Monday, February 3, 2014

Back In The Swing...

Hi folks...I'm back in the swing of all things crafty...3 days off seems to have boosted the old energy levels again...I'm churning out the Fiskars samples for Stitches at a rate of knots frantically trying to keep up with Mr Mojo...
and even managed to sneak in a magazine project in between...
and complete the dreaded step-by-steps without the usual tantrums but the floor is back to being littered with all the pesky punched out debris...
 and my desk is a midden again...
but the hunky joiners will soon be back on site and the DIY jobs are a-calling so I donned that ever so flattering face mask and sanded down the staircase...oh boy that is one messy job...why don't specs come with built in windscreen wipers and as for my hair...stiff as a board and now the colour of driven snow. I was tickled pink on my return from Leeds to see that hubby had been busy with the paint tray and roller...woohoo the paint job on the walls of the downstairs and upstairs halls has also been ticked off the "jobs to do" list...leaving the tricky bit...the staircase wall. Circus acrobat I definitely am not...balancing on a ladder way up high is an adventure too far even for this intrepid crafty person so I'm off to see if I can hire some sort of platform contraption...something safe to stand on while I twist my neck this way and that...head flattened against the ceiling...that body contortion exercise commonly known as "cutting in" and then a dash across town to pick up the new doors...hinges and handles.
And just to confirm that I currently have rocket fuel flowing through my veins and a jet engine strapped to my back...I've managed to make a start on my homework from the fabulous...

which has left me wondering if the 3 days off a week routine is the way to go...less time means less faffing around.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Beautiful cards.. love their colors.

  2. Kath can you send a bit of your energy down for me I could do with it this week :-) Take care with the diy! Mary x

  3. Gosh I need a lie down after reading this....I need some of that rocket fuel! your creations look fabulous..Loved the sneek peek...enjoy your day... Hugs May x x x

  4. Your energy amazes me Kath I'm off to work for a lie down. .lol x

  5. These look like such gorgeous samples. I think we could all use some of that energy!

  6. Woe Kath what a little powerhouse you are. Rebecca is right I think we could all do with a bit of your energy and enthusiasm. The cards look greatx

  7. Whirling dervish springs to mind Kath! Susan x

  8. Please can I buy some rocket fuel from you?.... You have done the most amazing job with all those beautiful samples and your homework from Stenciled looks amazing, I have not started mine yet....... Hels says hello back! Hugs, Anne x

  9. Hi Kath, do you go to bed? you are certainly living life to the full, you are a shining example for all those lazy gits who sit around in a mess of s... all day moaning that they can't find a job. Some folk are really ill but still keep a tidy house, your one will look pristine with all the hard work you've done in the last 6 months. Your card samples are lovely as is the sneak peeks of your stencilling, look forward to seeing what you've done with them...Trish

  10. I do believe the rocket fuel is the key to all you get done ... but another midden??

  11. its true that less time means less faffing - but its good to faff at times!!! Big Hugs rachel xx

  12. Jeepers - it really is full steam ahead round your way - amazing projects left, right and centre!!
    Alison x


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