Monday, February 24, 2014

Back in the real world...

Hi's Monday and believe me when I say I had to check the calendar before I made that statement...I'm still in mushy brain mode with no idea what day of the week it is and it's hard to believe that a week has passed since Stitches...the hunky joiners have worked their magic in the hall and flooring in the doors...frames and skirting boards leaving me zillions of those little pesky nail holes to deal with...I'm definitely back in the real world and getting stuck in to one of DIY's messy messy jobs...crikey my poor long suffering nail guru would be tearing her hair out if she could see my beautiful Shellac nails now but I can't crack on with the painting until each and every one is filled in and sanded down...
You may be thinking whilst I've been regaling you all with tales of my Birmingham adventures...behind the scenes I've been tackling the crafty list...have I heck...I seem to have joined the "fat lazy couch potato" club...the club where you get up in the morning with the best intentions in the world but can't resist sitting down to watch the Winter Olympics with yet another cuppa and before you know they've flown out the window...the day's gone and you're heading back to bed and the vicious circle of idleness starts all over again.
But I'm going to be in big trouble if I don't get my head together and my act in gear...the crafty list is screaming at me...with only 5 days left in the inconsiderately short month of February and a brain still in cotton wool mode...I'm planning a rocket up my bum kind of a day...donning the hugest pair of big girl knickers today in an effort to get back in the crafty swing.
And no surprises then that I completely forgot that yesterday was this old blog's
Post Numero 2576...crikey that is taking waffling to Olympic standards
can I just say a huge thank you to my followers for sticking with me and for all your lovely comments along the way...I don't always have time to come and visit you but the Furry Boy and this old crafty girl really do appreciate your time for big birthday party will be a cuppa or two and a slice of cake...albeit in the cubbyhole standing up with not a couch potato sofa in sight trying to ignore the box of new TH goodies that has arrived from Craft Obsessions...
A little blog birthday treat for the cubbyhole crew...
Wallflower Paper Stash which is divine...beautiful birds and botanicals and the Kraft Paper Resist-Motif Pad which is just absolutely gorgeous... 
and no way could this alphabet addict resist this pack of Letterpress Letters and Numbers...
 or the Alpha Chips...
 or my little guilty pleasure...Remnant Rubz...
Life just isn't fair...why do I have to work when all I want to do is play
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The real world isn't all bad. You surely have spent a lot of time redoing your home!! I don't think any of us understand how you manage to get so much done!! And the words "couch potato" don't seem to fit at all!

  2. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! I've been one of your happy followers for some time now, and I just want to thank you for always keeping it interesting and sharing your crafting knowledge. I look forward to every post!

  3. Happy 6th birthday! I only found your blog (and Enfys's, the two seem to go together!) a year or so ago, so I've missed out on a LOT!!!


  4. Good Morning Kath, you couch potato, never! You put me to shame how you manage to do so much, and still have time to craft. I look forward to your posts, my first visit, every morning. I know I don't always comment but I think you know I read your blog. Don't expect you to visit my blog, haven't blogged for ages anyway.
    Love all the Timmy goodies.
    Can't believe it's been 6 years, congratulation and well done, how many posts is that then? And is it really 3 years that we went to Tim's workshop, so much fun.
    Have a good week.
    Big hugs Carol xxx

  5. Happy 6th Blogaversary Kath. You always keep your blog so interesting and brings us followers back every day to see what's going on in your very crafty life. Looks as if your going to have fun with all those . Lovely crafty goodies. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Happy 6th anniversary re- your wonderful blog...each day you have great yummy inspiration for us all...Look at those amazing Tim Holtz goodies..Can't wait to see what you create with them...
    How you keep up with it all is fabulous...couch potato...never... Hugs May x x x

  7. Happy birthday to the Cubbyhole crew. I have serious birthday pressie envy! Utterly gorgeous goodies!

    I hope you manage to get cracking with your crafty list today! x

  8. Happy Birthday to your blog Kath - wow - what an achievement - I think you could sneak an hours play in amongst all the work couldn't you? Rachel xx

  9. A very happy 6th birthday to you and the cubby crew Kath. I think I must have been visiting you for nearly 5 years now - where has the time gone? Thank you for so much inspiration and fun - there have been days when I've laughed out loud at your antics! Have a great day and may there be many more years to come xx

  10. I don't think you could EVER be described as a couch potato! Happy blog birthday to you, that is a fantastic achievement Kath.

    We look like we have ordered the same parcel, except for the alpha chips, don't know how I missed them! I am so looking forward to the letter blocks and new papers though. Hugs, Anne x

  11. Congratulations on your 6th blogaversary KAth.
    Lorraine x

  12. Happy blog Birthday. Look at those gorgeous TH goodies, love the remnant rubs especially

  13. Your Tim Holtz goodies look rather lush.

  14. So many lovely crafty goodies! Happy 6th blog birthday!

  15. Loving those rubz!! Happy Blogaversary!

  16. Happy bloggy birthday Kath - still haven't got around to setting mine up! Back again for a few days so lots of catching up to do - all that ironing.....then I'm having a treat and I'm off to the Make It Show at Farnborough on Friday to meet up with an old pal and then on to my daughter's where I shall be dog/housesitting for the week-end - more ironing lurking no doubt - but at least I will have the internet, a huge wide screen TV and another lovely Jack Russell for company - hurrah! X

  17. Happy 6th birthday Kath. Time flies when you're enjoying yourself, and I love popping every day to see what you've been up to. No one could ever describe you as a couch potato with everything you tackle! Here's to the next 6 years!! Val xxx

  18. Happy Birthday - and here is to another year of inspiration!
    Thank you Kath!


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