, but as yet not the slightest sign of snow......

    Thanks to my Tim envy of your last purchase, I have been spending too - yes it must be built into all of us....... looking forward to seeing your latest haul! Hugs, Anne x

  9. Hi Kath, lovely day even though it was a bit on the chilly side, don't want snow now , it's too late in the year now. Look forward to seeing what you purchased and how to use them...Trish


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