Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stitches Part 1...

Hi folks...just like a bad penny...the old day after the day after syndrome has well and truly kicked in...that old ran all the way home hanging on to the back of the plane feeling...crikey the creaky old bones are protesting big time and I have to say I've got that down in the dumps feeling after a fabulous fun 4 days with all my lovely crafty buddies and my Fiskars family at the UK's equivalent of CHA...held once a year in February at The NEC. CHSI...affectionately known as Stitches is when retailers large and small come together to browse all the new products from loads and loads of craft companies.
I arrived in Birmingham after a wind assisted rather rocking and rolling flight to find the stand building team had worked their magic...just leaving the Fiskars girls with the task of unpacking loads and loads of products and the huge jigsaw adventures of fitting everything onto one great big empty wall...
but it's amazing how it starts to come together...with a lots of pitstops for lunch...
coffee and yummy French treats from our lovely Fiskars France team leader...the sweet Caro...
a few adjustments here and there...
 and voila...we're good to go...
and after a very long and tiring day...I have to make one very important visit to Personal Impressions and check out the Tim Holtz Wall...laden with all those must-have "I want one of everything" goodies...
and then my annual "feast my eyes" treat...gorgeous samples on the always beautifully decorated Sizzix stand...

and say hello to my Sizzix buddy...the very talented Pete Hughes
before we headed off to the hotel for a yummy dinner...a feet up unwind session and a glorious snug as a bug in a rug "asleep before your head hits the pillow" night to recharge the old batteries...I'll be back tomorrow to share more pics.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. What an amazing show Kath, thanks for sharing some pics. Have a relaxing day today x

  2. ooooh I just love how all the displays are getting so much more gorgeous now, i so need to go along one time when its on!
    ...and loving the munchies pics too hunny!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Hi Kath great pictures, love the owl tree so funny. Lots of lovely goodies to temp, thanks for sharing, hope the aches and pains go away soon.

  4. OMG Kath I NEED THAT OWL!! can you please tell me more?? is it a bigz die? looks kinda like a bag...knowing sizzix wont be available for months :(

    Love your blog, read it daily

  5. Brilliant pictures Kath, love the Sizzix one, the owls in the tree are beautiful. Hope you are taking it a bit easy today.... Hugs, Anne x

  6. Great pictures Kath. xx

  7. Oh my goodness! You are so right about the Tim Holtz wall!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! x

  8. Fabulous photos Kath, One of these years I shall make it there..Loved the Tim Holtz stall & all the goodies from sizzix...Have a restful day... Hugs May x x x

  9. looks amazing - wonderful wall of Tim - wow xx

  10. I'm glad you're safely home. Looks like an amazing place - I've been once to the November session but this looks so utterly interesting…………..
    Take care of your bones.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. What a great place to hang out! Love all the walls of goodies. Great, beautiful samples.

  12. I am so envious of anyone who can 'pop' along to any of these shows. It's just so out of my reach. All the stands look wonderful and full of 'must haves'! Have to win the lottery first as all my pennies are going on a new bathroom at the moment. Can't wait for more photos. Valxxx

  13. Hi Kath, your Fiskers stand looks amazing with that very posh looking seats , not sure about climbing up onto them mind you think my legs are too short. All the stands look great, wonderful works of art created by people who love to craft. The Fuse looks terrific, if my premium bonds come up with more nothings on the cheque I'm having one. Hope you had the same beautiful day as us today...Trish

  14. The stencils look fab - I will be wanting some of those!
    The Sizzix stand is beautiful. TFS x


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